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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 || Upcoming Movie - Decibel

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4 hours ago, jongkkot said:

perhaps if he confirms it we'll get to hear more about what kind of character he's going to portray. there's no information about that, but for the others in the cast there is already a little description of who they'll be playing as. why call it a comeback if it's not a main role or the antagonist role? what do you guys think?

I have not heard of the other actors except Kim Rae Won.   For the 3 to be offered specific roles and being mentioned, appears to be a very positive sign, as per Soompi's hot news.   However, the translation was that they are still considering, same as Jong Suk.  
When I look at the cover photo, my first impression reminded me of VIP 2017 movie LOL
:D  would it be an antagonist role?   JS too is still considering.  Guess we just have to wait.

We know he wanted to do more movies and darker, meatier roles , something that he has not tried , that challenges his usual given roles in his 20s.   But he is so good being a romantic lover. 
Also comparing to 2+ hour movie, it would be nice to see him in drama, which has more screen time in more than 10 episodes the least.

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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  

45 minutes ago, kembie said:

We know he wanted to do more movies and darker, meatier roles , something that he has not tried , that challenges his usual given roles in his 20s.   But he is so good being a romantic lover. 
Also comparing to 2+ hour movie, it would be nice to see him in drama, which has more screen time in more than 10 episodes the least.


I think we'll get both. Like @jongkkot said, it may not be a lead role since the synopsis says the movie is about the characters being considered by the other actors. I also think it's very possible that whether he takes this role could depend on the other projects he's considering and how they all fit together into his schedule. The Esquire cover story suggests that he's ready to be busy so I doubt a single movie that he may not even have a main role in is going to be all we see him do for awhile. 


I'd also only ever heard of Kim Raewon too, @kembie. But I read lots of people saying this movie will be a hit with such an amazing cast, so that made me excited!

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SBS Star

[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk to Make a Grand Return with a New Action Film


Published Tue Jan 19 16:55:00 KST 2021
Updated Tue Jan 19 16:55:00 KST 2021

[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk to Make a Grand Return with a New Action Film


Actor Lee Jong Suk is currently in talks to make his long-awaited comeback with a new action film.

On January 19, it was reported that Lee Jong Suk would be starring in a new action movie titled 'Decibel' (working title).

Shortly after the report was made, a source from Lee Jong Suk's management agency A-MAN Project told media, "It is true that Lee Jong Suk has received an offer to join 'Decibel'. The actor is positively reviewing the script."



According to reports, 'Decibel' centers around a bomb that responds to sound is discovered at the center of Seoul.

The terror attact occurs following an incident that happened a year ago in a submarine, and a submarine commander, reporter, and a member of the Defense Security Support Command join forces to prevent the explosion of the bomb.



At the moment, top actors including Kim Rae Won, Jung Sang Hoon, and Park Byung Eun are also considering joining the film.

Meanwhile, the production of 'Decibel' will begin this spring.

(Credit= A-MAN Project)

(SBS Star)


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Interview summary from @frozentundra
It’s his first photo shoot after military service, and he was nervous. He hopes it comes out well. He dieted for it as he gained 10 kg in the military and then wanted to slim down. 
Since he worked steadily before service, doing his military service was actually a bit of a break, and he found it relaxing. 
They asked about anything in particular that he remembered. He said that since he was working at a welfare office, he became interested in social welfare. He even thought about getting a social welfare certificate while in the service but “I gave up because I thought it would be impossible. I would have to fill 120 hours of practice on site.” 
He says that he thinks social workers want to help everyone, but the truth is, resources and the number of social workers are limited, so sometimes there are disputes when someone is calling in for help. 
One particular memory is from the early part of his service. There was a civil servant who recognized him. This civil servant would go in and sit in the same room with him… ALL DAY. Basically he was doing surveillance to make sure celebrities were doing the work they were supposed to. So LJS worked really hard! 
He still thinks he is not a born actor, so he works hard to make up for it. He mentioned that he liked the character of Cha Eun Ho (from Romance is a Bonus Book). Most of the works he’s done have had some kind of fantasy element to the storyline, and RIABB was realistic. However, he feels that CEH is himself a bit of a fantasy character because he’s so perfect. He would like to be a person like that.
He says he wrote a note to the writer of RIABB while in service, saying he’d become a better person while in service. “She told him, just live comfortably.” He thought maybe he would relax a bit and stop blaming himself for his shortcomings, as he has in the past. He wants to not be so self-critical, and love himself more. 























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Lee Jong Suk Reflects On Military Service, His Character In “Romance Is A Bonus Book,” And More

Jan 20, 2021
by L. Kim

Lee Jong Suk took part in a pictorial and interview for the lifestyle magazine Esquire Korea!



First off, he mentioned this was his first official activity after being discharged from his military service earlier this month. He shared, “I was very nervous. I used to be a model, so I tend to be very comfortable with pictorials. But I was so nervous today that I didn’t know how I moved my body during the first photo.”

When he was praised for looking great in the pictorial, he laughed, saying, “I think it got a lot better as time went on. I really hope it comes out well. This is the first time my fans are seeing me in two years. I gained 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds), so I went on a strict diet that was almost to the point of fasting for days before the photo shoot. This diet was especially hard because we can’t go work out [at the gym] these days. I had to lose weight through home training and a diet regimen, so it felt like my body was drying up.”





The interviewer mentioned there must be something he wanted to do after coming back from the military but wasn’t able to due to COVID-19. He explained, “Not really. I didn’t have any unique leisure time before the military either. So I don’t really feel bored about not being able to outside because of the pandemic.”

The interviewer also pointed out his military service could’ve felt like a break to him, and Lee Jong Suk agreed, saying, “I’ve always been thinking about my work and activities. So I was relatively relaxed because I was able to let go of those concerns. All I had to do was my given tasks.”

When asked about anything he especially remembered during his military service, he said, “Since I was a public service worker, I became interested in social welfare. I also thought about getting a social welfare certificate while serving. I gave up because I had to do 120 working hours on site.”

Lee Jong Suk also revealed a particularly memorable complainant. He shared, “In my case, there was someone unique. At the beginning of my service, one person recognized me and sat in the civil service room before I went to work and stayed until I got off work. It was as if they were checking if I got there on time and was doing my duties properly.”




The actor then spoke about his drama “Romance is a Bonus Book.” He mentioned his character Cha Eun Ho, saying, “I’ve been acting as characters with a strong fantasy aspect or with special abilities that are a little different from reality. However, Cha Eun Ho is a realistic character, but at the same time, he makes you think, ‘If there’s a male character like this, that would be a fantasy.’ He has no prejudice and shows unconditional consideration to the person he loves. I thought it would be great if I were this kind of person.”

When asked to pick a scene he thought was especially cool, he said, “It’s a little scary in a way, but he lived with Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) in his heart for a long time. At the end of the third episode, Cha Eun Ho goes to Kang Dan Yi’s house when he’s having a hard and sad day and gazes at it before leaving. Because of that love, he was able to embrace her without any blame when she got divorced and came back to him.”


Lee Jong Suk talked about being hard on himself and his acting, saying, “I don’t know what will happen in the future. I hope I can be more comfortable than before. There was a time when I looked at the camcorder and re-watched my acting a 100 times. I became more distressed because I blamed myself.” Laughing, he commented, I’m trying to do that less now in order to love myself. I think I’ve been treating myself harshly because I thought that was self-objectification.”

The interviewer asked Lee Jong Suk if he still watches his movies and dramas, and he answered, “I used to spend a lot of time watching them, but I’ve been watching less of them in the last two years. But I think I’ve watched ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ a lot. I’ve discovered something recently. When I say my line, I kind of hum.”


Lee Jong Suk is currently in talks to star in a film called “Decibel” (working title) with Kim Rae WonJung Sang Hoon, and Park Byung Eun.





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[Korean News Translation]
Lee Jong-suk, the powerful “charming maturity” of a pictorial artisan

National Business Daily MK Sports Reporter Kim Na-young

Actor Lee Jong-suk appeared with a “charming maturiy”, exuding a strong masculine fragrance. Known as a pictorial artisan, he used “sense of weight" as a starting point to decorate the cover of male fashion magazine and attracted a lot of attention.

During the shoot, which took place in early January somewhere in Gangnam, Seoul, Lee Jong-suk showed off his own rhythm and aura, which made everyone very satisfied. In this cooperation with Prada, Lee Jong-suk’s steady poise and strong masculine aura were perfectly integrated, winning the praise of everyone.

Lee Jong-suk’s pictorial photo that were published by Esquire were so awesome to make one speechless. He seemed to blend in with the pictorial, exuding masculine charm and “mature sexiness" that capture people’s attention totally.

During the long shooting, Lee Jong-suk maintained his smile and showed his mature charm. Now, in order to keep his promise with Director Park Hoon-jung whom he has worked with in the movie “V.I.P”, he temporarily changed his hairstyle for Director Park’s next work “Witch 2”.

Anticipation for his official return work is reaching the highest point. Every move of Lee Jong-suk has been attracting a lot of attention, not only from local fans, but also overseas fans. Chinese fans, in particular, pay great attention to Lee Jong-suk every time they see the news, and whenever there is any news, they will be trending on Weibo.

His company expressed their gratitude as Lee Jong-suk’s next work has been attracting much attention, and he has been invited to various medias such as TV dramas and movies.

Lee Jong-suk’s company, A-man project, said: “The next works will be carefully selected, and the characters will be chosen for the development of fans and actor himself.” “Once a decision is made, good news will be conveyed to fans and related parties.”

Translated by @ljyoliverljs
Proofread by @joanna5959
Layout by Tina





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16 minutes ago, ibru said:

Lee Jong Suk x Prada for Esquire Korea February 2021 issue.


Thanks for all the pictorials @ibru  So happy to see so many contents of Lee Jong Suk


Below is a summary translated by @frozentundra  Thank you so much Chingu for the summary

A summary of part 2 of the Esquire interview:

He will be shooting Witch 2 this month, with a small but attractive role. He looks like a villain, but he's actually a humorous character. It looked fun. However, he's a bit nervous as well, since usually you talk through the role with the director in advance, but they started shooting the movie before he got out of the military. For VIP he had a lot of preparation (dialect coaching, reading with the director). But...not here!
When asked if he'd prefer to next play a Cha Eun Ho (RIABB good guy) or a Kim Kwang Il (VIP/bad guy), LJS says he'd like to play a villain, all actors do. However, compared to the precise feelings when acting a villain like Kim Kwang Il, it's actually harder to act everyday scenes, like sitting around eating. Well, there is enough time, he should try both.
Esquire said they interviewed Hyun Bin last month and he described a break as a time to recharge. And they ask if LJS was able to recharge over his two year break? LJS says when he was young, he saw Rain on TV, decided to pursue acting with all the training and education, and pushed himself even though he's introverted. But then he didn't do anything for two years. So now he's thinking he's reverted back to his original shy mode. So instead of a recharge, it's more like a reset. Like being returned to original factory mode. Preparing for Witch felt rather new and unfamiliar, even though the director told him not to worry. So it's like a reset; however, a reset with an upgrade. He's more advanced than he was at 23. :)
Esquire still wants know what kind of character he'd like to play next: a Kim Kwang Il or a Cha Eun Ho? LJS says well...he was impressed with the acting of Jeon Jong Seo in the recent movie Call. It felt very real to him. He could see that the actor was super immersed in the role. It's not that he wants to play that character, but he thinks it would be fun to play someone you could describe as "a little strong." Um...a little worried about that *laughs*. Still...

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