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Rush Hour 3

Guest ripgal

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Rush Hour 3 is a go

Rush Hour 3 is finally on the fast track after New Line Cinema has at long last signed Chirs Tucker, Jackie Chan, director Brett Ratner and screenwriter Jeff Nathanson to return for the sequel.

Variety says that Tucker will earn US$20mil against 20% of gross. His deal comes with a second-picture commitment (to be determined later) for the same salary. The actor has given up script approval as long as the final draft matches what Nathanson pitched.

Chan will receive US$15mil against 15% of gross but he will also own the film’s distribution rights in China and Hong Kong.

Ratner will receive an increase in the upfront part of the US$5mil against 5% gross deal he had on Rush Hour 2.

Meanwhile Nathanson, who scripted the previous film, will be paid seven figures to write the third instalment.

Shooting begins next summer in the US and Paris.

credits: The Star Online@ Msia

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dang it's about time. When I watched Rush Hour 2, I was in the 5th grade lol. Dang shooting starts next summer. So that means it wont be out until like 2007. I'm excited though. Gonna be great seeing them together again. I'm pretty sure no one here will mistake Chris Tucker for Chris Rock since in the post it says Chris Tucker lol.

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Guest rapunzel283

I love the Rush Hour series!!! :D!!!! *is excited*

And I'm glad the two original guys are starring in it too ^_^

Yea I wonder who the main girl will be! O_O!...

I remember a while ago... rumours of Hyori or HyeGo?...

Because I remember that Hyori went to Hong Kong, had lunch with Jackie, discussed movies and stuff with him... O_O...

And then she was gonna do Initial D, but then something happened >_<...

But I digress lol.

YAY for RH3 ;)

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jackie is getting all the money that rush hour makes in china and hong kong..then again...they pirate there so much lol :P..and i can't wait for the new rush hour movie..chris tucker doesn't do movies other than rush hour these days.

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