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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 || Upcoming Movie - Decibel


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Thanks for posting @kiyimae! The mug says, "I received an award/reward at training camp. I got a special vacation!"



i don't think that's what it stands for. he might have used slang as he always does, instead of writing 크리스마스다 for saying it's christmas, he put 당 at the end which makes it cuter. but @hilllllllly's translation could be right as well!


No, you're probably right. I forget that he does that and my Korean isn't good enough to set JS slang apart from actual phrases. :lol:

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it's okay, @hilllllllly! that's why we're here, also to help each other out and understand together what jongsuk has to say. ^_^


i felt so proud of him when i saw his message this morning, he must've been good at the military camp to get a reward (i'd guess he got promoted, maybe?).

i'm happy he gets holidays too, i hope he'll be surrounded by the ones he loves and that he'll spend a lot of happy times with his family and friends.

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JS, keep the cup messages coming. :) It seems time is going fast...but I don't think so? Yeah, we think the same. Well, I hope the military is going well. Glad to hear he got an award and some holiday time. I was thinking, he may well get more holidays while in the military than when doing his regular day job! So I hope he enjoys them. :) 


Merry Christmas to all of you here, too. What nice people JS fans are! And since he has fans all over the world, that means all over the world, there are these little bright spots lighting up wherever you are. I'm glad to know you. May 2020 be a great year for all. :wub:



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Aren't those messages from 2017 and 2018? Either way, it's nice to see them again! 


Merry Christmas to everyone here! It's been such a great December hearing from JS as much as we have. For a minute it almost felt like he was back with all the updates we were getting. It's really shown me that there is nothing fake about his affection for his fans. This is his time to take a break from fame and all that goes with it. I know didn't expect for him to write every month and I really didn't think we'd get as much as we did these last few weeks. There is no obligation for him now. He's not promoting anything, this break is mandatory, these messages aren't getting press... but he just genuinely misses everybody. What an amazing thing that is. Knowing that and hearing from him consistently (even if it's just from the side of a coffee cup)  really does take the place of any picture or IG update he could give us. I don't know if we'd ever be able to know just how much he cares if it weren't for this time and these circumstances, so even though we miss him, I am grateful. 

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merry christmas to everyone! :lol:


i also think he's feeling nostalgic or rather, he's remembering old times, questioning himself about things he already thought about/struggled with in the past, that's why he wrote those 2017 and 2018 holiday messages. maybe he doesn't know what to write this year apart from "what is life/living?" because he's in doubt about that. maybe that's the question he often asks himself during this period. i'm saying this because he always said he looked back on things based on his work-related accomplishments (e.i. he filmed a drama in 2017, he remembers that year because he did something significant). so it could be that he doesn't see military service as work, of course, but as a chance to ponder about life, since his daily life is probably the same each day and he doesn't have much to disclose/can't disclose it to us. he doesn't feel like there's something worth remembering (either for him or for us), so he'd rather take this time away from the celebrity life to ask himself existential questions and to be introspective. i don't know if what i write makes sense, i feel like i'm repeating myself a lot!

he often said he wonders about the meaning of life, in a recent interview he said he even asked lee nayoung about it while they were filming RIABB together. so that might be it, that's what i'm thinking, it's something that comes to his mind a lot. i remember she didn't give her answer to him the moment he asked, but a few days later, when he wasn't thinking about it and believed she brushed it off, she showed him a book that was on the shelves of the set and she left a note for him, a quote by virginia woolf, just about the meaning of life and he said he was very grateful for it, he had it still saved on his notepad on his phone.

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