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[Sitcom 2011] Real School 레알 스쿨

Guest adikkeluangman

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Guest adikkeluangman

[MBC] Do Ji Han, Ju Da Young, Dong Ho
Real School (레알 스쿨)



Date of airing : 2011.01.03

Episode : 40

Cast : Do Ji Han, Ju Da Young, Park Seul Gi, Dong Ho, Eli, and Ki Sub of U-Kiss


The sitcom will be broadcast as a winter break special for teenagers and will feature a story about high schoolers with a phobia of English that have to spend time at an English camp.

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Cast : Do Ji Han, Ju Da Young, Park Seul Gi, Dong Ho, Eli, and Ki Sub of U-Kiss

I don't see Eli in the above pic. I do see Dong Ho with Ki-Seob though . . .


Anyway, this was what I just found by searching around (also it seems to be listed under MBCEvery1, not under the main MBC station)

Cast - 도지한, 동호, 주다영, 김동범, 기섭, 일라이, 김영철, 윤봉길, 광수

도지한 - Do Ji Han

동호 - Dong Ho

주다영 - Joo Da Young

김동범 - Kim Dong Beom

기섭 - Ki Seob

일라이 - Eli

김영철 - Kim Young Chul

윤봉길 - Yoon Bong Kil

광수 - Kwang Soo


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Guest adikkeluangman

BTS pictures of ‘Real School’ first shooting revealed

Pictures of the first shooting of MBC Every1′s new sitcom ‘Real School’ were recently revealed.

Actress Ju Da Young filmed her first episode at the ‘Paju English Village’ in Gyeonggi-do as a trainee of a famous agency on her way to become a singer. Despite the cold weather, the “Perfect Daughter” Ju Da Young filmed her first scene with another model student, and successfully conveyed her character perfectly.

“Everyone enjoyed the first shooting of the sitcom, thanks to Director Lee Geun Ok for calming the atmosphere on set. I’m really looking forward to acting as a female idol singer for the first time,” expressed Ju Da Young.

‘Real School’ is set to begin broadcasting on January 3rd.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Viewers anticipate “Real School” in MBC’s new 2011 lineup

MBC Plus Media has many special programs lined up to celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2011, and the most anticipated is “Real School,” written by the writers of MBC’s past hit sitcom, “Nonstop.”

The teenage sitcom features popular idol stars such as U-KISS’s Dongho, Eli, and Kiseop, Supernova’s Kwangsu, Do Ji Han, and Ju Da Young.

The story is set around an English village in Paju and features the idols scrambling to learn English. The pilot episode can be seen through MBC Every1 on January 10th, 2011.

Other special programs lined up include “Steel Route” and “SS501’s Hyung Jun Creates a Game Team.” A representative of MBC Plus Media revealed, “Through these new special programs celebrating our 10th anniversary, we will be working to boost the overall image of MBC to viewers.”


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Guest 1000dred

I'm waiting for this one~


cr: Spland (Choshinsung's Daum fancafe)

my dear Kwangsu is going to be one of the Teachers ^^


cr: kwangsu's twitter

If I'm not wrong there was some activity today ^^

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Guest 1000dred


I hope we get eng subs for this ^^ maybe a Ukiss fansub team?

well at least we can understand the englsh parts right? ^^


just a picture of the Press Conference


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Guest adikkeluangman

Meet SNSD’s 10th member – U-KISS’ Dongho!

U-KISS‘ Dongho has transformed into SNSD’s 10th member for his new sitcom, MBC’s “Real School.”

In “Real School,” Dongho plays the role of a ‘Jabbeuk-nam’, which is a term used for guys who faint at the sight of their own reflection because they believe themselves to be that handsome. His character believes that girls will float over at the sight of his killer wink; however, he receives a cold shock after being dumped by his first girlfriend. Dongho’s character ends up following her to the Real School.

Dongho said,

“I am nervous and a bit worried because through my Jabbeuk-nam character in ‘Real School,’ I will be showing a different side of myself than I have in the past… Please anticipate and love this Jabbeuk-nam character, that unthinkably begins with a humiliating cross-dressing image.“

A ‘Real School’ representative stated,

“Dongho was initially very shy and awkward with his cross-dressing appearance, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, he danced perfectly and acted unaffected, spurring a sea of laughter on the set.“


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Guest 1000dred

Thank u so much for the torrent!


are u going to upload  everyday?? ^^

ah, I'm so grateful  ;D

ahh there are a lot of backstage pics in me2day...^^

like this one... the cast is actively updating pictures xD

I cant wait for LeeKiChan Teacher! ^^

About the 1st episode...as any Choshinsung fan.... my heart beat faster each time Kwangsu said something :wub:  :lol:

It was great!! ^^

yeah I must say I have watched Nonstop & that's also the reason why I'm so excited about this sitcom :)

and one of the teachers....did she act in Hello Franceska?

yeah I love sitcoms :lol:

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