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[Drama 2011] Crime Squad / Detectives in Trouble 강력반


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Guest xiaomeihuili

Yesterday a short interview with Song-Song Combi was broadcasted in Japan.

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Between their busy shooting schedule, we could interview them.

SIK------When it comes to the middle of the whole drama, we have to shoot two episodes in a week, the schedule was so tight that we could sleep only 2-3 hours a day. And we could not have enough time to eat meal, we only eat plain food like kim-pap (rice rolled with nori, food like sushi roll). I can only sleep shorter than 4 hours in these 3-4 days.

Emi Takei----It must be terribly hard!!

SIK-----How about Japanese drama shooting?

Emi T.-----In Japan, the shooting is 2 days a week, so the schedule is not so tight like Korea.

SIK------Korean drama’s shooting schedules are extremely tight. We have to shoot a lot of scenes, so we cannot afford enough time. Staffs and actors work together all day long. Accordingly staffs and actors got a relationship like a family. For example, they are very intimate that the actor do the MC of staff’s wedding ceremony.

In order to manage twice a week on air, Korean dramas are shot from early in the morning to late in the night. In the case like this, most important thing is a teamwork of the staffs and actors. If their relationships were not imtimate like a family, they could not overcome harsh shootings. They became united and help each other.

Photoshooting is his hobby and he is so familiar with staffs, Song Il Kook ssi took photos of staffs while his waiting time.

Even though he is the leading character of the drama, he thinks himself as one of the shooting staff. Between his own shooting scenes, he peel the nitice paper off from the wall and moved the notice to the ohter wall. Actually he helps the busy staff’s work. In this scene, the notice paper in the back of the actress is the exact paper which the leading character himself stacked. This is just about a real teamwork!

Song Ji Hyo----- People can be very close when they work together and they get over hardships together. They can have emotional contact and get commom memories. When shooting dramas, we have very hard times but we can make a bond between us. So I am very happy when I meet them again.

The two managed the hard shootings. What is their motive power?

Song Ji Hyo----- In the shooting time, sometime my heart and body almost collapsed, but if the drama will be loved by audiences and make them happy, our efforts will be rewarded.I think it is my motive power.

SIK----- Personally my passion to the pieces and positive thinking, these two is my motive power to manege the hard work.

Emi T.-----I’m very impressed that in such a busy circumstance, you are still thinking about audiences and are united with your staffs.

SIK----- I think the mind is same in Korea and in Japan.

Emi T.-----I want to model after you.

Song Jihyo----- Thank you very much.

The secret of Korean dramas which continuously attracts Japanese fans. It is in their  strong will and the strong bond of staffs and actors. They are willng to do the hard shootings for the purpose of satisfying audiences.

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Guest adikkeluangman

This drama currently airing in Malaysia at tv2 at 4am.... Not sure what episode but Lee Jong Hyuk is the first day as the supervisor.

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There is nothing as excited as getting to watch my favorite couple in Jumong to starred as couple again in this crime drama.  Song Il Kook and Song Ji Hyo are wonderful actors. Honestly, I'm the type of person who get bored if the stars starred too many time together in a drama/movie but for this case, I find them really cute and love them together.  I was hoping to see them again in the future.  The rest of the actors and actresses plus the staffs and crews has done an outstanding job in this drama. 

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I want to see them together again in project. He reunite with Park Sun Young for historical drama on KBS. at least cameo on each other project. Their chemistry is off the chart even though they don't have intimate scene. i personally like it when sonng ji hyo cry while hitting him on the latest episode. seems like i will rerun this drama. SJH is adorable in it, and her outfit all cute, though i doubt the real reporter dressed like that on field. :w00t:

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