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[Drama 2011] I Believe in Love / My Love, My Family 사랑을 믿어요


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[KBS] SongJaeHo,LeeJaeRyong,ParkJooMi,MoonJungHee,LeeSangWoo,LeePilMo

I Believe in Love

My Love, My Family (KBS World / Global)

사랑하길 잘했어


Title : 사랑을 믿어요 / Sarangeul Mideoyo / Believe in Love / I Believe in Love / My Love, My Family

No. of Episodes : 50+(?)

Period of Series : 1 January 2011 -

Preceding Series : Please Marry Me / All About Marriage

Network / Airing Days & Time : KBS 2TV [saturdays & Sundays 7:55pm KST]

Premiere Date on KBS World (Eng-Subbed) : 22 January 2011

Websites : KBS Korea / KBS World / DramaWiki / HanCinema

Sources for LIVE Viewing : KBS Able

Online Viewing : LINK

Download : MU/FS - RAW (alchocoholic:AM-Addiction) / Torrent - RAW (Semi-Fly)

English Subtitles : Soft Subs by Haru2subS

Chinese Subtitled Files - Torrent / Sendspace

Ratings : TNS (Seoul & Nationwide)

Original Soundtrack

[single - 사랑을 믿어요 OST Part.1]

Release Date : 2011.01.07

01. 사랑을 믿어요 - Title Song / 이정 (Lee Jung)

02. 사랑하는 사람아 / 이루 (Eru) & 배다해 (Bae Da Hae)

03. 사랑을 믿어요(Inst.)

04. 사랑하는 사람아(Inst.)



First Episode will air on

Saturday, 22 January 2011 (under the title "My Love, My Family")

First Run (Sat & Sun) at 7:50pm (KST)

First Repeat (Sun & Mon) at 4:50am (KST)

Second Repeat (2-ep Back-to-Back on Fri) at 10:00pm (KST)



(Source : DramaWiki

The story of Vice-Principal Kim and his wife, and the trials and tribulations they face in order to create a warm and happy family.

(Source : KBS World}

Two strangers meet, fall in love and get married. After they have settled into married life, however, they face numerous marriage problems. Couples start to wonder why they even get married at the first place and think about divorce lamenting “I didn’t get married to live like this!’ But, shortly, you think of your parents who have managed to save their marriage for 40, 50 years. Why are the marital relationships of young generation more likely to break down easily? Are we too smart? Are we impatient? Or is it the way it should be in modern society? Tons of married couples visit family courts to break their vows, while numerous young people go on a date to find Mr. Right. . People do divorce at a huge rate nowadays and some think marriage is dead. However, lots of people still get married because they believe in this traditional institution. In this drama, high school vice president Kim and his 4 children struggle to resolve their marriage problems and towards the end they learn how to save their marriage.

(Source : KBS Global}

The four children of Mr. Kim are known for their pure and kind hearts. But they have met wicked spouses and their lives are in turmoil. This drama is the story of how they forgive and understand their spouses and eventually build a happy family, just as their parents did.

At the end of the day, love is what brings people together, makes life bountiful and the world beautiful.

What can we trust other than love?

What can we trust other than the love I have or once had for someone, and the joy of still having so much to love.

So if someone, weary of life, asks me how to live on this lonely and rough life journey, I would like to simply say, "I just believe in love."


Cast Co-relation Chart


Cast Members



Song Jae Ho 송재호 as Vice-Principal Kim Yong Ho 김영호


Sun Woo Yong Nyeo 선우용녀 as Lee Mi Kyung 이미경



Lee Jae Ryong 이재룡 as Kim Dong Hoon 김동훈


Park Joo Mi 박주미 as Seo Hye Jin 서혜진


Kim Hwan Hee 김환희 as Kim Ran Yi 김란이


Lee Sang Woo 이상우 as Han Seung Woo 한승우




Moon Jung Hee 문정희 as Kim Young Hee 김영희


Kwon Hae Hyo 권해효 as Kwon Ki Chang 권기창


Yoon Hong Bin 윤홍빈 as Kwon Jae Hyun 권재현


Oh Jae Moo 오재무 as Kwon Doo Hyun 권두현


Kim Dan Yool 김단율 as Kwon Doo Hee 권두희



Han Chae Ah 한채아 as Kim Myung Hee 김명희


Jo Jin Woong 조진웅 as Kim Chul Soo 김철수



Na Moon Hee 나문희 as Cha Gui Nam 차귀남


Hwang Woo Seul Hye 황우슬혜 as Choi Yoon Hee 최윤희



Park In Hwan 박인환 as Kim Soo Bong 김수봉


Yoon Mi Ra 윤미라 as Yoon Hwa Young 윤화영


Lee Pil Mo 이필모 as Kim Woo Jin 김우진


Ha Jae Sook 하재숙 as Kim Chul Sook 김철숙

Production Team


Director: Lee Jae Sang 이재상

Screenwriter: Jo Jung Sun 조정선




Press Conference










Source : HanCinema (Translated Article) / Nate (Original)

Lee Jae-ryong and Park Joo-mi casted for KBS's new weekend drama, 'I Trust Love'



Actor Lee Jae-ryong and actress Park Joo-mi is casted as main characters for KBS's new weekend drama "Believe in Love" written by Jo Jeong-seon and directed by Lee Jae-sang.

According to an official from "Believe in Love", Lee Jae-ryong and Park Joo-mi are casted as son of Vice-Principal Kim and his wife. This is a drama about Vice-Principal Kim's family who eventually makes a happy family after many troubles.

It's Lee Jae-ryong's comeback after 2 years of gap. His last drama was "General Hospital 2" which went on air in 2009, except KBS 'Drama Special - Red Candy'. This is Park Joo-mi's first drama after 2002 'Woman's World'.

Nah Moon-hee will act as a woman with great age and Song Jae-ho, Park In-hwan will act as first and second son each.

Seon-woo Yong-nyeo and Oh Jae-moo, from 'Bread, Love and Dreams', are also casted for this drama.

"Believe in Love" is the follow-up of "Marry Me, Please" and will be on air in January 2011. This will start their official work by poster shooting on the 23rd.


Source : DramaBeans

Excerpt . . .

Lee plays a graduate of the Berklee College of Music who grew up in a rich family — his father is a broadcast writer and his mother a famous actress — but lacked for love. Currently, he operates his own agency and falls in love with Hwang Woo-seul-hye’s character after meeting her for the first time in ten years.

Excerpt . . .

Lee will be playing a second-generation chaebol with a lot of pain in his past .....

His character will fall for Park Joo-mi, who happens to be MARRIED, to Lee Jae-ryong‘s character. He’ll know that she’s married, but continue to love her anyway.

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Guest lucky_moon

I saw the trailer for the new weekend drama replacing AAM, but wasn't exciting thought I know I'll end up watching it cuz usually KBS weekend drama got lots of viewers and had high rating but hopefully it will be better than AAM.

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Dec.21st.2010 press conference





from Korea website

Updated cast, pictures and teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "Believe in Love"



"Believe in Love" (2011)

Directed by Lee Jae-sang

Written by Jo Jeong-seon

Network : KBS

With Song Jae-ho, Seon-woo Yong-nyeo, Lee Jae-ryong, Park Joo-mi, Lee Sang-woo, Moon Jeong-hee,... More


50 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:55

This is the drama tells the story of kind section chief Kim's family path to become one happy family.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2011/01/01


from hancinema.net

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Character Descriptions, extracted from KBS Website, with use of Google Translator

(not a perfect substitute/translation but just to get the rough gist)

Hopefully, someone will be able to contribute with a better/proper translation.



Song Jae Ho 송재호 as Vice-Principal Kim Yong Ho 김영호

그는 교육 공무원 정년을 1년 앞두고 있는, 만년 교감이다. Education officials before his retirement in one year, ten thousand years is sympathetic.

얼마나 만년이라고 하면 10년째 교감 선생님이니 말할 것도 없는 만년이요, 우유부단이요, 사람 좋음의 대명사, 영성 고등학교 교감 선생님이시다. If ten thousand years as assistant principal for 10 years how are you not to mention the ten thousand years yiyo, indecision yiyo, synonymous with good people, high school assistant principal Monsignor spirituality.

그가 만년 교감인거에 대해 어머니도 아내도 말이 없다. It's a mother for his sympathetic wife, ten thousand years have nothing to say.

그래도 그는 안다. But he knows. 둘 다 그 사실을 별로 맘에 들어 하지 않는다는 것을 말이다. Both by the fact that they do not like it said.

하지만, 오늘도 그는 하얗게 늙으신 어머니에게 "다녀오겠습니다" 인사를 하고, 아내에게는 "다녀올게" 인사를 하고 집을 나선다. But, today, an elderly white mother, he "can see a man" to say, the wife who "got to go" out the door to say. 그러면 또 그는 만년 교감선생님이 되는 것이다. Then, another ten thousand years he will become assistant principal.

그는 오늘도 열심히 출근을 한다. Today he is to work hard.

오늘 아침은 공기도 좋고, 유난히 햇살이 눈부시다. This morning the air is good, exceptionally dazzling sunshine.

Sun Woo Yong Nyeo 선우용녀 as Lee Mi Kyung 이미경

만년 교감에, 사람 좋음의 대명사 김영호씨 부인, 이미경씨는 Sympathetic ten thousand years, people of good pronoun gimyounghossi wife, Mr. Mi

마당의 나무와 화초들에게 물을 주다가 문득 정신이 들었다. 'm Fetching wood and water to plants in the yard suddenly went crazy.

오늘은 남편의 학교에서 교직원 부부 모임이 있는데...어머나! Today is my husband a couple of staff at the school together ... Wow! 내 정신 좀 봐! Silly me!

옷을 갈아 입으려고 옷장문을 열지만 당연히 입고 갈 옷은 없고, "나무하고 꽃한테만 정신 팔지 말고, 내 아들한테도 정신을 좀 팔어라" 하시는 시어머니 퉁박을 겉옷처럼 꿰고는 남편의 학교로 달려갔다. Opens the door to the closet to get dressed of course, no clothes to wear, "the trees and flowers do not sell only to the spirit, the spirit of anyone I paleora my son," your mother like robe tungbakeul Reeves ran into her husband's school. 아니나 다를까 남편은 학교 복도에서 그 짧은(?) 다리로 방방뛰며 자신을 기다리고 있었다. Sure enough, her husband in the school hallway that short (?) As a door-leg jump was waiting for him.

"왜 이제 오는 거야! 자꾸 이러면 내가 마당에 나무들 다 뽑아 버린다" "Why are you coming home now! Gonna make me dig up the trees in the yard turns"

남편은 이럴때면 꼭 어린애 같다. If you are a child of her husband in these situations.

조실 부모하고 떠 돌던 내가 이렇게 좋은 남편과 좋은 시어머니와 네명이나 되는 자식들과 많은 나무와 이쁜 꽃 들을 가지게 되었으니.. I am a parent and making a routine visit josil suspended so four people and a good husband and a good mother and a child and have them Now that many trees and beautiful flowers ..

이만하면 행복하다라고 미경씨는 생각한다. He should feel better than I think that's something I am happy.



Lee Jae Ryong 이재룡 as Kim Dong Hoon 김동훈

동훈은 6살난 딸 아이와 같이 잠이 들었다가 눈을 떴다. Ron, as a 6-year-old daughter asleep, he opened his eyes.

사실, 딸 아이를 일찍 재우려고 잠자리에 든 것일 뿐.. In fact, my daughter went to bed early and sleeping, they're just .. 잠을 잔 것은 아니다. Not sleeping.

몸을 반쯤 일으켜 잠이 든 딸 아이의 이불을 수습해 주고 일어나 창문을 열었다. Asleep halfway up the body of my daughter to stay with a blanket and opened up the windows.

구기동 한 자락에 위치한 만년 단독 주택. Gugidong ten thousand years a single-family homes located on the edge.

세월이 흐르면서 잘 사는 사람들의 수십억대 하는 고급 빌라들이 들어섰지만 아버지 어머니는 이 집을 팔지 않으셨다. Over the years, dozens of people to live well, for one hundred million people stand on the luxury villa, but he did not she sell the house. 고치려고도 하지 않으셨다. Nobody wants to fix it did not.

그런 집에 그가 6살 난 딸 란이와 여기에 들어와 산지는 3년이 조금 넘었다. Then home he came here six year old daughter bought this ranyiwa little over three years.

원래는 결혼하자마자 자신의 직장 근처에 살았는데 아내가 뉴욕으로 유학을 떠나면서 란이와 들어와 살았다. As soon as the marriage originally lived near their work to study in New York, leaving his wife lived in. ranyiwa.

3년전, 아내는 공부를 하기위해 뉴욕으로 떠났다. 3 years ago, she went to New York to study. 뉴욕 콜롬비아 대학에서 미술사학 석사를 따고 크리스티나 경매회사에서 1년 정도 경력을 쌓고.. Master's degree in art history at Columbia University in New York Christina auction picking a career in 1 year ..

내일 한국으로 돌아온다. Back to Korea tomorrow.

Park Joo Mi 박주미 as Seo Hye Jin 서혜진

3년만에 귀국이였다. Was a three-year return.

딸 아이가 3살 때 떠났다가 이제 내년이면 학교에 들어간다는 소리를 들으며 귀국하니 말 그대로 감개 무량한 세윌이였다. 3 years old when my daughter went to school now enters another year, so the country listening to the sound literally gamgae sewilyiyeotda muryanghan. 그리고 자신의 인생 어느때 보다도 알차고 행복했던 시간들이였다. And his life was a good time than ever alchago.

돌이켜보면 정말로 꿈만 같았던 시간들... In retrospect, the times really was like a dream ...

남편은 결혼전의 약속을 지켰다. He kept the promise of marriage.

누구보다도 그녀의 꿈을 인정해 주었고, 후원해 주었고 아이까지 미루면서 그녀가 그림을 그리게 해 주었다. Admit it better than anyone gave her a dream, gave generous support to children wait and gave her paint.

자신의 원했던 만큼은 아니나 이 정도면 되지 않는가 하는 소박한 위안까지 할 무렵에 아이가 생겼고, 아이를 낳고 나자 남편은 그녀에게 유학을 떠나도 좋다고 말했다. Sure as much as he wanted the two is not enough time to make a simple yuan until the child looked on, the father of a child myself good husband leaves her to study said.

그녀는 좀 심난해 하는 시댁 식구들의 눈초리를 막아주는 남편의 넉넉한 얼굴을 보면서 유학을 떠났다. She simnanhae some of his family, mainly in the defense against the husband's plenty left to study in the face.

한풀이를 하듯이 죽으라고 공부해 석사학위도 땄고, 세계적인 경매회사 크리스티나에서 근무도 했다. Spite and died as he charmed her masters degree in studying the global auction house had worked on Christina.

그녀는 한국으로 돌아오는 길이였다. She was walking back to Korea.

그렇게 그 남자를 만났다. I met the man.

Kim Hwan Hee 김환희 as Kim Ran Yi 김란이

동훈과 혜진의 딸. Hye, daughter of Ron and.

Lee Sang Woo 이상우 as Han Seung Woo 한승우

사실, 그녀를 비행기 안에서 처음 본 건 아니였다. In fact, she first saw the plane was not.

처음 본건 뉴욕의 작은 미술관. You the first of the small galleries in New York. 에드워드 호퍼의 그림을 보러 휘트니 미술관에 갔을 때 한 여자가 그의 등뒤로 지나가는데 마치 어디서 바람이 부는 듯 해 돌아보니 그녀가 있었다. Edward Hopper at the Whitney Museum to see a picture of a woman when he went to his right behind where the wind was passing it around and she had seemed.

단아하다 못해 좀 차가워 보이는 얼굴이 길래 "일본 여잔가? 아님,,,한국 여자?" Dan is not friggin face looks a little cold, "Japan Is she cute? Or,,, South Korea Women?" 했을 뿐이다. Have been given.

그러다가 그녀를 다시 만난 건 크리스티나 경매에 청나라 물주전자를 보러 갔을때이다. Then again, that I met her, Christina went to see the pitcher up for auction is a Qing Dynasty.

거기서 그 긴머리를 올려 하얀 목덜미를 내 놓고, 크리스티나 유니폼을 입은 그녀를 다시 보았다, 여전히 아름다웠다. Where the long hair put up in a white collar, Christina saw her back in uniform, still beautiful.

그 다음 이어진 파티에서 그녀는 크리스티나 임원진을 모시고, 붉은 드레스를 입고 나왔다. The following resulted from the party executive, she walked with Christina, was wearing a red dress. 너무나 아름다웠다! So beautiful!

그런데 그녀가 파티에서 갑자기 사라져 버렸다. But she suddenly disappeared from the party.

죽으라고 따라 갔지만 그녀를 또 놓쳐 버렸고, 다시 크리스티나에 찾아 갔을 때는 개인적인 사정으로 그만 두었다는 소리를 들었다. She also went along to have died and went missing again, I went looking for Christina quitting for personal reasons when you heard.

그때 나는 다시 한번 그녀를 만난다면 꼭 내 여자로 만들어야 겠다는 생각을 했다. Then I met her again if I had thought to make my girl.



Moon Jung Hee 문정희 as Kim Young Hee 김영희

나 김영희는 I is Kim Young-hee

지금 안동권씨 집안의 고택들이 모여 있는 안동 가일 마을의 한 종가집 마루에서 비오는 날 먼지 나게 걸레질을 하면서, 도무지 다음 회 이야기가 생각 안 나신다는 작은 아버지, 그러니까 김수봉 작가의 보조 작가 일을 하시고 계시다. Andonggwonssi now gathered in the former house of the family who was a village of Andong Jonggajip blow the dust mop on the floor, while rainy days, heck not thinking about the next week it's a father born, so gimsubong writer you are and what the secondary writers.

시댁에 내려와서까지도 한국에서 하는 드라마 하나도 안 놓치고 다 보고, 작은 아버지 보조 작가까지 하고 있는, 드라마를 무진장 좋아하고, 그래서 드라마 작가가 꼬옥(?) 되고 싶어 하는 한국의 전형적인 아줌마다. Even came to visit his family in Korea, not one to miss the drama, all reports, the little father to a secondary author, drama, like a lot of trouble, so tight drama writer (?) That South Korea wants to be typical of every large woman.

남편과 나는 대학교때 미팅에서 만났다. My husband and I met at a meeting in university.

정말 이 남자라면 인생과 문학과 글 쓰는 것을 논할 수 있을 거라는 생각이 들었다. If a man really lives and would be able to discuss literature and writing, I thought that.

그러나, 결혼이후 남편은 무뚝뚝하고 권위적인 사람이 되어 갔다. However, after getting married my husband who is a gruff, authoritative went. 남편은 그녀에게 모든 것을 원했다, 완벽한 아내! He wanted everything to her, the perfect wife! 완벽한 주부! The perfect housewife!

비극은 나는 글 쓰고, 공상하고, 드라마 보는 것 외에는 잘 하는 게 없는 여자라는 점이였다. I wrote a post tragedy, fiction, and dramas are well beyond the point that it was a woman.

그냥 아줌마가 되어, 사랑하는 권기창씨 마누라가 되어, 옹기종기 새끼들하고 다복하다 싶게 살면 될 것을 나는 아직도 야망이(?) 있었던 것이다. Aunt is just to love my wife is changssi human rights institutions, and dabok onggijonggi scum is ambitious and I still want to be living (?), You're lucky.

그것은 내가 아직도 "지어내는 일" 을 하고 싶었던 것이다. It's who I am "making up a" to be wanted.

Kwon Hae Hyo 권해효 as Kwon Ki Chang 권기창

피닉스 종합학원의 유명한 스타 강사겸 원장인 권기창씨는 The chairman of the famous Star Academy gangsagyeom Phoenix comprehensive human rights institutions is changssi

방금 여교사 한명을 해고 했다. Teacher fired for just one person. 울며 돌아서는 여교사에게 그는 그녀가 자신의 책상위에 어제 퇴근하면서 놓고간 선물과 은밀한(?) 편지를 가차없이 돌려 주었다. He turned away, crying to women teachers in her own desk on their way home yesterday notgogan gifts and secret (?) Gave the letter back relentlessly.

신경질이 났다! I had nervous! 에이 씨! Mr. AJ! 정말! Really!

첫 번째는 교사를 또 뽑아야 하는 번거로움이 신경이 났고, 또 하나는 아내 김영희 때문이다! The first is to unplug the hassle of teachers and I grew nervous, and one because his wife Kim Young-hee!

대체 내가 무엇을 잘 못했는가? I never know what the hell am I? 내가 돈을 안 벌어다 주길 했나? I did not pay me to beoleoda? 아니면 남들처럼 바람을 폈나? Or, like others, been rolled to the wind?

방금 평상시에 나한테 은밀한 눈빛을 보내곤 했던 저 여자! On a regular basis and making eyes at me I just had a secret that woman! 저 고3 여자 선생을 바로 해고해 버리지 않았는가? I just fired that the three female teachers did not throw a?

내 마누라 김영희는 아느냐 모르느냐 이 말이다! Do you know that my wife said, two said Kim Young-hee!

그런데 지가 대 들어! However, for major land! 왜 시댁에 내려 가기 싫은데! Why do not want to go down to visit his family! 그리고 뭐 보조 작가! And what a secondary artist!

작은 아버지한테 가서 보조 작가를 하겠다고! Little my dad would go to a secondary artist! 세상에 이 권기창이 마누라가! Jeez, my wife Kwon Gi window!

보조? Accessories? 보조? Accessories? 내 기가 막혀서! My machine was stuck! 보조가 뭐하는 보존데! What bojonde assistance!

도리! Dory! 도리! Dory! 책임! Responsibility! 책임! Responsibility! 맡은 바 성실한 임무! Been undertaken mission sincere! 맡은 바 성실한 임무! Been undertaken mission sincere!

이런 거 하고는 하나도 상관이 없는 여자! And this stuff does not matter which one woman! 정말로 화가 난다! Really angry!

Yoon Hong Bin 윤홍빈 as Kwon Jae Hyun 권재현

영희와 기창의 큰아들. Alice and the eldest son gichangui.

Oh Jae Moo 오재무 as Kwon Doo Hyun 권두현

영희와 기창의 둘째. Alice and gichangui second.

Kim Dan Yool 김단율 as Kwon Doo Hee 권두희

영희와 기창의 막내. Alice and the youngest gichangui.



Na Moon Hee 나문희 as Cha Gui Nam 차귀남

내가 남자 상담을 잘한다고 해서, 남자 관계가 화려한건 아니예요! I had good advice to a man, man's relationship that's not glamorous!

나는 오히려 남자 관계가 단출해요! I would rather have a man danchulhaeyo relationship! 지금까지 딱 한 남자 사귀었고, 딱 한 남자랑 잤어요! Until now, only one man was dating, I slept only one guy! 말이 너무 야해요? I've got to say? 순진한척 하기는... To the naive one ...

그 남자는 내 영감이 였는데. The guy was my inspiration. 내가 28살 때 나랑 3년 살고 죽었어요! When I'm 28 years old, living with me three years are dead!

나는 그 덕에 돈을 많이 모았지요! I have a lot of money that moatjiyo thanks! 남자는 보지 않았어요! The man did not! 그래서 나는 지금 돈이 많은 노인네예요! So, I'm old now a lot of money!

하지만 나는 애들한테는 절대 돈을 풀지 않습니다! But I never, ever tell the kids will loose money!

나는 이세상에서 자식들한테 물려 주는 "유산"이 제일 더러운 것이라고 생각해요! I have guys in the world giving a child "inheritance" I think the best would be dirty! 자식 인생 망치는 지름길이니까요! Children ruin your life 'Cause a shortcut!

나는 동대문에서 60년을 ?바느질을 했는데, 그 돈으로 그 상가를 다 사버렸어요! I have 60 years in East Gate? Sew, but that money all the stuff I've been to the mall!

한달에 한번, 마실 나간다고 거짓말치고, 월세 수금해서 돌아오지요. Once a month, he was out drinking playing lies, will be back to collect the rent.

그때 길거리에서 만원어치 꽈배기를 사와서 자식들과 손주들에게 다 돌리는데 그 놈들은 그게 지들 유산인지도 모르고 다 먹어 치워 버려요! Ten thousand won worth of getting a pretzel on the street, then you turn everything to his children and grandchildren but not knowing the guys and eats it away Forget jideul heritage! 한심한 놈들... You are so pathetic ...

나한테 꿈이 있다면 죽기전에 자신의 재산을 다 헌납한 백억대 할머니 이런거 해서 If you have a dream to me before he died, his grandmother's possessions were donated ten billion by this online

신문에 한번 났으면 하는 꿈이 쪼금- 아주 쪼금 있어요. Newspapers once a dream jjogeum your fourth - I'm very jjogeum. 있기는! Because the!

Hwang Woo Seul Hye 황우슬혜 as Choi Yoon Hee 최윤희

나 최윤희는 아버지의 진짜 딸이 아니다. Choi, Yun is a daughter or a father's real.

아버지가 영성 여자 중학교 선생님이셨을때, 아버지는 담임이였고, 나는 아버지가 맡고 계시는 2학년 3반의 반장이였다. Middle school teacher when her father was a spiritual father, his father was a teacher two, I'll give it to my father revelation 2 Grade 3 class was the captain.

그러던 어느날, 나의 부모님이 교통사고로 돌아가셨다. One day, my parents died in a car accident. 아버지는 회사원이셨고, 엄마는 평범한 주부셨고, 나는 그런 두 분의 무남 독녀 외동딸이였다. Incarnation as a businessman father, mother and mistress hath, I was the only daughter that the two of munam doknyeo.

일가친척 하나 없는 나는 장례를 치루고 다시 학교에 갔고, 모두들 집으로 돌아간 빈 교실에서 뜨거운 눈물을 뚝뚝 흘리면서 선생님한테 안녕히 계시라는 인사를 했다. Relatives without a back to school I went to the funeral undergoing, everyone went home with tears dripping from an empty classroom teacher wept and called him to say goodbye was revealed.

아시다시피 부모님이 돌아가셔서, 고아원에 가야하고, 학교도 옮겨야 한다고.. As you know, my parents died, to go to an orphanage, a school should be moved ..

그때 선생님은 물끄러미 나를 보시더니, 뜬끔 없는 말씀을 하셨다. The teacher then the seniors he sees me, no words said tteunkkeum.

"가을 환경미화 심사를 하는데, 그럼 누가 환경미화를 하니?" "Fall to review environmental cleanup, beautification So who do you?"

나는 눈을 똥그랗게 뜨고 선생님을 보았다. With your good eye open, I saw a teacher.

그리고 나는 그날 선생님의 집에 갔다. And I went home that day, the teacher.



Han Chae Ah 한채아 as Kim Myung Hee 김명희

기다리던 남자 친구의 전화가 띠리리리링 울리는 것 아닌가? Ttiriririring awaiting her boyfriend's phone is ringing Is not it?

그런데, 한 30분간 전화 통화를 잘 하던 그 새끼가 그만 헤어지자고 하는 것이다! However, it was a 30 minutes phone call to stop the calf is broke! 아니 세상에! No, my God!

명희는 그 날 밤 정신이 혼미해 지도록 울고 또 울었다. Melissa honmihae so that the spirit of the night crying and crying.

할머니는 쿨하게 그 놈 잊고 딴 놈 만나라고 하지만. She was cool, but the guy forgot to meet another guy. 그건 할머니가 몰라서 하시는 소리고, 내가 저를 얼마나 사랑했는데! Grandma did not know that your sorigo, how much I loved him! 어어어어! Uh Oh! 어어어어어! Uh Uh Uh!

남자친구는 나를 찼지, 아버지 어머니는 윤희만 이뻐하시고, 영희 언니는 형부랑 지지고 볶고 사느냐고 정신이 없지, 오빠는 유학갔다 돌아온 새 언니 치마폭에 싸여서 정신이 없지, 나는 친구가 없다! Her boyfriend broke up with me, father, mother, and a pretty yunhuiman, sister Alice lived hyeongburang jijigo bokgo nyago not mind, my brother went to the student returning to skirt the new sister hid not mind, I have no friends!

그래도...내 맘을 알아주는 사람은 단 한사람, 우리 할머니! But ... knowing in my heart that only one person, and my grandmother! 팔십 오살이나 먹은 우리 할머니! Eighty ohsalyina ate my grandma! 나의 할머니! My Grandma!

우리 할머니가 좋은것은 남자 문제와 연애문제에 관해서는 너무나 빠싹 하시다는 것이다! My grandmother's that good men and dating issues with regard to the problem so will hasidaneun ppassak!

그러면서 나는 인간에 대해서, 남자에 대해서 할머니한테 배우는게 참 많다! Yet I for human, do you learn about the man so much grandma!

Jo Jin Woong 조진웅 as Kim Chul Soo 김철수

철수는 동생 철숙이 이것 저것 싸들고 나가는게 기분이 나빴다. Grab this and that withdrawal cheolsukyi brother was in a bad mood to move out.

도대체 우리집 식구들은 언제까지 저 공주인척 하는 아주머니를 정말 공주처럼 떠 받들고 살아야만 하는가? What a family house until the time that a woman pretending to 공주 really do have to live like a princess float us heed?

도대체 이게 몇 년째 집안 대를 이어 하는 일이란 말인가? What the hell is this thing that happens to follow his father a few years, the house mean? 정말로 불쾌하고, 신경질 나고, 화가 치미는 일이였다. Really unpleasant and nervousness came, was a painter chimineun twelve.

그는 신경질 적으로 육수를 빼고 있는 가마솥을 확-열어 버렸다. He is nervous, except broth cauldron accuracy - had opened.

가둬 두었던 구름을 풀어주는 것 마냥, 하얀 김들이 자욱하게 올라왔다. He looks like he left it locked up release a cloud, climbed densely white gimdeulyi.

자욱하게 올라오는 하얀 김이 없어지는 동안 그는 돌아가신 어머니를 생각했다. Densely white steam coming up with her mother while he thought lost. 그리고 어머니한테 물었다. And she asked him.

"어머니는 왜 친자식인 우리들보다 우진이를 더 이뻐 하셨나요?" "Mother, why cannibalism paternity Woojin it more than we did pretty?"

그도 엄마가 보고 싶었던 것이다. He wanted to see my mom.

엄마가 정말로 보고 싶었다. My mom really wanted to see.



Park In Hwan 박인환 as Kim Soo Bong 김수봉

속으로만 외친 삶이 벌써 30년째다. 30 nyeonjjaeda only cried shame on life already.

저 여자, 윤화영과 결혼 생활 30년동안은 정말로 속으로만 외치고 살았다. She, traffic accident 30 years young and married and lived inside shouting only really fooled.

처음에는 "사랑한다” 외치고 살았으나, 그 다음에는 "못 살겠다" 외치고 살았고, 그 다음에는 "너 언제 죽니?" 외치고 살았고, 그 다음에는 "내가 먼저 죽어야 겠다" 한탄 하면서 살았다. At first "I love you" shout lived, but then the "not killing" shouting lived, then the "when are you jukni?" Shouting lived, then the "I'll die first," while lamenting lived.

그래도.. But .. 안 죽고, 저 여자와 안 헤어지고, 이날 이때껏 살아보니, 그래도, 내 인생 말년에 이 만하면 이날 이때것 저 여자와 산 보람이 있지 않나 하는 생각이 든다. Not dead, not to break up with her, I live yittaekkeot day, though, this simply by his last years of my life she lived with day yittaegeot that do not ya think rewarding.

삯바느질로 연명하시던 홀어머니 곁에서 형도 나도 힘들게 자랐고, 형은 집안 형편을 위해 사범대에 갔고, 나는 집안 형편에 상관없이 예술 하겠다고 돌아다녔다. Sakbaneujilro he say a single mother living on hard, I grew up beside my brother and my brother went to the College to afford the house, I'd toured the house of art, regardless of circumstances.

형은 어머니 가게에서 일하던 형수와 결혼을 했고, 나는 허랑방탕 화려한 여배우와 결혼을 했지. Mother, wife and brother got married and worked at the store, I was married to actress heorangbangtang brilliant.

그러고 보면, 형한테 미안한 게 많다. In retrospect, are not sorry for my brother.

형은 어떻게 하고 있을까? So what do you think they're?

Yoon Mi Ra 윤미라 as Yoon Hwa Young 윤화영

윤화영은 나른하고도 분노에 찬 눈빛을 빛내며 Traffic accident angry spirit of a relaxing your eyes bitnaemyeo

남편의 책상위에 빨깐 메니큐어 칠한 발가락을 올리고...남편의 컴퓨터를 발가락으로 톡톡톡 치고 있었다! Ppalkkan manicure toes painted on the desk of her husband to raise her husband's computer to your toes ... toktoktok was playing!

지워져라..지워져라...다 지워져라...이 망할 놈의 남정네의 형편없는 대본이여! Be clear, be clear .. ... ... this motherjohn tesher namjeongne erase everything and let the script's pathetic, O!

나를 무시하고 깔보며 평생을 번데기 같이 쭈글쭈글 늙은 내 남자의 대본이여! Kkalbomyeo ignored me and my life as a pupa wavy old script of my men, O! 한국 방송 사상 영원한 라이벌! South Korea Broadcast eternal rival ideas!

IBC 방송국 주말 연속극이여! IBC Stations weekend drama series, O! 이제 니들은 우리 한테 완전히 먹힌거야! We'll tell you guys fully eaten now! 호호호!! Fiona!

윤화영은 왕년의 날렸던 여배우처럼 까르르르 화려한게 웃고는, 커다란 곳간 열쇠 같은 열쇠 꾸러미로 남편의 서재를 잠구고 나왔다. Traffic accident as a young actress, starring the ex kkareureureu anything flashy smile, the big barn as the key keys, as was her husband's den jamgugo.

그때 남편 김수봉이 거실 소파에서 머리카락이 다 빠진 머리를 빛내며...혼곤하게 자고 있었다. Gimsubong the living room couch, then he lost all hair on the head ... hongonhage bitnaemyeo was sleeping.

"흥....그때 맞춘 가발을 어디다 두고...저러고 자고 있는 거야!” "Hmm .... where do I then put the wig fit ... They get're sleeping!"

날 놔두고! Leave me! 10년이나 젊은 년을 주인공으로 써! 10 years younger years as a hero, sir!

너 그때부터 바람 피우고 있었던 거지? From then on you were having an affair right?

Lee Pil Mo 이필모 as Kim Woo Jin 김우진

우진이 윤희를 처음 본 것은 우진이 스물 셋, 윤희가 열 다섯 살때 였다. This is the first time woojinyi woojinyi twenty-three Yun Hee, Yun Hee was a fifteen years old.

그는 대학을 다니다가 군대에 갔고, 휴가 나온 어느 날, 할머니 댁에 인사하러 갔다가 어린 윤희를 처음 만났다. After attending college in the army, he went on vacation came one day to visit my grandmother went to greet the first time I met a young Yun Hee.

그리고, 그는 유학을 갔고, 10년 동안 그 아이를 보지 못했다. And, he went to study abroad, he did not see 10 years.

10년동안 버클리 음대를 다니면서 고등학교때부터 하고 싶었던 음악을 공부했고, 졸업하고는 미국 유명 음반회사에서 프로듀싱 일을 하다가 6개월전에 한국에 살짝(?) 숨어 들어왔다. 10 years since high school and attended Berklee College of Music and wanted to study music, and graduated from the famous American record company produced six months ago, while working in Korea a little (?) Hidden inside.

왜? Why? 살짝 숨어 들어왔냐면.. For a little hidden if you come from .. 가장 간략하게 말한다면 그건 바로 "아버지, 어머니가 싫기 때문이다!!!" That's right, if the brief says, "my father, my mother is silgi!"

얼마나 싫냐면 한국에 살짝(?) 몰래(?) 들어와 있는 것 만큼이나 싫다!!!! How silnyamyeon slightly in Korea (?) Secretly (?) Come in just as much as I hate!!

그런데 그만 윤희한테 딱 걸리고 만 것이다. Yun Hee will stop him but only takes ten thousand.

그것도 자기가 제일 무서워하는 직업군 중에 하나인 선생님이 되어 가지고. It also scared of his profession, one of the best teachers have been.

Ha Jae Sook 하재숙 as Kim Chul Sook 김철숙

철숙은 오빠가 소리를 지르거나 말거나, 오늘도 아주머니 댁으로 나가고 있다. Cheolsukeun brother screaming or not, they are doing at home today, ma'am.

매니저인 자신이 할 일이 많기 때문이다. Because the manager to do his.

아마, 오늘도 가 보면, 각종 신문과 잡지에 난 자신의 기사를 보고, 쪽팔려 하고 계실거다! Perhaps, when you see it today, in various newspaper and magazine articles I saw her, I am shy and will you be!

그러면 언제나 기분이 좋고, 낙천적인 내 성격으로 그런 아주머니를 포옥 한번 안아 드리고, 이번에 들어온 드라마 시납시스를 앵겨 드리고. You always feel good, optimistic woman with my personality I like to hug pook, sinapsiseureul aenggyeo like this in the coming drama. 맛있는 거 사다가 멕여 드리면 되는 것이다. Mekyeo figure, would be something nice to buy.

그럼 어린애 같은 아주머니는 금방 기분이 좋아지셔서 이번에 들어온 엄마 역을 하시겠다고 할것이 분명하기 때문이다. So childlike aunt soon came to feel better for letting this clearly because my mom will Julie Ackerman Link station.

하여간 아주머니는 자신의 나이를 아셔야지... Anyway, I think they deserve a woman her age ...

언제까지 엄마역을 안 하시겠다고 하는 거야! When is she going to Julie Ackerman Link Station in!

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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Sun Woo Yong Nyeo Shows Consideration for Song Jae Ho


At the production presentation for the KBS 2TV drama “My Love, My Family,” which will begin airing from January 1, cast members presented a friendly atmosphere as if they were real family members. In particular, Sun Woo Yong Nyeo took off her shoes to adjust to the height of Song Jae Ho, who plays her husband in the drama, in front of many reporters when taking a photo all together and her careful concern was in the spotlight. Look at these stills that were taken during the pleasant photo time with all cast members, who all believe in “Love.”


▲ Sun Woo Yong Nyeo went up onto the platform to take a photo, and when she found out that Song Jae Ho was shorter than her, she immediately took off her shoes for him. But, Song Jae Ho told her to wear the shoes and she put on shoes again and then she bent her waist forward to adjust to his height, instead. The love story between Sun Woo Yong Nyeo and Song Jae Ho will unfold in earnest in the drama “My Love, My Family.”


▲ Actor Kwon Hae Hyo will play the last and most patriarchal husband with a conservative and authoritative attitude, but in real life he was a very pleasant person with a beautiful smile. He will act together with actress Mon Jeong Hee, who has three children and has a dream of becoming a writer in the drama, and their harmony will ALSO BE presented in the drama.


▲ Actor Cho Jin Woong, who had presented distinctive acting in the drama “My Too Perfect Sons” by playing a character named “Brutus Lee,” will present a love story with actress Han Chae Ah in the drama. But Cho said that he felt nervous about portraying love in the drama. His photo with Han looked awkward, but their similar smiles seemed to be enough to generate anticipation about their love story. At the end of the photo shoot, all the cast members exclaimed in one voice, “My Love, My Family!” The new weekend drama will begin airing from the new year of 2011 on KBS 2TV.


Writer: Jin Yeong-ju

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi

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Guest cococrust

ep 1 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/frv5wh

ep 2 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/9i1kg0

ep 3 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/g8ep5k

ep 4 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/7owdft

ep 5 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/tws8xw

ep 6 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/m2rum3

ep 7 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/zibp80

ep 8 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/3i3246

ep 9 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/jiv8ge

ep 10 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/w38pb0

ep 11 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/qkgci9

ep 12 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/dogpah

ep 13 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/agx981

ep 14 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/0v85oo

ep 15 c-sub http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9BUWL48N

ep 16 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/rouoim

ep 17 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/dc5vgx

ep 18 c-sub http://www.sendspace.com/file/w7vmr3

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Guest corn362

Thanks for uploading & sharing this great drama. I really appreciate it!!!

This drama is warm and humorous. Anticipate pilmo's splendid performance. :rolleyes:

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I love these kind of day dramas (that is what this is set up as, yes?). I want to check out episode 1 soon but I want to know if it's worth it. There are soo many good dramas out right now and I only have time for like, 3 or 4 to invest in LOL. I get ~really~ emotional with my shows :P

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Guest DarkSmurf

Hi Everyone,

I Believe in Love Episode 1 & 2 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.

I Believe in Love Episode 1-2 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://darksmurfsub.com/blog/?p=166

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. Enjoy!

Warmest Regards



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Guest lucky_moon

the thread doesnt seem to be active maybe will get more memebers once it airs on KBSW, this drama is good and so far have watched the first 4 eps it has the same vibe as Sons of Sol Pharmacy.

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