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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||[on MS]Drama: Completed - [Romance is a Bonus Book][Praise of Death] Upcoming - |Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

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Cool. In ep 10, Cha Eun Ho reads to the man in the bed. And what does he read? Because the cadence of the poem sounds familiar...



This is the book he is reading from: 




Which is by the same poet (Na Tae Joo) who wrote the poems in this book:




The one in in this drama is called 마음이 살짝 기분다 and just came out a few days ago in Korea, if you um, have a poetry sickness like Mr. Bong in the drama and want to support poets and their publishers. You can get it (actually, you can get both) from kyobobook.co.kr. (I promise I do not work for Kyobo Books nor the publisher... :D)

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[Romance is a Bonus Book] Ep 10 spoilers,

Lee Jong Suk & Lee Na Young



Article: Naver 'Romance is a Bonus Book' Lee Jong Suk kisses Lee Na Young, "A day that's difficult to endure" 


1. [+851,-4]
Lee Jong Suk made my heart flutter. He's so cool when he confesses too.
2. [+423,-5]
Lee Jong Suk is so heart fluttering.. Isn't this too sweet?  ㅠㅠ

3. [+209,-3]
His confession is so cool. Cha Eun Ho, Lee Jong Suk. 

4. [+157,-4]
Lee Jong Suk is cool. 

5. [+109,-2]
I'm not sure.. When did it begin? I'm not sure when I began falling for you. Do you know when the seasons change? Do you know when exactly winter turns into spring? I don't know when I began falling for you too.

6. [+97,-0]
He couldn't touch her because she's too precious, and he kissed her with his hands on his back. I didn't know that could be so heart fluttering and sexy. The words at the end are really good too.. This is really a beautiful drama. People who aren't watching this, please watch it~ It makes your world beautiful.  

7. [+68,-1]
The ending kiss is so heart fluttering. And his confession when he used the changing seasons to describe his feelings, why does that make me tear up? Eun Ho-ya.

8. [+64,-0]
The scriptwriter writes her lines so well. Our Eun Ho said his lines really gently and with his pretty mouth. Ah.. what a sweet night. 

9. [+58,-0]
Just how much effort did the scriptwriter put into this? Every word is filled with sincerity. 




Article: Naver 'Romance is a Bonus Book' Lee Jong Suk kisses Lee Na Young 
1. [+1311,-15]
Today's episode is the best. I cried together during Eun Ho's confession, got jealous and laughed together with him. The kiss was heart fluttering to death. 

2. [+810,-14]
Lee Jong Suk is just made of honey....... He's so sweet. 

3. [+554,-9]
Ah, my heart is hurting. Why is even my hand trembling? It's not even a kiss but a light peck, but my heart is fluttering like crazy!! It's as expected of Lee Jong Suk in romcoms!!

4. [+407,-12]
How is Cha Eun Ho so sweet and heart fluttering? I didn't know they'd match each other so well. 

5. [+301,-12]
Eun Ho-ya, you did well!! ♡♡

6. [+166,-4]
It's my first time knowing that kissing while putting your hands behind your back is so heart fluttering. Ah, Lee Jong Suk is such an inconsiderate and ruthless man. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, get lost!!!!!!

7. [+155,-1]
Did you see Eun Ho's lines when he confessed? I liked it so much that my heart hurt. Lee Jong Suk's acting is so good that I teared up. My heart is fluttering too much at the ending kiss that I don't think I'll be able to sleep. 

8. [+159,-12]
Song Hae Rin is really charismatic. She loves what she's doing and works hard. Her love is as pretty as a leaf used as a bookmark in a book too... Cha Eun Ho and Ji Seo Joon match Dan Yi well. I hope they won't torture Kang Dan Yi because they are jealous. 



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Romance Is A Bonus Book, Ep.10
At the end of the episodes, there are usually pages of text which are actually written as poems, and they are quite beautiful. 
Here is a complete translation of an image of EH and DY's kiss along with some text written on it.

Suddenly, the wind blowing can’t be heard,
The shaking of the tree over there stops,
The whole world turns dark and then brightens again,
A moment feels as if it’s forever,
Our time together is as if it’s captured in that forever.
Our lips meeting was like that.


Screenshot by @faithinme lara


Translated @stroppyse

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[Spoilers] Romance Is A Bonus Book E10 + Rating







Naver – Xports News: ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Lee Jong Suk kissed Lee Na Young

1.[+1674, -24] Today was the best, I cried with Eun Ho’s confession, I laughed at his jealousy and my heart fluttered with the kiss

2.[+1058, -24] Lee Jong Suk is like honey…he is so sweet…ㅠ

3.[+714, -14] Ah my heart hurts, why are my hands shaking, it wasn’t even a kiss but a peck, It’s so heart fluttering!!! As expected of Lee Jong Suk


4.[+535, -17] Why is Cha Eun Ho this sweet and heart fluttering? I didn’t know they will match this well

5.[+387, -21] Good job, Eun Ho-ah!!♡♡

6.[+230, -18] Song Hae Rin is so charming, she loves her work so much and she works hard, her love is as beautiful as a leaf that used as a bookmark…Cha Eun Ho and Ji Seo Jun matches well with Dan Yi but I hope they don’t torture her a lot with their jealousy.

7.[+205, -1] Did you see Eun Ho’s lines when he confessed? ㅠㅠ It was so good to the point my heart hurt and Lee Jong Suk was so good at acting that I almost cried. The ending kiss was so heart fluttering, I don’t think I will be able to sleep

8.[+208, -6] This is the first time I know that kissing while putting your hands behind your back can be this sexy ㅜㅜ Ah Lee Jong Suk is such a ruthless and inconsiderate man ㅜㅜ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, get lost!!!!!!


9.[+163, -3] I have watched a lot of dramas where there is a big age difference between the leads and I was extremely disgusted but I like this drama so much, it’s driving me crazy. They seriously match each other so well, is it because of their height?

10.[+108, -2] A drama that I want to concentrate and watch it alone♡♡♡

11.[+87, -2] Lee Jong Suk is so perfect as Cha Eun Ho, he is affectionate, cute and heart fluttering, he does everything.

12.[+85, -2] Kya~ I screamed, Lee Jong Suk is the best!!

Rating: 5.8%



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Some relationships are like gifts. That’s what our relationship is like.
I read Dani-’s favorite books to understand her. That’s how I learned more about her. 
When I’m with him, I wish that the moment would continue and that my day would last longer. 






let him live 






CR: doontpanic


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Instead of “I love you”, Natsume Sōseki said, “The moon is beautiful.”
When the author, Natsume Sōseki, was a teacher, he told his student to translate something as homework. When the student translated “I love you” into Japanese, he just translated it word-for-word, “I love you.” Since Japanese people don’t say that often, he told the student it would be better to translate it, “The moon is beautiful.”

That’s why I told you, “The moon is beautiful.” (x)










Cr: kdramatrend


Episode 9 :P


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Lee Jong Suk’s Enlistment Date Confirmed

Feb 25, 2019
by R. Jun

Actor Lee Jong Suk will be enlisting for his mandatory national service on March 8 as a public service agent.

The enlistment comes just over a week after he is scheduled to wrap filming for his currently airing drama, tvN’s “Romance Is a Bonus Book,” on February 27.

Lee Jong Suk, who suffered a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) from a car accident when he was 16, was deemed unfit for service as an active duty soldier. He will instead be assigned to a location by the Military Manpower Administration, where he will be a reservist working as a public service agent.

Lee Jong Suk will be discharged on January 2, 2021.





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lee jongsuk kiss scene, romance is a bonus book kiss scene


Lee JongSuk And Lee NaYoung’s Soft First Kiss Scene Awes Viewers

Have you been watching “Romance is a Bonus Book”? The drama with Hallyu actor Lee JongSuk and Lee NaYoung.

The two characters relationship has been hooking viewers. Lee JongSuk (as Cha EunHo) has been hinting Lee NaYoung (as Kang DanYi) of his feelings for her and has been waiting for her to realize it.

On Feb. 24, the first kiss scene -finally- happened. Lee JongSuk could not hide anymore his feelings and confessed to her his feelings. He remembered her that he loves her and said this sweet sentence “Dani, there are days like today from time to time when it is hard to hold back.” Dani asked for what he is holding back and he answered by this light kiss.

lee jongsuk kiss scene, romance is a bonus book kiss scene

The scene was soft and cute. Fans could only find it heart fluttering.



With this first kiss, they are leaving their ‘friend zone’ and ‘dongsaeng-noona’ relationship to move on a love relationship. Viewers are already excited to know how they will become a couple.



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Lee Jong Suk Receives Official Military Enlistment Date

We’ll miss you, Lee Jong Suk.

Top actor Lee Jong Suk has received his official military enlistment date, which has been confirmed to be March 8.
His agency A-MAN Project has confirmed that he will be enlisting as a public service worker, due to a major injury he suffered when he was 12 years old. When he was young, he was involved in a major traffic accident, which tore a ligament in his knee, and required lots of rehabilitation.
“Lee Jong Suk will begin his military service on March 8 as a public service worker. He will carry out his duties to the country in good faith.” — A-MAN Project
Currently, Lee Jong Suk is starring in the tvN drama 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' with Lee Na Young, but he will complete filming for the drama before his enlistment. The final filming for the drama is set to be on February 27. His final filming will be earlier than the other actors, who will finish filming in early March. He will also be filming one final CF before his enlistment.
Lee Jong Suk’s expected military discharge date will be January 2, 2021.




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