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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

Lee Jong Suk Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Lee Jong Suk dramas are your favorite? (choose up to 3)

    • Romance is a Bonus Book
    • While You Were Sleeping
    • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (cameo role)
    • Gogh, The Starry Night (cameo role)
    • W: Two Worlds Apart
    • Pinocchio
    • Doctor Stranger
    • Potato Star 2013QR3
    • I Can Hear Your Voice
    • School 2013
    • High Kick! 3
    • Secret Garden
    • Prosecutor Princess
    • I prefer his movies. Which one?
  2. 2. Which leading lady would you like to see Lee Jong Suk paired up with again? (choose up to 3)

  3. 3. Lee Jong Suk: long hair or short hair?

    • I'm loving the long hair!
    • It doesn't matter to me. He looks handsome in any hairstyle.
    • I prefer shorter hair on him.

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  • Poll closes on 04/17/2021 at 02:00 AM

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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  

Lee Jong Suk to be discharged from military later today




He has been serving as a social worker since March 8th, 2019, because he was not cleared for active duty due to the car accident he had back when he was 16. As soon as he's discharged today, he'll be getting straight to work by filming a special appearance on 'Witch 2'. Originally, he was going to be on 'Witch', but could not because of his enlistment.



Welcome back, Lee Jong Suk.













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5 hours ago, ibru said:

Lee Jong Suk to be discharged from military later today



@ibru  please return here FULL TIME LOLLLLL

I don't want to take over your post.   Hahahahhahahhahaha!

LOL, i see so many chingus , friends all over are COMING back together with Jong Suk!  
Am so happy that he is FINALLY OFFICIALLY out ... that guy really made me run around , left , right , round and round  and some even sleepless :elated:

Yes @backstreetboysfan .. finally!    Good to see his name trending back AGAIN !     

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3 hours ago, jongkkot said:

he's back with us! welcome back, jongsuk! i'm so proud of you. you did well. :tears:


Thanks @jongkkot for the 2 posts.   So busy in IG.  

So happy that he posted.. lol, could see him smiling behind that mask.  He knew that we were waiting. 

Congratulations to Jong Suk-ssi on completing his public service.  
Glad that he is home safe and sound.


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@ibru  I have the same thought too when I saw Swoon NF instagram earlier.  I was surprised they used W-Two-Worlds drama as part of their promotion cum welcoming message to Jong Suk-ssi and us fans.



Lee Jong Suk Shares Short And Sweet Message After Discharge From Military Service Today


Lee Jong Suk Shares Short And Sweet Message After Discharge From Military Service Today

Jan 2, 2021
by C. Hong

Lee Jong Suk is back from military service!

On January 2, the actor was officially discharged from his mandatory military service. He enlisted in March 2019 as a public service worker due to a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) from a car accident as a teenager.

On the evening of January 2, Lee Jong Suk shared two black-and-white photos of himself in casual dress and wrote, “I’ve come back.”


In November 2020, Lee Jong Suk was confirmed to be considering an offer to make a special appearance in the upcoming film “The Witch 2.” The actor’s last project before his enlistment was the 2019 tvN drama “Romance Is A Bonus Book.”


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Jong Suk is so popular in PH that there was a special mention on him on broadcast news.    What a recognition! 

from the official Twitter account of The Philippine STAR, flagship title of the country's most successful print media enterprise.

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His hair looks very long! I wonder how he's been able to hide how long his hair really is, especially in the pictures he posted  on the 2nd. He did the same thing in the picture Shin Jaeha posted of his back a few months ago. I would have never thought his hair was long from that picture, but it definitely was back then too. It makes me think of what @frozentundra always says about him being a ninja. That boy can hide his appearance in plain sight! 

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  • nonski changed the title to Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

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