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THE GREEN HORNET {Jan.14, 2011}

Guest massive toene

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Guest massive toene


Release Date: January 14, 2011

Watch the second movie trailer for the action-adventure ‘The Green Hornet’, starring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz. A classic character of film, television, radio, and comic books returns to the big screen in Columbia Pictures’ feature film ‘The Green Hornet’, starring Seth Rogen as the vigilante crimefighter dedicated to protecting the lives and rights of the city’s citizens.














^Jay Chou´s smile...lol! B)





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Guest ayadaokin

It's carefully assumed that a ton of Soompaloompers will definitely watch for Jay Chou.

And I am one of those tons.

He looks so COOL! Haha :) But not only that, I'm excited for the movie in all realnessness.

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Guest eledoremassis02


more of the interview..I feel bad for Jay because he seems pushed off for the most part.

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Guest jawjuhh

On IMDB John Cho is listed instead of Jay Chou.  John Cho had this hilarious tweet the other day, something like, "I'm beginning to think I'm not in the Green Hornet."

Anyways I saw this and it wasn't terrible.  Jay Chou and Seth Rogen had a pretty good rapport 

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omg, I watched this and fell in love haha. It was so great! Seth Rogen was so infuriating I wanted to punch him all the time and Jay Chou<3 fcuk yes! It was a great movie with a good amount of humor. Everyone should watch it :) I so recommend this movie!

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This movie was a wonderful surprise. I walked into it without knowing what to expect and it was hilarious. They made Jay Chou's character, Kato, so epic that he kind of stole the spotlight. This movie was a joy; I might go see it again just for Jay. 

- Kyu

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

i only watched it because of Jay, without expecting for the movie to be good. I wasn't disappointed because imo...it really wasn't all that great

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jay Chou thinks Asian actors working in Hollywood films is inspiring

Taiwanese actor Jay Chou commented on his fellow Asian actors advancing into Hollywood at a press conference for his movie, “Green Hornet 3D,” held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

A reporter asked, “Kwon Sang Woo could have been cast for your role, how do you think that influences the movie’s success or failure?“, to which he replied, “As a fellow Asian actor, no matter who goes to film a movie in the Hollywood market, it is an inspiring and amazing act.”

He also stated, “I have seen Rain’s Hollywood films. As an Asian actor, I hope to appear in more Hollywood films alongside Rain.”

A reporter then mentioned that his monolids gave off a strong gaze, just like Rain’s, to which Chou replied to the amusement of the rest, “I’m very different from Rain. I can’t dance as well as he does, and I don’t have muscles.”

He continued, “But I have worked hard to create many amazing action movies. I hope the Korean audience will watch them.”

Chou concluded, “A lot of Asian actors are working hard to make their mark in Hollywood, and comparing such efforts is meaningless. I don’t think I have the peace of mind to think of such things.”

Chou and his castmates arrived in Korea on the 18th for a three-day promotional period. The group will be returning to Taiwan on the 20th.


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Dear Jay you have made ME LOVE YOU ALL A BILLION TIMES MORE. Your portrayal of Kato was just so adorable and admirable. You showed everything I hope my future boyfriend to be smart, reliable, lovable, self sufficient, willing to stand up for himself, defending those he cares about, romantic, knowledgeable, and honorable. I am just smitten by you :)

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Guest .D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

I totally love the Movie ^^ and "miarin" just sum it up for me LOL ^

if you haven't seen it I'd recommend you to go watch it.

The only disappointing thing was that the relationships were all too rushed.

Other than that it's very enjoyable and Thrilling~!!!


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