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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

Lee Jong Suk Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Lee Jong Suk dramas are your favorite? (choose up to 3)

    • Romance is a Bonus Book
    • While You Were Sleeping
    • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (cameo role)
    • Gogh, The Starry Night (cameo role)
    • W: Two Worlds Apart
    • Pinocchio
    • Doctor Stranger
    • Potato Star 2013QR3
    • I Can Hear Your Voice
    • School 2013
    • High Kick! 3
    • Secret Garden
    • Prosecutor Princess
    • I prefer his movies. Which one?
  2. 2. Which leading lady would you like to see Lee Jong Suk paired up with again? (choose up to 3)

    • Lee Na Young
    • Bae Suzy
    • Han Hyo Joo
    • Park Shin Hye
    • Jin Se Yun
    • Kang Sora
    • Lee Bo Young
  3. 3. Lee Jong Suk: long hair or short hair?

    • I'm loving the long hair!
    • It doesn't matter to me. He looks handsome in any hairstyle.
    • I prefer shorter hair on him.

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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  

Lee Jong Suk Enlists As A Public Service Worker


Lee Jong Suk Enlists As A Public Service Worker



Lee Jong Suk is the next actor to begin his mandatory service.

On March 8, he enlisted at an undisclosed district office to begin his service. As he suffered a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) from a car accident when he was 16, he was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier and is serving as a public service worker.

Lee Jong Suk’s enlistment location was not revealed, but many reporters and fans still gathered. As a result, he signed his official documents in the underground parking lot instead of the office.

His agency shared, “Lee Jong Suk’s actual service location is not this district office but a different affiliated organization,” and explained, “He was on his way to the district office to submit the necessary documents, and as there were many people including reporters, the district office showed consideration. As he just had to sign documents, the district office took care to avoid commotion.”

The agency added, “After signing, he went to his service location.”

Lee Jong Suk will begin serving as a public service worker before entering a training center and receiving basic military training, as well.

He is set to be discharged from his service on January 2, 2021.

Source (1) (2)



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10 hours ago, kembie said:

@nonski  !!  Good to hear from you!   


#wewillwaitforleejongsuk  YES!   Stay safe and healthy!  We love you! :heart:

:)  of course I will be here... our baby is taking a leave and I need to send my greetings to him.

Always and forever a Sukkie fan

just not actively posting because we have lots of fans here already who shower him with their love.

I am always here lurking, just had some hiccups lately with the problem logging in on soompi

I am with all of you in waiting for Sukkie's comeback!


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Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young Have A Sweet Date At Home In âRomance Is A Bonus Bookâ

Lee Jong Suk And Lee Na Young Have A Sweet Date At Home In “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

Mar 10, 2019
by J. Lim

Lee Na Young and Lee Jong Suk can’t seem to spend a second apart in new stills for tvN’s weekend drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”!

“Romance is a Bonus Book” tells the story of Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) and Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk), two people who have known each other for a long time and who are going from just being friends to in a relationship. Their story becomes even more complicated as Kang Dan Yi lied on her resume in order to get hired at the publishing firm headed by Cha Eun Ho.


The previous episode followed the fallout of everyone finding out that Kang Dan Yi had put false information on her resume to be hired as companies had often rejected her in the past for being overqualified. Though Cha Eun Ho tried to stand up for her, a dilemma arose as many didn’t feel it fair to change the company’s rules on hiring new employees just for one person. Though it appeared that Kang Dan Yi would continue to work at the firm with Cha Eun Ho backing her up, she handed in her resignation while Cha Eun Ho was away.

Though her work life may be in disarray, the bond she shares with Cha Eun Ho is stronger than ever. The new stills show the couple enjoying a date at home as they read comic books on the couch and cuddle. Cha Eun Ho refuses to leave Kang Dan Yi’s side, and the two end up falling asleep in each other’s arms.



The upcoming episode will follow Cha Eun Ho as he does his best to cheer Kang Dan Yi up. Though he can’t make her stay at the publishing firm, he will do his best to fill her day with happiness and laughter. Kang Dan Yi is set to throw herself back into a job hunt, but this time she has the love and support of Cha Eun Ho to help her.

The production staff stated, “Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho’s love continues to grow stronger as they face adversities. They are each other’s rock, and they will keep bringing warmth to viewers. Changes are on their way for the characters.”

The upcoming episode of “Romance is a Bonus Book” is set to air on March 10 at 9 p.m. KST.

Source (1)






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Rainy Day Romance: 8 Cute K-Drama Moments That Happen Under An Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019
by Azra_A

Who doesn’t love a walk in the rain? Okay, well, most of us. Being wet and cold sucks! But what about a K-drama walk in the rain? That’s a whole different story. In a K-drama, your umbrella is a perfect romantic haven just big enough for two. Who even cares about getting soaked when you’re silently staring into each other’s eyes? Not to mention, the blur effect from those raindrops is better than any Instagram filter.

Yep, it’s best to leave rain-soaked romance to the pros. Instead, let the rain pound on your window and get cozy on the couch with these adorable K-umbrella moments.


6. “I Hear Your Voice




In K-dramas, it’s usually the guy who chases after the girl to shelter her with his manly umbrella. In “I Hear Your Voice,” it’s Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) who goes searching for Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) with her cute, patterned brolly in tow. I mean, she did just abandon him cruelly even though he has AMNESIA so it’s really fair enough. She doesn’t tell him in words but the umbrella says it all: “I totally love you back I am just pretending not to so please don’t die of pneumonia, okay?”

Check out the first episode of “I Hear Your Voice”:





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RIABB is one gigantic cf for Jongsuk's favorite poet, lol.


In today's episode they are all reading this one (which you can buy here: http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?mallGb=KOR&ejkGb=KOR&orderClick=LEB&barcode=9788925561820#N): 




Then earlier, he was reading from this one (which you can buy here: http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?ejkGb=KOR&mallGb=KOR&barcode=9788925565736&orderClick=LEA&Kc=#N):




And of course, you can still find this book here: http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/product/detailViewKor.laf?mallGb=KOR&ejkGb=KOR&barcode=9791196184803&orderClick=JAj#N




I do not work for the publisher, lol. But if you can read Korean at all, these poems are really lovely.

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[Spoilers] Romance Is A Bonus Book E12-13 + Rating




Naver – Osen: ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Lee Na Young falls deeply in love with Lee Jong Suk♥ → Crisis of getting fired for falsifying her education background


1.[+2384, -30] This is my precious drama that gives me happiness in the weekends, Cha Eun Ho is so heart fluttering and cute, what should i do?

2.[+1349, -28] I have deeply fallen in love with Lee Jong Suk too…

3.[+1213, -22] The cinema scene was the best, Eun Ho-Dan Yi’s chemistry, lines, everything was the best…my heart was beating fast.

4.[+1025, -19] Lee Jong Suk is really heart fluttering. His eyes acting is so good, he looks exactly like someone who is in love

5.[+638, -18] Lee Jong Suk is so sweet, the drama is so fun and healing.

6.[+349, -6] Lee Jong Suk’s acting as someone in love is the best in the world

7.[+327, -6] Even though Lee Jong Suk is good at acting but since the female lead is lovely and her acting is good, Lee Jong Suk’s acting become the best.

8.[+303, -8] The story is good but the directing is amazing. My heart flutters every time I watch it. Both leads are pretty and match so well. Won Bin needs to make a comeback soon…

9.[+257, -10] Lee Jong Suk is not acting…





Naver – Xports News: ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Lee Jong Suk couldn’t protect Lee Na Young from getting her contract terminated

1.[+1188, -24] Even though Lee Jong Suk appears for a short while, he is always heart fluttering and sweet but he has a little screen time ㅠㅠ When we get immersed in his scene, he suddenly disappears ㅠㅠ It’s a pity ㅠ The preview will be just another bait ㅠㅠ I’m thirsty for Lee Jong Suk, Cha Eun Ho ㅠㅠ

2.[+636, -21] Is there a man like Cha Eun Ho? He is so affectionate. Lee Jong Suk is cool and cute

3.[+395, -18] Today was a little depressing, I hope we see a lot of healing Eun Ho tomorrow

4.[+310, -20] Today was the best!!! This is seriously the drama of my life ㅜㅜ Lee Jong Suk

5.[+234, -14] Is Lee Jong Suk going to be sweeter tomorrow?

6.[+207, -2] I like Lee Na Young’s indifferent and detailed acting ♡ No need to talk about Lee Jong Suk, there is no acting holes among the main and supporting actors

7.[+194, -0] These buildings are full of desks, won’t there be a desk for me…It’s the same with finding houses…

8.[+189, -2] This drama is showing the cause of low birth rate, I cried the whole time ㅠㅠ

9.[+117, -0] When Dan Yi cried, I cried with her ㅠㅠ Lee Jong Suk is so sweet, why didn’t he do rom-com till now? ㅠㅠ Do it again after 2 years..

10.[+110, -2] When Dan Yi was about to cry in front of the director, I was sad with her

E12: 5.2%
E13: 5.3%

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EH: I had always wanted to hear those words. That I had done the well.
DY: I thought myself stupid for not having recognized what Eun Ho was going through. Because of the time that Eun Ho was hurting by himself hurt my heart
HR: Either Teacher Kang Byung Joon has resurfaced or someone is imitating Teacher Kang Byung Joon.
EH: As for me, I want the whole world to know that I love Kang Dan Yi.
DY: It’s constantly been on my mind, that he wrote that his son had visited him.
EH: Why the title of this novel isn’t Blue Night, but rather April 23. Ji Seo Joon-shi already knows the answer, don’t you?


Translated @stroppyse



[Romance is A Bonus Book 로맨스는 별책부록 OST, Part 7]

Kim Na-young (김나영) - 너의 모든 기억 속에 MV


Listen on 
Melon https://melon.do/USKvqgrXU
Genie https://www.genie.co.kr/detail/albumI...

Title : 너의 모든 기억 속에
Release Date : 2019.03.10
Artist : 김나영 (Kim Na-young)
Drama : tvN Sat-Sun Drama Romance is A Bonus Book (로맨스는 별책부록)
Album : 로맨스는 별책부록 OST Part 7 (tvN 토일드라마 )




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