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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover ||Upcoming Movie - The Witch: Part 2 (H2/2021)

Lee Jong Suk Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Lee Jong Suk dramas are your favorite? (choose up to 3)

    • Romance is a Bonus Book
    • While You Were Sleeping
    • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (cameo role)
    • Gogh, The Starry Night (cameo role)
    • W: Two Worlds Apart
    • Pinocchio
    • Doctor Stranger
    • Potato Star 2013QR3
    • I Can Hear Your Voice
    • School 2013
    • High Kick! 3
    • Secret Garden
    • Prosecutor Princess
    • I prefer his movies. Which one?
  2. 2. Which leading lady would you like to see Lee Jong Suk paired up with again? (choose up to 3)

  3. 3. Lee Jong Suk: long hair or short hair?

    • I'm loving the long hair!
    • It doesn't matter to me. He looks handsome in any hairstyle.
    • I prefer shorter hair on him.

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❤❤❤ Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ❤❤❤ -- Award Winning Actor -- -- First Class Model --   -- PROFILE -- Name: Lee Jong Suk Hangul: 이종석 Nationality: Korean Country:  Republic of Ko

Lee Jong Suk, His award speech and his phobia of public speaking. I feel compelled to write something because I am a fan and he gets unnecessary hate for his unfortunate phobia of public speaking

I made this MV quite sometimes ago but only decided to upload last night I know it's gonna get blocked by SBS sooner or later but never mind I just wanna share this with you. enjoy while it last  


Key Moments In Volume 11 Of “Romance Is A Bonus Book”


Episode 11 of Romance Is A Bonus Book slowly thawed Dan Yi’s apprehensions to Eun Ho’s love confession.

As the series goes for its last stretch, we are expecting the love fulfillment for our friend-who-will-turn-lover main leads.



Pretending unaffected, Dan Yi talks to herself about the kiss interlude, completed with the detail about the guy being younger. Her reverie is cut off when Manager Seo emerges from one of the cubicles teasing her of what happened. To make her morning more eventful, Director Go also steps out from the restroom cubicle with a knowing look.

Spreading like a wild fire, Dan Yi’s soliloquy eventually reaches Eun Ho, who overhears two of the staff gossiping about it. Feeling proud of making his favorite noona over analyzing her emotion, he spots her at the office library. Asking why she skips breakfast, Eun Ho pushes her luck by playing James Dean, bluntly telling how the peck felt nice. She responds to stop asking for his death wish.

Romance is a Bonus Book



Convincing herself with “Eun Ho is not a Man” mantra, the spring cleaning is a sweet disaster with Eun Ho refusing to call Dan Yi “noona”. He further teases with her, making him call “oppa” eventually; leading her to throw things at him.

Tending to a small cut on his face, Eun Ho cutely quips how he likes her even more when she hits him. Complete with blushing face, he mutters how he sees himself in her eyes.


Romance is a Bonus Book


Shutting him up, she points out how his face is again beet red. He reasons that his flushed face is caused by happiness. Handing the band-aid, Dan Yi goes to the kitchen and seeks the cold air of the fridge to tone down her blushing face. She further scolds herself for becoming like him.

Last round of I-like-you-noona-themed spring cleaning is Eun Ho, alluding Dan Yi’s resolve to eventually falter. Pushing her back when she asked him to clean another place, Eun Ho makes use of the situation to describe their status.

“You are too weak to push me away. You’re so cute Dan Yi. Stop being cute. You make me want to kiss you again.”

His coaxing stops as Dan Yi gives another warning. But Eun Ho continues his boy-in-love spirit, cleaning the bathroom window pane, writing Dan Yi’s name with soap bubbles while singing happily.



Are we really going to prove that romance cannot blossom well with career life? I mean we are almost there, fulfilling the romance that took 20 years to be realized mutually? Why can’t we just let Dan Yi be happy?

So much for being happy about Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s road to romance dream come true. Now, Romance Is A Bonus Book officially made feel sad when I was expecting two weeks worth of fan service.

Career and life lessons have been the driving points on why I like the smooth approach of the series. The love story for me was just an extra perk. Coming from heavy-themed drama exploration, Romance Is A Bonus Book has restorative function to make you feel good after a week’s stressful work.

Will Dan Yi leave Gyeoroo for good? Will Hae Rin and Seo Joon get the closure they deserve from their one-sided romance?

Get your Romance Is A Bonus Book serving on tvN and Netflix.



Full article: https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/romance-is-a-bonus-book-episode-11-recap/

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Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text


2019.03.03 Lee Jong Suk Reached 14.9 Million Followers on IG  

2019.03.03 - 14.9 M
2019.02.23 - 14.8 M
2019.02.08 - 14.7 M
2019.01.23 - 14.6 M
2019.01.03 - 14.5 M
2018.12.20 - 14.4 M
2018.12.08 - 14.3 M
2018.11.21 - 14.2 M
2018.10.26 - 14.1 M
2018.10.01 - 14 M

2028.09.15   13.9 M
2018.08.24   13.8 M
2018.08.04   13.7 M
2018.07.25   13.6 M
2018.07.15   13.5 M
2018.07.06   13.4 M
2018.06.29   13.3 M
2018.06.22   13.2 M
2018.06.13   13.1 M
2018.06.04   13.0 M

Credit : https://www.instagram.com/jongsuk0206/

Edited @ibru

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Romance Is a Bonus Book: Episode 11 - RECAP



Our heroine struggles to get a handle on her feelings and our hero doesn’t plan to make it easy.The ball is finally in Eun-ho’s court and he plans to take full advantage of this power reversal before Dan-yi has the chance to tip the scales.

EPISODE 11:”Why Don’t You Think About Breaking Up?”



In the company restroom, Dan-yi tells herself the kiss (with Eun-ho) meant nothing. She’s surprised to realize she’s not alone when Yeong-ah emerges from a stall, giggling that Dan-yi kissed someone. She presses for details, but Dan-yi will only admit the guy is like a little brother.

Dan-yi jumps as another stall opens to reveal Director Ko. Her expression gives nothing away, but after she leaves, Yeong-ah tells Dan-yi there’s no way Director Ko didn’t hear. The women leave, unaware there’s a third listener–an editorial team member.


The female editor catches Hoon arriving at the office and excitedly relays what she’d heard in the bathroom. Overhearing, Eun-ho grins to himself.

Dan-yi ducks behind a bookshelf in the company library when she sees Eun-ho approaching. He’s already seen her, though, and asks why she skipped breakfast. Dan-yi grumbles it’s none of his concern and Eun-ho counters that the woman he loves missing meals is his concern.




















Finally!!! I have to admit, I was getting antsy about our OTP. It’s not that I can’t understand the thin line they’ve been navigating up til now of “more than friends, less than lovers” and the fear of upsetting that delicate balance, but dammit I was promised a romance and the lukewarm flirtation between Dan-yi and Seo-joon was not cutting it. It’s been fun watching poor Eun-ho waffle, but he’s earned his turn at the wheel and I’m digging the dynamic shift in his favor.

By the end of last week, he knew Dan-yi liked him… she just wasn’t ready to accept it. And boy did he take advantage of that power this hour. It’s nice to see Dan-yi frazzled for once and Eun-ho got a little revenge (for her constantly trying to force him into the little brother box) with his shameless flirting. However when Dan-yi expressed her genuine concern–of losing her most important person–he spoke candidly and maturely about their feelings and their future. Because there’s no sense in holding back now, over something that might or might not happen.

Alas, this happiness is bound to come with some hiccups. There’s not a lot of collateral damage in terms of Seo-joon. His feelings are genuine, but not particularly deep. Hae-rin, on the other hand, has built up a three-year long attachment to Eun-ho and those feelings aren’t quick to fade. Unfortunately for her, there’s just no way to compete with the love Eun-ho has harbored for Dan-yi for so long. Nor should she have to. As Eun-ho said, she deserves someone that makes her shine. I think she’s found a real match with Seo-joon and they have an easy chemistry that he severely lacked with Dan-yi.

Love isn’t the only obstacle ahead, though. With the reappearance of the interviewer from episode one, Dan-yi’s past is coming to bite her. And the crazy part is, it’s not even something shameful–a college degree, awards, and a successful career–things she hid in order to get a job running errands. It hardly seems like a big deal, and yet the look on Director Ko’s face says otherwise. She’s a stickler for the rules and the baseline is, Dan-yi lied. It’s a shame, since I think she and Dan-yi were making some real headway towards a friendship Director Ko desperately needs.


Full recap http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/03/romance-is-a-bonus-book-episode-11/

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Erin Smith | March 5, 2019 | Features, Listicles, Trending

Netflix has been bringing its K-Drama A-game lately, with a huge selection of Korean dramas both classic and new. Has anyone else noticed that Lee Jong-Suk is in a LOT of them? We’re definitely not complaining – right now we’re SUPER into the ongoing Netflix original rom-com offering “Romance is a Bonus Book”, starring Lee Jong-Suk (obviously) and Lee Na-Young. Here’s why, at 10 episodes in, it’s getting our hearts all aflutter.

1. A mature romance that’s not afraid of reality

We love a rom-com as much as the next drama fan, but there’s only so many times you can watch the “teenage chaebol falls for poor misfit girl” plot play out. This drama echoes that storyline somewhat, but through the lens of adults. It touches on divorce, ageism, homelessness, grief, sex, being a single parent, and the myth of the friend zone, all while keeping its heart and its dignity – as well as its PG rating. And so far nobody has fallen on anyone’s lips or lost their memory, which is a good sign too.


2. Complex female characters

The typical K-drama female lead is often deliberately vapid so as to allow the viewer to project themselves onto her. That’s (thankfully) not the case here. In the Gyeoroo publishing house office, where much of the drama takes place, there are so many complex female characters bravely showing both their strengths and their flaws. Song Hae-Rin, a young editor, is intelligent and takes no crap, but hopeless in love. Go Yoo-Sun is a cold career woman struggling to deal with lost love, but also a dancing queen. Seo Young-A is hardworking and dedicated, but struggling with the breakdown of her marriage. Then there’s our heroine, Kang Dan-I (played by Lee Na-Young) – a divorced single mother struggling to break back into the job market. She’s determined and capable, but also compassionate and warm. It’s a welcome change from the pushover leading ladies of days gone by.


3. Lee Jong-Suk in snuggly winter sweaters

Come on, we know you love cute boys in turtlenecks as much as we do. Unless you’re Martina from Eat Your Kimchi, in which case… put down the scissors! “Romance is a Bonus Book” is set in winter, so it follows that snuggly clothes are a must. Lee Jong-Suk’s Cha Eun-Ho is a rich boy author and publisher and hence a snappy dresser. Is there anything more inviting than a pretty boy in a cable-knit to wedge his bookmark right into your heart? No there’s not, and that’s not a euphemism. Get your mind out of the gutter.

… Also he sometimes gets around in a fluffy bathrobe. You have been warned.


4. Wi Ha-Joon in snuggly winter sweaters

We all know nice guys (and second male leads) finish last, but we’re the real winners here when the second male lead is as attractive as fresh face Wi Ha-Joon in the role of book cover artist Ji Seo-Joon. Wi Ha-Joon is a fox – all strong masculine lines to contrast against Lee Jong-Suk’s flower boy image – and we might be a little obsessed. Plus, if the plot continues the way it’s going he might not lose out so bad after all… (no spoilers!) 


5. New episodes on Sundays AND Mondays

Oh Korea, we are grateful for your weird television schedules! We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait a whole week for new episodes when we’re living in the age of the Netflix binge. Sunday AND Monday releases for Romance is a Bonus Book mean you can have two hits of your K-drama drug each week, or save them up for a movie-length double feature.


Whether you’re ready to jump in and catch up on the first ten episodes, saving them for a whole-series binge-watch later or keeping up week-to-week like me, we’d love to know what you think of “Romance is a Bonus Book”! Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.



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5 Reasons Why Viewers Can Only Fall Deep In Love With Poetic Lee JongSuk In “Romance Is A Bonus Book”

lee jongsuk romance is a bonus book, lee jongsuk sweet, lee jongsuk cute, lee jongsuk 2019, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk romance is a supplement



“The longer I wait, the deeper my love will be” by Lee JongSuk (as Cha EunHo).

Viewers of “Romance is a Bonus Book” can only fall deep in love with the main character acted by Lee JongSuk. He is just the perfect boyfriend!

In the drama, he is in love with Lee NaYoung (as Kang DanYi) and that for a long time. He started to express his feelings for her and has been waiting for her to realize her own feelings too. The couple love story got viewers addicted to the drama. Here are 5 reasons why viewers of the drama are in love with Lee JongSuk.

Let us know what makes you fall in love with Lee JongSuk as Cha EunHo. Be aware of spoilers.


1- Hilariously Cute


Who does not like a cute guy? Lee JongSuk is acting cute in front of Lee NaYoung but also has quite a few solo scenes where he makes viewers burst into laugher.

Here is one scene. Lee JongSuk wants to contact Lee NaYoung who is out on a date with his rival Wi HaJoon (as Ji SeoJoon). He is in an internal dilemma, contact or not contact… Self-conscious of his childish attitude, he tries to act rationally and smartly.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

For more of his hilarious scenes, you can have a look here.


2- Poetic and Heart Fluttering Lines

Lee JongSuk knows how to perfectly say cheesy, poetic, and heart fluttering lines. He steals women heart in a few seconds.

Animated GIFAnimated GIF


Noona, I am not just a ‘dongsaeng’ but “I am a fine guy.”

Animated GIF


His confession skills are also poetic and touching. “From spring to summer, from summer to fall, and from fall to winter. Do you know when the season changes? Do you know exactly when winter ends and spring begins? I don’t know when exactly my feelings for you started to grow.”

lee jongsuk romance is a bonus book, lee jongsuk sweet, lee jongsuk cute, lee jongsuk 2019, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk romance is a supplement


3- Sincere Deep Love For a Long Time

It is always romantic to know that the guy you like has only loved you and that his love is deep and sincere. Lee JongSuk has this type of love for Lee NaYoung and his feelings for her are just too much to handle for the viewers.

Animated GIFAnimated GIF


4- Trustworthy and Supportive

When you are looking out for a boyfriend, you would preferably search for someone you can trust and that support you in any situation. Lee JongSuk is trustworthy and shows his unstoppable support for Lee NaYoung at several times. He is the one she can rely on in any situation.



lee jongsuk romance is a bonus book, lee jongsuk sweet, lee jongsuk cute, lee jongsuk 2019, lee jongsuk drama, lee jongsuk romance is a supplement


5- Appealing And Handsome Looks

The actor is attractive and handsome making viewers, even more, fall for him. With his perfect fashion, model-like figure, and handsome face, it is hard not to find him charming. Lee JongSuk also knows how to seduce with his cute and sexy charms.


Animated GIF

Animated GIF



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❝ Even to me, who is highly intelligent, sensitive and perfectly rational - this seems like - an emergency ❞ :: Romance Is A Bonus Book EP7

bonus :






Eunho-ya. Mmm, go ahead. I’m so glad that you are by my side. I really am, and I’m also glad you held my hand. I feel so safe. Thank you, Eunho.

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