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4 hours ago, jongkkot said:

apparently jongsuk bought some flowers from Bloom With Love recently!


https://www.instagram.com/p/CNSJdg4H3Bu/ (i wanted to post the pictures but i have no idea how. i hope posting an instagram url is fine.)


It's super annoying but there is some issue with IG where it won't embed anymore. I asked the mods a while back and they said that it's fine to post a link (or whatever IG will do). 

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The scene here with Kim Won Hae-nim was very heartbreaking , yet they could laugh during BTS.  
They can just switch expressions within seconds - great actors.
Poor JS got slapped because of a mossie - LOL
Missing his voice


This place @bloom_with_love__ conducts flower-arrangement classes.
They got an autograph from Jong Suk.


Handsome grid of Lee Jong Suk - thanks to owner marmelo

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Chingus, here's a surprise poll featuring Lee Jong Suk for you. :kiss_wink: I've been putting up polls in a few actor threads lately, and thought maybe you would like one too. :dorakiss:


Have fun voting!


@backstreetboysfan @Rania Zeid @ibru @kembie @frozentundra @jongkkot @nonski @4evrkdrama @hilllllllly


Remember that we Event Organizers are always happy to help if you want an event or poll organized in an actor/actress/drama/etc. thread. Just tag us. :blush:


re: @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl

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Good news on Lee Jong Suk

‘The Masked Singer’ EP Craig Plestis Moves Into Scripted With Korean Supernatural Format ‘W: Two Worlds’ For CBS Studios

By Peter White

April 1, 2021 10:01am

W: Two Worlds

EXCLUSIVE: Craig Plestis knows a thing or two about Korean formats after finding success with The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice.

He now has found his latest Asian format, but this one is a little different – it’s scripted. The founder of Smart Dog Media and ex-NBC alternative chief has struck a deal with CBS Studios to develop W: Two Worlds.

The series, which launched in Korea in 2016, follows a heart surgeon who embarks on a search for her father, a famous comic book artist who disappeared without a trace. While searching his studio for answers, she finds a badly wounded stranger who claims he is not from this world. After saving the stranger’s life, she stumbles upon the realization that he is from the comic book universe created by her father. A portal between worlds allows her to cross over into the virtual world of “W” and back, throwing her into a perilous quest as she tries to save her new love from his fate as drawn by her own father.



W: Two Worlds, which was a ratings hit locally and won a number of awards, comes from Munhwa Broadcasting Corp, the broadcaster behind The Masked Singer. The original series was directed by Jung Dae-yoon and written by Song Jae-jeong and starred Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo.

Korean scripted formats have a recent history of selling and performing in the U.S., with The Good Doctor, produced by Daniel Dae Kim, currently in its fourth season, and a TV adaptation of Oscar-winning film Parasite in the works at HBO.

Plestis will exec produce via Smart Dog Media and will continue to work with Nahee Kim, managing director of content and channel business at MBC America. Plestis is represented by Paradigm, which also represented MBC America in the packaging of the format.


Another article from sports.dong.com sharing similar story


'W', the home theater in the United States... Scheduled for remake through CBS

 2021-04-12 06:57:00
printSmall printLargely

Drama'W' Han Hyo-joo. Photo provided | MBC


The drama  'W' starring actors Lee Jong-seok and Han Hyo-joo aims at the American home theater. It is expected to be remade through CBS, a representative terrestrial broadcaster in the region, and it is expected to be counted as another example that proves the power of Korean dramas.

for further update please refer to  https://sports.donga.com/article/all/20210411/106355349/3


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6 hours ago, jongkkot said:



from what others have said, this rumor is from nine months ago.


I'm surprised. If this news is true, Lee jong Suk was very generous. :lol: I was assuming he was dating Kwon Nara. Because if there is no fire, there is no smoke.

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Wasn't Nara's episode of I Live Alone partially focused on the selling of her car because she's terrified to drive after an accident she was in? I don't know if they're dating or not, but a Ferrari is a strange thing to gift her given the circumstances. :lol:

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  • partyon changed the title to Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 || Upcoming Movie - Decibel

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