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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 || Upcoming Movie - Decibel

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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  

13 minutes ago, lanieqp0415 said:


Thanks for sharing my photo edits here, my friend , @ibru.  I can't move on from Kim Woo Jin. It's kind of weird mourning for the death of somebody who died 92 years ago. Sigh...


I have deleted this, as You have already posted it!

Thank you! Well done!

I also can't move on from Kim Woo Jin...

[resize output image]



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Kim U-jin (1897-1926), the first professional literary critic in the history of Korean literature, as well as the poet, essayist and dramatist has not been highly valued in the Korean theatre and literary circles for a very long time.
His literary achievements were not revealed until the late of 1970s and published in 1983. Korean historians of literature and researchers of the modern Korean theatre immediately noticed and paid special attention to Kim U-jin's original artistic view and varied interests, his extensive knowledge of Western literature and remarkable insight into Western philosophy, as well as the novel literary technique, vivid and distinct especially in his dramatic output that maybe modest in quantity but very unique in comparison with the works of other Korean writers of the 1920s.
The artistic view of Kim U-jin formed under the influence of Schopenhauer's metaphysical irrationalism, Nietzsche's relativist theory of value and Bergson's intuitive philosophy of life.
Kim U-jin did not limit himself to the literary convention of realism that was gaining some popularity in Korean intellectual circles but very soon became interested in the avant-garde current of German expressionism recognizing its new, limitless options of theatrical and artistic expression.
Dealing with social issues, Kim U-jin as the first playwright in the history of Korean literature broke with the conventional style and romantic mode. Instead he included in the content of his plays own reflections and extended them by contemplating the main character's psyche. He also enriched his works with many autobiographical motifs, often presented in an extremely subjective manner.


Depressing lyrics during the Japanese colonial era

The “Suicide of Lovers” incident, in which Yoon Shim-deok and Kim Woo-jin jumped into the Korea Straits in 1926, was the very first case.


Nito Record Company released “Praise for Death” two weeks after Yoon Shim-deok died, and advertised her as “Joseon’s only soprano singer who sang ‘Praise for Death’ as her last song and threw herself into the big blue sea.” Nito’s “marketing with the deceased” was a great success.

But the gloomy sentiment and depressing lyrics of “Praise for Death” stimulated the nihilism of the young people, which was everywhere in Korea after the 3.1 Movement failed. “Praise for Death” was a big hit, but the Japanese empire must have been rather afraid. If such sentiment can turn into resentment and turn its directions toward anger on the Japanese empire, it could have become an unstoppable wave of anger.

“Praise for Death” embraced and comforted the sorrow of young people of Joseon, who were lost and discouraged, with its lyric saying “In this world of tears, will my death end it? All of you looking for happiness, finding you is a sad thing.” 


Full Article: http://english.donga.com/3/all/26/1220501/1

Via: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq7xRmdlgTy/


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[resize output image]


Lee Jong Suk - Kim Woo Jin
'He Hymn Of Death"
Edited: @ibru
Via: https://twitter.com/Shes_stargazer/status/1070655828460490752



Image 21.jpg


"Father, scribbling a few words on this piece of paper helps me breathe a little.

But you are telling me to quit it, so I must ask, do you want me to live or die?"


Lee Jong Suk - Kim Woo Jin

'He Hymn Of Death", Ep. 4

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Industry insiders have produced a list of names of the highest paid male actors on television this years. However, although there are several names on the list, there are no surprises with the biggest names getting the biggest paychecks.

According to entertainment industry insiders, seven actors received more than 100 million won (roughly 89,300 USD) per drama. Unsurprisingly, this list comprised of Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, So Ji-sub, Hyun Bin, Song Joong-ki, Lee Seung-gi, and Lee Jong-suk. Further, out of the seven, Song Joong-ki and Lee Jong-suk are said to have the highest salary.

Both actors are paid over 100 million per episode. After starring in the enormous success of “Descendants of the Sun,” Song is in high demand and is currently filming “Asadal Chronicles” alongside Jang Dong-gun. Similarly, Lee Jong-suk is starring in next year’s romantic drama “How to Publish Love.”


On the other hand, Lee Byung-hun, So Ji-sub, and Hyun Bin were paid a substantial amount for their roles in “Mr. Sunshine,” “My Secret Terrius,” and “Memories of the Alhambra,” respectively. However, after the first few episodes, the actors proved by they have such a high asking price.

Each of the dramas they starred in drew in a higher viewership rate incomparision to other other airing dramas at the same time. Notable, Lee’s “Mr. Sunshine” yielded an 18.1% viewership rate while So’s show always ranked in the top 10 most watched dramas. Likewise, Hyun’s program, which is currently airing, broke the 7% viewer rating in just two episodes.

All of the actors have such high salaries based on their reliable acting skills, the weight their names carry in the industry, market value, and established reputations and fans. An example of how this is how “Mr. Sunshine” simultaneous premiered on Netflix, opening it up to a global audience. Moreover, broadcasters in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan bought the rights to air “My Secret Terrius” at high prices.




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This whole dance scene with Jong Suk's voice at the background with all the moments they've spend together... I was crying by watching it for the 1st time without translation and crying again by watching it for the 10th time with translation.. 




"Your unforgettable name, deep in my heart... 

Your name is engraved and I long for you.

You set fire to my heart.

In my heart you ignited the inextinguishable flame of love.

Before your name can be forgotten, I long for you again.

Oh, even at the moment of death, I shall call out your name.

Even as I'm living, my heart longs for you.

Until the moment of death, I will long for you.

You set fire to my heart.
In my heart you ignited the inextinguishable flame of love... Shim Deok ..."


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Shin Dong Yup and Shin Hye Sun have been confirmed as the MCs for the upcoming 2018 SBS Drama Awards.

The 2018 SBS Drama Awards will take place on December 31 at 9:05 p.m. KST. 



Hope, Jong Suk will be prized enough by SBS for his great performance in 'He Hymn Of Death"

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First And Forever Last Kiss Of Lee JongSuk And Shin HyeSun In Last Episode Of “Hymn Of Death”


The drama “Hymn Of Death” with Lee JongSuk and Shin HyeSun hooked viewers in the tragic love story of Korea’s first soprano Yun SimDeok and genius playwright Kim WooJin in the 1920s. For more information and picture about the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama already ended after 6 episodes or 3 episodes on a 70 min format. This article contains spoiler up until the end of the drama.

On the last episode, the viewers well aware that the couple will commit suicide togetherwere watching the episode with this tragic ending in mind.

Shin HyeSun (as Yun SimDeok) and Lee JongSuk (as Kim WooJin) made the promise to leave to Japan to make the choice of love instead of their family. They met there, however, things did not go as planned. Both were stuck in unsolvable issues that would tear the couple apart and make their lives miserable. As they were talking, they decided to commit suicide together.

They took a cruise boat and prepare to leave this world together. Before jumping in the night sea holding hands, they had their last dance together and their first and last kiss.


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praise of death, hymn of death, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk 2018, shin hyesun lee jongsuk, hymn of death drama, hymn of death 2018, hymn of death suicide, hymn of death episode 2, hymn of death sad, lee jongsuk kiss, shin hyesun lee jongsuk kiss, hymn of death suicide, hymn of death end


This is how their tragic love story ended.


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