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Reliable car <$10000

Guest Fantomu

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Guest Fantomu

Sydney area
Hey guys I just want some advice on buying a first car :) I heard that Japanese cars are the most reliable and fuel efficient so I've been mainly just looking at hondas, mitsubishis etc.

I'd prefer a sedan but a coupe is fine too. Thanks in advance!

Type of car (sports, lux, econo, SUV, tank): sedan/couple, sports, economy, fuel efficient

Price range: (if not U.S., indicate currency): $5000-$10000 AU, currency is on par with US

New or used: used

Manual or automatic: preferably manual but either is fine

Years of driving: at least 5 years, probably until it breaks down

Cars currently suggesting: honda civic, mitsubishi lancer, holden commodore, mazda 3, preferably not another toyota

Needs/other info (passenger room, cargo space, AWD, good stereo, navigation, etc): 4/5 seats

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Guest sr20_onelove_det

not sure what you're trying to ask of soompiers as it sounds like you have all the info you need...

Just type your queries into kijiji (classified ads site) and filter the search (there are a plethora of filters on kijiji to help you narrow your search... you can even search a price range). You'll find what you're looking for there...

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