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Kenji Astro's Asianize Debut Single

Guest Brian

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Guest luvjunjin0819

"groovitation" - great beat ... hott song.

"eternal snow"- Lisa sounds soooooooooo beautiful. Kenji, u sound goooood ...this is a GREATT song!! i love it.

the site and layout is sooooooo awesome!!!! GREAT JOB KENJI!!

~Tab ;)

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Guest fantasiimaker

It's impressive that you had a large part in creating various components of both of these tracks and that they're not simply covers =)

Groovitation sounds pretty catchy =] The verses are really nice, but the chorus feels just a bit too repetitive to me XD Still, quite impressive that you wrote this song completely. Great job.

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huh.... how interesting.

you've got a lot of different genres of singers Brian. :)

yupp, that's what i wanted. it will be interesting when all of these singers sing in a track, it's being planned out right now.

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Guest SUjjang

hahaha i heard this before! *

hahahah i love his songs.. or actually tracks <3

great job brian ...

great job kenji :]

all doin' well

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