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[Variety] National Heroes / On Your Command, Sir! 국민히어로 "명 받았습니다"


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Screen-caps of Ep 6

from Korean Media News















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BTW, Jeon Hyun Mu is today's (episode #6) "special guest", playing the role of 'unit instructor', not sure if he is appearing in next week's 'boot-camp training' . . .

Loved how LSGeun 'handles' the basketball & his kung-fu kicks on the court.

seriously JHM should stay out of my programs~ i am surprised that the PDs still havent learned their lessons~ T__T god he is AWFUL~ and annoying to boot~ not even funny~ why do they keep calling him on shows?

i dont get the purpose of them doing that story reading thing~u know,the one JHM read a text and them having to act it out~it does show how they are in camp obviously but then it gets ridiculously RIDICOLOUS T_T that its not even funny~

but yes i love the baseball thing~ haha~ leejung is FAST!!!!~~~ <3 much faster than changmin~ notice before they ran,they stand in order of age~haha although the PD edited it,i bet the older ones complained and got to change their standing order~ 

I'm suprised to see the rating keeps going down everyweek. KBSW is only on episode 2 but I think it's a good show and I enjoy it. But sad to see the rating too low.

ah its a good show but it doesnt have good entertainment~last week epi was good,this week,is OK but still it needs work~ hoping next week will be better~ i am already anticipating leejung battling it out in the mud <3 HOTTTTTTTTTTTT <3 

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BTS Filming for Episode 7

Air Date : 12 February 2011


Credits : Cyworld & tiki_sg (reupload)

Just read on some twitter comments that Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa is expected to make his appearance on 2 episodes.

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Ahh, I dunno, JHM has an awkward charm lol. I actually did enjoy him on Star Golden Bell. It wasnt ideal but I liked his hosting style.

Thanks Tiki_sg, I didnt look closely enough at the first post. Most rating updates are "rolling" on other forum topics; this way [of putting it in the first post] is better lol. More organized.

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From his schedule, Kim Dongwan is gonna be guesting as well this month and next month I believe. Yayness, haha.

I'm liking the show so far. My complaint is that I think they are doing too many requests for one episode (based on ep 1 and 2). It would've been better if they do one or two requests but show more of them doing it, rather than finishing one and hopping to the next one in 15 minutes.

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2011-02-10 LSGeun's Scheduling Problems with KBS Progs

Thank God,

LSGeun is

not Leaving


due to scheduling problems.

2011-02-10 Related News Article

(Google "Translated")

2011-02-10 LSGeun Drops "Hello", to Focus more on OYCS

2011-02-10 Related News Article

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2011-02-10 LSGeun's Rising Popularity

2011-02-10 Related News Article

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2011-02-10 LSGeun in the News Headlines Today

2011-02-10 All Related News Articles

(Google "Translated")


Thanks Tiki_sg, I didnt look closely enough at the first post. Most rating updates are "rolling" on other forum topics; this way [of putting it in the first post] is better lol. More organized.

You're welcome.

It's just me, I hate to waste posting space . . . just to post ratings when I can consolidate them into one place for easier reference. ^_^

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2011-02-07 BTS Filming for Episode 8

Air Date : 19 February 2011


2011-02-07 Kim Heung Guk's Guest Appearance

[Trivia : Lee Jung has frequently been referred to as being

'related' to KHG on several variety shows]

2011-02-07 Related News Article

(Google "Translated")

2011-02-08 BTS Filming for Episode 8

Air Date : 19 February 2011

Guests : Kim Heung Guk * Kim Dong Wan




Credits : Cyworld & tiki_sg (reupload)

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Screen-caps of Ep 7

from Korean Media News



















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Screen-caps of Ep 8

from Korean Media News

















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I have a question. I caught up with the KBS World versions up to episode 4 and now I'm watching the newest one with Kim Heunggook and Kim Dongwan. I was just wondering why the show doesn't take the public's request anymore. Did the show change its concept or is this just a one episode thing??

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This is just my take on the matter. The last episode with the 'written-in requests' was Ep 5. Focus of Eps 6-9 may have changed partly due to the Lunar New Year period, with the "diary" segment and the training etc. This would also give the production team some time to 'harvest' more requests and organise the activities a little better and maybe brainstorm on how to improve the concept etc in order to try to improve its ratings, public acceptance etc.

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really?i actually thought its a good thing they dumped the request part since i dont even see the point of it~ you see,they take the public request,read some of it,but the person they sent the request to,didnt get to pick what they want to do + the person who requested it wont get to meet the person they sent they request to since they play game for it~ its pointless IMO to have a separate section just for that,waste of time when they could be doing work already~

and since this is "army" style,i dont think even the army do community work every week,so they opted to have that training,and now new recruits for this epi~i wonder if they r going  to have guest or did both of KHG and KDW get in the show? plus even the game was played to give something to the community,this time to their respective army base camp~ 

this is all my opinion though~i have no idea what the crew is thinking~the show is relatively new so they r probably still trying to find the right bearings for the show~ lot of trial n error i guess~

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^^From his schedule, Kim Dongwan has another filming of National Heroes.

I have to admit that I definitely laughed more during the latest episode, it was WAY more hilarious than the first 4 I watched. But then again, wouldn't the show lose its identity if it scraps the requests part? I mean it's even on the show title. It's just gonna be another variety show, another Infinity Challenge, another 1N2D sans traveling??

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Guest adikkeluangman

Kim Dong Wan didn’t expect Hyun Bin to become so popular

Singer / actor Kim Dong Wan was a guest on KBS’s ‘National Hero,’ which aired on the 19th. The star talked about Hyun Bin, who had appeared as a supporting actor in the 2004 movie ‘Spin-Kick’ in which he had starred as the lead in.

MC Tak Jae Hoon stated to Kim Dong Wan, “Since the time of filming of the movie was long, one would guess that you guys became very close”, and Kim Dong Wan replied honestly, “I did want to become friends with them, but because young people were friends with other young people, it was a bit hard for me to approach them.”

When the MCs continued asking, “Did you know back then that Hyun Bin would gain this much popularity?” and Kim Dong Wan replied, “I knew he would be successful, but not by this much.”

Also on this day, Kim Dong Wan left a surprise video message to Hyun Bin saying “I’m really sorry about back then”, and laughter was garnered when a scene from the movie showing Kim Dong Wan kicking Hyun Bin was shown.


Tae Woo look like a bad boy in that caps.

Kim Tae Woo hinting at a possible g.o.d reunion?

Along with an H.O.T reunion, could there a possibility of g.o.d reunion?

During the broadcast of KBS’s “I Received An Order From a Hero”, Kim Tae Woo came as a guest and performed some of his hit songs.

On this day, Kim Tae Woo stated, “Some songs sound good if one person sings it. However, there are also songs that sound good when the g.o.d members’ voices come together.” Upon hearing that, the MCs asked if there is a possibility of a g.o.d reunion. Kim Tae Woo replied, “I really want to work together as g.o.d again.”

He also stated, “There is music that only the g.o.d members together can do. Even though we are working separately right now, one day I want to show everyone myself as a g.o.d member again.”


Changmin, Kim Gura, and Kim Tae Woo transform into ‘Orange Caramel’

2AM’s Changmin, comedian Kim Gura, and singer Kim Tae Woo have transformed into Orange Caramel!

Changmin, who has been a big success on KBS 2TV’s “On Your Command, Sir!“, recently uploaded a photo of himself through Twitter with the caption, “Old Caramel!”

In the picture, Changmin is seen wearing the ever-popular ‘Magic Girl’ princess outfit with the big ribbon – showing off a playful, funny expression.

After the release of Changmin’s picture, Kim Gura and Kim Tae Woo’s pictures also became publicized. However, according to officials who were at the filming, when the three men danced to Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl,” the whole studio bursted in a roar of laughter.

Netizens commented, “I’m trying not to laugh, but all I can do is laugh”, “I can’t wait for the episode to air”, and “So I get to see them like this today?”


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2011-02-23 BTS Filming for Episode 9

Air Date : 26 February 2011

Guests : KBS Announcer Park Eun Young / Singers Nam Jin & Kim Tae Woo (god)


2011-02-23 Park Eun Young's Twitter













Variety Performance






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