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[Variety] Bouquet / Flower 꽃다발

Guest fanda4000

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Guest wintersun

I've been following Bouquet since it aired the first ep but skipped a few latest ones because I like the old format better. Today I watch Bouquet E31 and really liked it. The show now gives a warm feeling because of the ineractions between the celebrities and their family members. My favourite families from today's ep are Yang Taek Jo's and Goo Ji Sung's.

Yang Taek Jo's family is sweet. I like it when he and his daughter discussed who would carry who. :lol: And the grandsons are really cute.




I also like Goo Ji Sung and her parents, well, just because I always think Ji Sung is pretty :lol: and Ladies' Generation was hilarious (I miss them on the show). I LOLed when they were asked to name 5 Korean celebrity couples and her mom said JoKwon-GaIn. :lol:



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Guest adikkeluangman

Secret’s Sunhwa kisses Park Joon Kyu’s son!

Secret’s Han Sunhwa gave a surprise kiss to actor Park Joon Kyu’s son!

During the broadcast of MBC’s “Bouquet”, actor Park Joon Kyu’s family appeared, and his son, Park Jong Hyuk, sat next to Han Sunhwa but was unable to lift his face and was embarrassed throughout the entire broadcast.

Upon seeing his son’s shy expression, Park Joon Kyu stated, “It seems as though only my son isn’t looking at Sunhwa.” Hearing that, the MCs teased, “Do you like Sunhwa nuna? Isn’t Sunhwa nuna pretty?” Immediately, Park Jong Hyuk exclaimed, “Why do you ask such obvious questions like that!”

Laughing, Park Joon Kyu stated, “When I said that when I was young, I received kisses from the actresses. Ask her for a kiss.” However, before Park Jong Hyuk could say anything, Sunhwa immediately gave a surprise kiss.

Even though Park Jong Hyuk was embarrassed, he stated, “I feel a lot happier.”


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Just glanced thru this episode but a couple things caught my eye. Robert Holley showed up with his youngest son & it was pretty funny when he chastised him for being a poor student haha. His son said every time he tries to study, his mind wanders thinking about girls. :lol:  He made his old man proud tho' in the chicken fight against Jiyoon's older bro haha. 

haha the son is cute <3 jiyoon brother is the luckiest out of the bunch though~he didnt have to carry all of them,plus he got to carry a few of them~ <3 haha~ noticed that only hyuna got carried by the brother~ XD HAHA~ ah ;__; <3 hyuna <3

I haven't seen Holley on a variety show since he appeared on that Come to Play global friends special last year but he's pretty funny cuz he's so talkative & outspoken. Besides I always enjoy watching wei gooks speak fluent Korean.  ;)  

i love robert holley too~i always thought his name is robert HARLEY since all of the korean says it so~ 

it was cool to see HMG's mom again since I've last seen her on IBT. Too bad they didn't win in that gagman showdown against Kyunjin & his mother but he gave a hella effort since he's bone skinny & plus his mom looks a bit heavier than Kyungjin's mom too.  :lol:

PUAHAHHAHA i love HMG's little arguments with the mother "WHAT is wrong with u?" "what did u eat without me knowing?u should've shared it with me"<-after he lost LOL <3 funny~ and although the mother seems Ok with GJS,and GJS mother arent willing to pick either one,all i see is HMG nonchalant face~ LOL he doesnt even care~i dont think he liked GJS~probably he have seen more racing models that just GJS on race tracks XD haha~

and yeah the mother+Yang Tae Jo said even KKJ won,but HMG is stronger since she is heavier~(screen says : bragging of son nonstop) and like HMG mother i am biased too XD so i do say he is stronger that KKJ XD HAHA

I've been following Bouquet since it aired the first ep but skipped a few latest ones because I like the old format better. Today I watch Bouquet E31 and really liked it. The show now gives a warm feeling because of the ineractions between the celebrities and their family members. My favourite families from today's ep are Yang Taek Jo's and Goo Ji Sung's.

yes i love the change too~it changed concept totally and changed to family~it is well,better than just the quiz show with the celebs~ <3 i LOVE Mblaq family as well!~ GO's nephew is so damn cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute <3 OMG alksjdlaksjdlaksjhd  <3 too cute~ and YTJ's grandsons too <3 sad that sandara park cant make it to the show~ poor chundoong all alone~haha seungho's lil bro too totally look like him~but i actually got reminded to san-e,the new JYP rapper~ he look like a handsome version of san-e~ <3 hot~ 

Yang Tae Jo's family is sweet. I like it when he and his daughter discussed who would carry who.  :lol:  And the grandsons are really cute.

and the discussion is so sweet~and when she tried to explain the feeling of her fathers back <3 too sweet~

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I was laughing when Holley's kid (Ha Jae?) said he thought he was more popular than his old man. His dad said he's a bit of a playa with the ladies too.  :lol: I think he said he likes the maknae from 4minute the most right?  :unsure: 

yeah, I think his birth name might've been Harley but he romanized it as Holley in Korea. Not sure but his cyworld & twitter says it's Holley, so I'm going by that haha.


i'd romanize it to ha jae ik~ they used HA as their surname? *confused* haha maybe we could ask mr.holley~ HAHA~ and really?i think i missed that somewhere~i skipped a lot too XD HAHA~


haha, yeah you can tell they are really close. But I was ROFL when I think he suggested they switch mothers right before the squat challenge.  :lol:

With my fail memory, I can't recall if just his mom showed up when they visited his apartment & during the baseball games on IBT? Wonder what his dad looks like? yup, I'm pretty sure HMG has seen his share of hotter racing queens on the circuit & has prolly dated some on the sly too haha.

LOL if they had,he would've probably won by the 2nd squat~ HAHA and about IBT,we saw the mom once in the apartment,and then both of his parents came once to see a game~ XD HAHA

hehe, I noticed GJS was nicer to KKJ too, choosing him to win & even gave him a "hwaiting" cheer. I remember KKJ when he was a regular on that MBC health show that Kim Yong-man & Hyun-dong used to MC & every week, he used to struggle to keep up but now I'm impressed by those 2 pushups he managed. :lol:

but GJS and KKJ is actually good friends IRL~ the thing that made them all wierd in this show is bcoz KKJ keeps saying he likes GJS~ 

I was busting up during the candle blowing thing too between Yang Tae-jo & Holley. man, every time I see that game on shows, I'm always thinking to myself that I wouldn't want to participate in it cuz I would prolly accidentally blow a bunch of snot all over the candles.  blush.gif

seriously koreans really like this game~ XD hwang bo is good with this game XD HAHA

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Guest adikkeluangman

4minute’s Jiyoon, MBLAQ’s Seungho & G.O reveal their siblings for the first time

On February 24th, MBC’s “Bouquet” featured the family members of 4minute’s Jiyoon, and MBLAQ’s G.O and Seungho for the first time on TV.

Jiyoon’s older brother, Jun Jisoo (24), was noted by the MCs for his handsome looks and funny personality. The two praised, “You’re so handsome. Do you think you’re handsome?” Jun confidently replied back, “Yes!”

After much laughter, the MCs continued by asking, “You look like Lee Seung Gi. Who do you think you resemble?” Jun replied, “CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Kim Rae Won. When I was younger, I was even told that I looked like Bae Yong Joon.”

Amused by his personality, the MCs further asked to rate the members of his sister’s group, 4minute, to which he answered, “My sister is in last place. First is Heo Gayoon.”

On MBLAQ’s team was G.O’s older sister, Jung Hye Yoon, and his baby twin nephews, alongside Seungho’s younger brother, Yang Seung Hoon.

Both family members surprised the studio with their strong resemblance to their siblings, especially Seungho’s brother, who’s also a music major. Despite it being their first TV appearance, they were said to have revealed all of the funny secrets regarding their brothers without hesitation.

Check out the full episode’s broadcast at 9:25 AM KST on February 27th.


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Guest adikkeluangman

MBLAQ’s G.O’s nephews make an appearance on MBC’s “Bouquet”

On this week’s episode of MBC’s “Bouquet”, viewers were able to enjoy a special appearance by MBLAQ’s G.O’s older sister and his cute twin nephews.

During the cut, G.O and his sister talk about how they used to spend their allowance when they were younger. One of G.O’s nephews, however, decided to butt in with comments such as, “We get allowance too~!”, humorously giving G.O a hard time.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Rainbow’s Noeul shows off her gorgeous sister and mother on “Bouquet”


Rainbow’s Noeul will be guesting on the March 13th episode of MBC’s “Bouquet “ with her younger sister, No Ara, and her mother, Go Jung Hwa.

The trio reportedly dazzled the studio set with their shining beauty, and also revealed fun stories about Noeul’s past.

On the show, Noeul revealed that she was actually discovered by a DSP Media manager when she attended a concert for SS501. She randomly locked gazes with the manager and greeted him without much thought. Fortunately, that greeting earned her an audition spot to becoming the Rainbow member she is today.

The show also revealed that No Ara gained some popularity of her own, thanks to her stint as an internet radio DJ. She also previously headlined for being Noeul’s pretty sibling.

More details about Noeul will be shared after the “Bouquet” episode airs on March 13th.


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Guest timpa

MBC broadcast the Seoul Marathon for about 2.5 to 3 hours on Sunday morning so it pre-empted Bouquet. I haven't read anything about the show being canceled so I'd assume it will be back next week at it's regular time.

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