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Thanks a bunchie @Riman Rakshit for the "sleeping duckie" - his eyelashes are long? :)

And I love your Dal Po crying gif .. not sure whether to love the duck more or him - hahahaha!

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On 11/25/2017 at 3:15 PM, Rania Zeid said:

[Fanaccount] Nov. 25 2017 LeeJongSuk was seen Last night  with his Mom, Brother and Little sister at Incheon Airport - Korea traveling somewhere  (someone mentioned USA)

Cr: As Tagged


So glad to know that he is spending more time with his family...the people who must matter to him the most :)

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Sukkie's friendliness and good manners with fans. In the 4th pic he wanted to hug but the mail fan was too shy:lol:
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  • bec4c0c0gy1flvjx8uplcj20hp0nmada.jpg




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News article about Jong Suk being a filial and sweet doting son taking his mother to climbing

Knetz commenting how lucky his mom is and wishes they were her, and says he is a sweet person( i am summarising, since most comments are similar)



[★ SHOT!] "Tenderness Son" .. Lee Jong-seok, dating mother and climbingLike I warmed to love eva

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