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[bnt photo] Lee Jong Suk and his killing smile




[by Chloe Yun / Photo by Kim Gang Yoo]
On October 11 actress Lee Jong Suk appeared at TRUGEN store in D-CUBE Department Shore and held an autograph signing event. 
Meanwhile Lee Jong Suk is a new model for fashion brand TRUGEN.

Lee Jong Suk TRUGEN Autograph Signing Event

Write: 2013-10-11 14:29:54 
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[SBS Star] 5 Celebrities Who Worth a Million Dollars but Took Roles Without Getting Paid

It is only natural for the actors to get paid for their work. However, there are a number of actors who took roles without financial rewards and set a great example for other celebrities. Some say that they did it because of their connection with the production team, and other say that they wanted to help them create a better film under a tight budget by donating their talent. To take a role without getting paid is not an easy decision to make; especially when one normally gets paid millions of dollars per film or drama. Here are the list of celebrities who surprised the public with such a bold but impressive move.

1. Lee Jong Suk 



Actor Lee Jong Suk joined SBS' drama 'He Hymn of Death' as a male lead without getting paid.

It turns out that he had a connection with Park Soo-jin, the drama's director whom he first met in 2017 while filming SBS' beloved drama 'While You Were Sleeping'.



Lee Jong Suk said, "I decided to join 'He Hymn of Death' because I have always adored one-act play, and I wanted to be loyal to our director, Park Soo-jin."



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12 K-Drama Couples That Exude The Best Chemistry


12 K-Drama Couples That Exude The Best Chemistry


One of the most exciting parts about K-dramas is finding out who the two main leads are. When the two leads are super popular, the only thing you can really hope for is that the chemistry is there. It’s tragic, really, when there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the main leads and then when the series starts, there’s not even a flicker of that spark. Most of the time, the success and popularity of a K-series ride a lot on how well the main leads connect. Here’s a look at 12 drama couples who had the best chemistry!

Warning: Minor spoilers for the dramas below.




Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo in “W”

Lee Jong Suk has had his fair share of amazing co-stars, but the one female lead that he had some serious chemistry with, is Han Hyo Joo in the series, “W.” There are several scenes that are hot and heavy, but the one scene in particular that comes to mind is when they had this intense kiss scene:

But even prior to the filming of the series, it seemed like the two were already super close and didn’t have a problem getting friendly with each other. They need to be in another project together!


Watch “W”:




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