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Lee Jong-Suk’s agency hints at legal action for detainment

On Tuesday morning Lee Jong-suk arrived at Incheon International Airport after being held at Jakarta Airport for two days. According to an earlier report, authorities detained the actor because he did not have the necessary permit and visa to do business in the country.

However, this was the responsibility of Yes24, the local promoter in Jakarta, who was in charge of handling all of the official paperwork and documents necessary for the event. Not only did Yes24 fail to get the proper permits and visa for Lee, but also reported to the tax office authorities that his earning were reduced, creating further discrepancy. As a result, Lee and staff had their passports withheld and were prevented from traveling back home.

Amen Project, an agency associated with the Lee, explained that because Yes24 reported that there were missing ticket sales, the Indonesian tax authorities seized the actor and staff’s passports. Moreover, there were problems with visa issuance through the Indonesian embassy. As such, the immigration office had taken measures to suspend their departure. Further, Amen Project was informed that they would have to pay a fee to resolve the issue.

In response, Yumetomo and Creative Lab, other agencies associated with Lee, issued an official statement regarding the situation.

“Yes24 has caused serious financial and psychological damage to actor Lee Jong-suk and the Aman Project until this point,” Yumetomo said. Continuing the agency said that the promoters “immature handling” of the situation caused them to not only lose business but also the rights of Lee and relevant staff who had been detained.

Moreover, although the situation has been resolved to a certain extent, Yumemoto asked Yes24 for an explanation of the incident as soon as possible. Afterwards, they plan to take action. Whether that will be legal action has yet to be determine, but they have hinted that it may be a possibility.

The agency also issued an apology to the actor for the situation saying “we apologize again to Lee Jong-suk and the people involved in the project who have been anxious in the face of unknown circumstances.”

At the root of the problem is Yes24. So far, the only official comment has been that it was difficult to connect directly with the person in charge of the detainment. As such, attention is focusing on when the promoter will present a more thorough explanation.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily






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I feel like I still don't have a clear idea of what happened, even after reading all of the various apologies, etc. Tax issues? No tax issues? It was their fault! No, it was theirs! I'm not a sue-happy sort of person, but I'm glad JS hired a lawyer to sort it out. I can see why he would be upset and frustrated. As for who should have overseen the visa in the first place--the reason for hiring a professional company to deal with this is because it's a delicate legal issue in another language. A close family member of mine applied to a program once that was in another country. He had to fill out a lot of paperwork for the visa, including authorization for a third party hired by the program to actually interact with the foreign visa office and get the proper kind. It was another language and another alphabet, of course my family member couldn't figure this out. That's why the program hired someone whose explicit job it was to do this properly. That is the same thing that these entertainers are doing (JS isn't the only one to have such an experience, apparently.) Nothing else can happen properly until you have the right visa--that should be the fundamental job of any such events planner. So I hate it that this happened to Jongsuk. But since it has, I hope they can clear the air and at least pave the way for others to have a smoother experience. And I hope that any travel and FMs in the future can proceed smoothly and without any further troubles for Jongsuk.


Setting aside that whole awful mess, I love the story that Rania shared above. :heart:

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rough translation:

you worried a lot! Lee Jong suk came back to Korea safely and recorded a documentary narration and returned to the drama. Indonesian fans. do not be sorry.

Trans:  withJSphilippines


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[SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk Narrates a Documentary to Be the Voice of the Voiceless




Actor Lee Jong Suk will join a documentary as a narrator for the first time since his debut.

According to the production team of SBS special documentary ’[Fairness war]-Is it just a luck or their own ability?’ (literal title), Lee Jong Suk did a perfect job delivering the voice of the youth utilizing his calm, warm but persuasive voice.
A source from the production team said, “In this documentary, we will cover the story of Lee Jong Suk and his friends who he trained with. Lee Jong Suk opened a cafe for them with his own money to help them and share his luck.”

The source added, “The second part of the documentary is related to Lee Jong Suk.”


Lee Jong Suk recently worried many of his fans by being detained in Jakarta after his fan meeting.
For this reason, he had to leave Indonesia a day later and arrived in Korea in the morning of November 6.

The production team try to stop him because of what he has been through, but Lee Jong Suk decided to stick to the original plan and said, “I want to do this because I’m curious about this.”

The source added, “During recording, Lee Jong Suk perfectly pulled off every bit of his part like a professional and never showed a sign of fatigue even though he must’ve been exhausted because of the incident that happened in Jakarta.”
For the past few years, Lee Jong Suk has constantly shown an interest in social issues and even made many donations to help the less fortunate.


The public is looking forward to seeing how he would deliver the message of the voiceless.

Meanwhile, ’[Fairness war]-Is it just a luck or their own ability?’ is scheduled to be aired on November 11 and November 18 at 11:05PM KST.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS, ‘jongsuk0206’ Instagram)

Source: SBS Star 


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What to expect from Lee Jong-suk's Crank Up Tour in Manila


In exactly ten days, South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk will be coming to Manila for a meet and greet session with his Filipino fans on November 18.

The 29-year-old Korean heartthrob will be holding his Crank Up Fanmeeting Tour—produced by PULP Live World—at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. 

This is the first time Jong-suk will be visiting the Philippines after being introduced as an actor in 2010.

Jong-suk is best known for his roles in Korean dramas such as School 2013 (2012), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), Pinocchio (2014),  and W (2016). 

He earned several acting awards for W including the Top Excellence Award: Actor in a Miniseries in the 2016 MBC Drama Awards and Best Actor in a Miniseries in the 5th APAN Star Awards. 

He was paired with former Miss A member Bae Suzy in While You Were Sleeping. The said TV series was aired in South Korea in 2017, and a Tagalog-dubbed version was aired in the Philippines by GMA-7.

Filipino K-drama fans are already gearing up for his arrival in the Philippines. 

If you're planning to attend his meet and greet event, here are some awesome things to expect:


Some of the songs that Jong-suk will probably perform during his Manila fanmeeting are "My Soul," and "Do You Know" from the official soundtrack of While You Were Sleeping.

Read more at https://www.pep.ph/guide/music/28734/what-to-expect-from-lee-jong-suk-crank-up-tour-in-manila#Rdi8C4WtkTt6t8zd.99

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Date: 2018.11.18 (SUN)
Show Starts: 6:00PM
Venue: Araneta Coliseum
Ticket prices:
·  PHOTO ROYALTY - P10,000
·  FANATICS - P10,000
·  LEE - P7,500
·  JONG - P5,500
·  SUK - P2,500
*Ticketing charges apply.
Tickets are available at TicketNet outlets and online via http://bit.ly/TicketNetLJSMNL.
For further assistance, you may call us at (02)727-4957.
Find more show information at


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We're counting down the days 'til #LeeJongSukinMNL! Here's a special message from your finest prosecutor, Lee Jong Suk — inviting you to meet him this November 18, 2018, Sunday, at the Araneta Coliseum. 

You can also get first dibs on the Upper Box tickets that will be available real soon. Just join in on Globe Telecom’s exclusive promo. Click here for official mechanics: https://glbe.co/CrankUpInManila

This show is powered by AMAN Project, Globe at Home, and PULP Live World.



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5 Actors That Get Fans Excited With Their First Romantic Comedy 

There is plenty of romantic comedy among K-Dramas however not all Korean actors acted in these. Even if it is hard to believe, some top Hallyu stars never acted in a romantic comedy.

They might be good in romance drama with famous kiss scenes and sweet scenes. But, romantic comedy is an all different atmosphere. Fans are/were very excited to watch these actors’ first romantic comedy.

Here are 5 actors that are doing their first romantic comedy.


1- Lee JongSuk

Hard to believe that Lee JongSuk will be starring in his first romantic comedy (as the main lead) only next year in “Romance Supplement” (tvN). The actor is well-known for his great acting skills and awesome visuals. Lee JongSuk’s acting in romance is well-loved by viewers.





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2018.11.08 Lee Jong Suk Filming ROMANCE SUPPLEMENT


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Kim Woo Jin 
Lee Jong Suk,
(Male, 25/30)

No, if I had not been my father's son, or if my father had been the coward of a poor rural village, or if I had not fallen into literature, or if I had been so cold to ignore my father . I would have loved if I did not know the virtue, even though I kept it all down. 


She is my only companion in the world who deeply understands my literature, touches my dark abyss, and cries with my despair. But she is a miraculous woman that I can never have in reality. Shinduk is my ideal, and I am looking at the reality. To this woman who is crying in front of me I love, I love, I can not do anything other than repeat. So it is hope and despair to me.


(Google Translate)







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Image Screenshot (4).png


Catch one of the hottest Korean actors, Lee Jong Suk, at his Fan Meeting Tour Crank Up in Manila on November 18, 2018!
Meet Lee Jong Suk up close and personal.
Your favorite oppa from the Korean hits “W”, “Pinocchio”, “Doctor Stranger,” and “While You Were Sleeping” is coming to Manila! Buy a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and load HomeSURF 599 from November 7 to 13, 2018 to get FREE tickets* to his fan meet-up event.
What’s in it for me?
First dibs on two FREE Upper Box tickets at Lee Jong Suk’s Fan Meeting Tour
A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a world-renowned Korean model and actor.
*Promo runs from November 7 to 13, 2018 until ticket supplies last at the participating Globe stores. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 13374, Series of 2018.
Promo Mechanics:
1. This promo is open to all who purchased a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi from participating Globe Store branches:
SM North Edsa
SM Mall of Asia
SM Megamall 
SM Fairview 
2. Newly purchased Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi should be loaded up with HomeSURF 599 from November 7 to 13, 2018.
3. A total of 785 customers will get two (2) FREE Upper Box tickets each.
Availment Process
1. Go to any of the participating Globe Store Branches (SM North Edsa, SM MOA, SM Megamall, Greenbelt, SM Fairview, and Gateway).

2. Present any of these valid IDs if you can:

Drivers License
School ID
Government Issued ID (Passport)
3. Purchase a Home Prepaid WiFi for P1,999 only.

4. Load your Home Prepaid WiFi with HomeSURF 599 via *143#. Our store representative will gladly assist you.

5. Claim your two (2) FREE Upper Box tickets from the store representative.

6. Attend the 2018 Lee Jong Suk Fan Meeting Tour Crank Up in Manila on November 18, 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum.


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[181108 News ] Lee Jongsuk, challenges to be the documentary narrator. The first schedule after leaving Jakarta


Actor Lee Jongsuk challenges to be the narrator of SBS documentary ‘Luck or Ability- A Fair War’ for the first time, which is a special project for its 28th anniversary.

People are really curious about what kind of work Lee Jongsuk will choose as being the documentary narrator for the first time, who has been high praise through ‘PINOCCHIO’, ‘Doctor Stranger’, ‘I Heard Your Voice’ and ‘W’.

The production team of ‘Luck or Ability- A Fair War’ shared their reason about choosing Lee Jongsuk as the narrator, “Lee Jongsuk doesn't see his success as solely for himself, but he opened a café by using his own money for the friends who were actors together in hard times. His look of sharing the luck includes what the documentary wants to deliver.” Please look forward to how actor Lee Jongsuk and the theme of this documentary will develop together for two episodes. Especially many people were shocked about Lee Jongsuk’s detention in Jakarta airport recently, but luckily he went back home by a night flight on the morning of 6th and took the shooting for the documentary. Lee Jongsuk was really curious about the documentary, and he promised to participate in the shooting schedule despite the production team’s concern, which showed his responsibility. Although he felt tired because of the detention in Jakarta airport, he took care of the staff as usual and showed his profession.

Besides, the production team was also generous of praise, “Although it was the first dubbing, Lee Jongsuk communicated to everyone through his infectious, calm but warm voice.”

Actor lee Jongsuk has also been making donations to social vulnerable groups and other ways to show concern for social issues. In this documentary, he learned about the social problems of this era through the lives of young people. It raises people’s expectation that what kind of voice he would use to elicit social response.

Actor Lee Jongsuk challenges to be a documentary narrator for the first time since his debut.

The SBS documentary ‘Luck or Ability- A Fair War’, which is a special project for its 28th anniversary, will be aired at 23:05 both on Nov, 11th and Nov, 18th (Sunday).

翻譯: 芝麻仔 校對: LALA
Exclusive translated by Baidu Leejongsuk bar please credit when repost 



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On the evening of November 12th, next Monday, the winner of the <Elle Styles Awards 2018> will finally be released! Who will be the winners of the 14 categories? 
To celebrate this, the best celebrity such as # Dong Wook Wook # Dae Woo # hand better # Stern # Lee Jong Suk # Kim Tae Hee
On the day of the event, it will be broadcast live via YouTube and V live. Stay Tuned!

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