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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 || Upcoming Movie - Decibel

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2018.10.26 LeeJongSuk ‘s IG Story Update.

Translation by irene7an IG:

The wordings are his drama name "Romance is a Supplement" and his character name in the drama, Cha Eun Ho


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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  



Lee Jong Suk talks about the frustration of turning 30, his first rom-com drama, and happiest moment


Lee Jong Suk


Lee Jong Suk had an honest talk with 'Elle'.


The actor brought back his modeling skills for the fashion pictorial. In outfits of warm tones, Lee Jong Suk showed a chic fall look. 
In the interview, Lee Jong Suk stated, "My mind became complicated when I turned 30. I traveled and also learned to play the piano. I busily spent my time by establishing my own company to work with the people I love."
Next February, Lee Jong Suk will be returning to the small screen through the drama 'Romance Is a Supplement.' This will be his very first romantic comedy. As for the reason why he chose this production as his next project, Lee Jong Suk said, "I have strong desires for acting. I also have this pressure where I feel like I have to keep showing a new side of me. As of now, I naturally came to think that I need to do the thing that I'm good at and the thing that people like. I think I'll be able to reflect my true self in this genre."
When asked about his most recent happiest moment, Lee Jong Suk said, "I was happy to realize that I am capable of ordering everything I want on the menu at a restaurant."
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Lee Jong-suk cuts vintage look in Elle

Lee cut a vintage look for the fall season in a photo shoot with fashion magazine Elle.

In one photo he appears comfortable with a fitted brown jacket and rolled-up jeans. Another photo shows him lying down in a brown suit.



In an interview after the photo shoot, Lee talked about his upcoming drama series “Romance is a Bonus,” as well as being the lead in a romantic-comedy for the first time.

“I was ambitious, and I also felt sort of pressured to show a different side of himself as an actor,” Lee said. “I wanted to do something I was good at and what people liked. Though I’m trying a rom-com for the first time, I think I can put myself out naturally.”

“Romance is a Bonus,” in which the actor co-stars with Lee Na-young, is set to air early next year.




Photos and an interview can be viewed in the November edition of Elle magazine or its website.

By Kim Jee-min (jeeminkim@heraldcorp.com)


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[181026 ELLE KOREA update ]

Lee Jongsuk’s wonderful year of thirty. 

Year of thirty, rather than let go of what could be a significant start for anyone, Lee Jongsuk chose to give it a meaning seriously. As a result, when asked about whether he’s happy or not, he answer will be “Yes”. Lee Jongsuk shot the pictorials with fashion magazine ‘Elle’. The smooth completion of the shoot was in keeping with the term ‘Pictorial craftsman’. Lee Jongsuk, who would personal check every shot, showed his professional face.

During the interview after the shooting, Lee Jongsuk shared his recent developments. “I have various kinds of ideas when I am 30. I traveled around and learnt to play the piano, also built a company in order to work with the people I like. It’s been a busy time,” he said.

Drama ‘Romantic Annex’ is predicted to be aired in February next year. This is Lee Jongsuk’s first challenge in romantic comedy. When asked about why he chose this work, he said “My ambition to act was strong, and I always felt it was necessary to show a different look to the audience. Now I want to do something I’m good at and people like. Theme is theme, but I think it might reflect my actual image naturally.” When asked about the recent moments of happiness, Lee Jongsuk answered with a smile, “I think it’s happy if I can eat everything I want in a restaurant.” Lee Jongsuk’s pictorials and interview that can let a person feel his sincere are available at the November issue of ‘Elle’ and its homepage elle.co.kr. 
翻譯:芝麻仔 校對:lala 
Exclusive translated by Baidu Leejongsuk bar please credit when repost 



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[FANCAM] 2018.10.26 LeeJongSuk at Cafe 89 Mansion
Fan's comments: 
bujoy_angelIt: My another dream ceme true to see you in person @jongsuk0206

I wasn't even able to record the video coz I was staring at your handsome face!

Felt like the world paused for a while when you passed by. LOL!  
Glad to have attended @cafe.89mansion 's Halloween Party!

This is definitely our best vacation so far! Daming ganap everyday! Bukas ulit! LOL!  
Saw him when he entered the door coz we were standing there and also when he left.

He came around 10pm and left at 12:30. The event was until 2am.  

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Male Actors Who Amaze With Their Kissing Skills

Male Actors Who Amaze With Their Kissing Skills
Oct 27, 2018
by K. Lew

There are many reasons fans watch romantic dramas — the adorable cliches, the surprising plot twists, the endearing characters, the breathtaking romance, and so on. However, arguably one of the most exciting moments in a drama is a kiss scene.

Whether they are used as an unexpected plot device that grabs the viewers’ attentions, or as turning points in a relationship, kiss scenes are noteworthy in every drama.

Here are 10 male actors, in no particular order, who blew away audiences with their kissing skills.

 Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk has been a drama hit-maker from “Pinocchio,” to “I Hear Your Voice,” and “W.” Within each of these popular dramas, each of his kiss scenes have stood out and have swayed the hearts of many.





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Tvn Drama "Romance is a Supplement" Recruitment Post for Cameraman

Filming period: Beginning of November to end of February
(1st filming: Between 1st to 2nd November)

Test shooting: 29th October

Cr info: stjerne_ & JessyYang
Via: irene7an IG


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October Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Announced

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for film actors!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from September 25 to October 26.


Check out the top 30 for this month below!


*Lee Jong Suk at 22nd place





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Lee Jong Suk Crank Up in Manila




Lee Jong-suk is the ideal man of about, 3 billion girls all around the world. Lee Jong Suk was born on September 14th, 1989. He has 2 siblings, a younger brother who is 2 years younger (and taller than he is) and a younger sister. He has a charming personality, besides a natural ability to act and model, which catches the eyes and hearts of many people, both in the acting world and in his fans. He attended Konkuk University, majoring in Professional Motion Pictures Art. He became one of 2,200 students out of 21,268 who passed the entrance examination in Konkuk University. He graduated last 2016! And not only that, He got officially recognized as the good will ambassador of “Global Aviation in Ansan”. He later received a 3-month-training to become a pilot.

He is an actor and model from South Korea. Started as a fashion model in 2005, 15-year old Lee Jong Suk became the youngest male model ever for the Seoul Collection program at the Seoul Fashion Week. After he achieved success and appreciation as a model, he decided to try his luck in acting. His first professional role was in the TV series ‘Prosecutor Princess’, where he played a supporting role. He became popular following his role in ‘School 2013’, a South Korean TV series which focused on problems such as bullying and school violence, faced by most Korean youths. The show was a success and won multiple awards. For his performance, Lee received the ‘KBS Drama Award’ for Best Actor, his first acting award. 

Some of his notable works includes the popular 2014 series “Doctor Stranger” where he played the role of Park Hoon, a North Korean defector who works as a doctor in South Korea, the film “Hot Young Blood” where he was a cheesy womanizer Joong Gil, and his first lead role in the TV series “Pinocchio” where he played as Choi Dal Po, a just and honest news reporter. His brilliant performance in “Pinocchio” earned him so much appreciation and special awards such as the Grimae Award for Best Actor.

Lee Jong Suk continued to receive recognitions and was awarded with an Excellence Award in the male category at the 2013 Korea Drama Awards for his role in the critically acclaimedseries “I Can Hear Your Voice”. Nothing can seem to stop Jong Suk’s rising career as he continued to star in various TV series and movies. He also starred as the uptight yet competitive national swimmer, Jung Woo Sang at the 2013 box office hit film “No Breathing”. He continued acting in TV shows and has become more popular than ever in the 2017 show While You Were Sleeping. And just in case you weren’t convinced by Lee Jong Suk’s acting credentials over the years, he has signed into the Chinese marketand has announced he is playing a lead role on Jade Lover. Lee Jong Suk is immensely popular and becoming even more so every day. Such a Hunk!

Brought to you by Pulp Live World, titled “Crank Up in Manila,” Korean actor Lee Jong-suk will be on this side of the world for a fan meet on November 18, 2018 at Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. The successful actor hopes to get to know his fans and take a look back at his career up until now. He believes this will help him grow as a person. 

Proving his talent and capability to the world, he switched genres to dramas and played an important part in R2B: Return to Base (2012) a remake of 1980s classic Top Gun. Besides his modeling career and his roles in television series’ and movies, he has also appeared in several music videos.


Apart from the Philippines, the World Tour of Lee Jong-Suk will also have stops in Osaka, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. 

The performance of the actor in the recovery of this poor boy cemented his place among the hearts of many South Koreans. 2016 saw him through successful TV series like W, for which he was nominated and won many awards. Lee Jong Suk is a young and talented actor and model. He will be around for years to come. That’s for sure!
So, prepare those light sticks, memorize those fan chants, plan your pre-concert activities, get those emotions in check and prepare yourselves to see Lee Jong Suk live!




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