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Shin Se Kyung Talks About Playing A Character Named Boon Yi For The Second Time

S. Park (soompi)

On December 25, Namoo Actors released a behind-the-scenes clip of Shin Se Kyung filming the KBS 2TV drama “Black Knight.”

The video showed Shin Se Kyung filming for episodes 5 and 6 of the drama, as well as having fun on set with staff and other actors. She showed off a realistic scar on the left side of her face and talked about what she wanted to eat for lunch. The actress was full of smiles off-camera, but was fully immersed in her role once the shoot began.

Her agency said, “She is Hae Ra in the current life and Boon Yi in the past life, which required lots of acting with her eyes. It required lots of detailed attention, but a good scene was created thanks to Shin Se Kyung’s perseverance and the staff’s teamwork.”

This isn’t Shin Se Kyung’s first time playing a character named Boon Yi. In 2015, the actress played a character named Boon Yi on the SBS drama “Six Flying Dragons.”

In the video, Shin Se Kyung addressed this and said, “Honestly, I did worry [about playing another character named Boon Yi]. Fans who watch my work could be confused so I asked [the writer], but [she] said the name Boon Yi is a common name and told me not to worry. So, I think I was able to [film] comfortably.”




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SBS @SBSNOW · 12h12 hours ago#냄새를보는소녀 가 끝났어도 아직 끝나지 않은 초림(#신세경)이 비하인드 컷! 우리 오초림이 못 본다고 생각하니까 더 예쁜데 어떡하죠?! T^T   my translation: now that TGWSS ended it will be hard not seeing ssk - so prrty what to

Shin Se-kyung's Fans Sent Coffee Truck to the Set of "Black Knight"


Actress Shin Se-kyung showed her gratitude towards her fans. She posted pictures on her Instagram thanking the fans for the coffee truck that they sent her and said that she had a Merry Christmas.

In the photo, Shin Se-kyung is standing in front of the truck for pictures. She looks lovely and fans appreciated her thanks.

Meanwhile, Shin Se-kyung is starring in the KBS 2TV "Black Knight".

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We all have that one summer destination we always dreamed of going. It could be a nature trip or a beach holiday. Wherever it is, we often imagine a place where we could unwind and relax. But not everyone has the capability to just leave and go. Most of us have to stay where we were because of our circumstances.

The thing is, you don’t have to wallow in sadness all summer season. Why not bring the spirit of this warm season wherever you are? Let everyone feel the summer in you through your stylish outfits!

Maknae’s Choice

Who wouldn’t want to bathe under the sun in paradise-like shores of Vanuatu? Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) wanted to escape her fate as the Bride of the Water God and just stay on the beach. But of course, she couldn’t but that doesn’t stop her looking gorgeous in her city outfits.


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