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[Variety] Bouquet / Flower 꽃다발

Guest fanda4000

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Guest fanda4000

[MBC] MCs Kim Yong Man, Hyung Don

Bouquet / Flower (꽃다발)


Synopsis: The show will feature Cool and Roola, big name idols from the past. The two groups will form CoolRoola. 4minute, Secret, LPG, Girl’s Day and Ladies’ Generation (?) will be the groups competing in the debut episode. The groups will all fight to become the Nation’s Idol, Nation-dol for short, in every episode. [allkpop]

Broadcast period: 25 July 2010 - Present

Broadcast time: 09:25 KST

MC Cast: Kim Yong Man & Hyung Don

Idol Cast: Secret, Girls' Day, Lady's Generation, Cool, 4Minute, LPG, and other idol groups may appear at various times/in various episodes

Website: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/mbcflower/

Download links: AM-Addiction / KPopella / Torrents (Look for "꽃다발") / AJA-AJA

Air dates / Guest list:

Episode 01 - 10/07/25 - Screen shot

Episode 02 - 10/08/01 - G.O (MBLAQ) - Screen shot

Episode 03 - 10/08/08 - Super Junior (Sungmin, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk), miss A - Screen shot

Episode 04 - 10/08/15 - U-Kiss, miss A - Screen shot

Episode 05 - 10/08/22 - After School, Sistar - Screen shot

Episode 06 - 10/08/29 - After School, Sistar - Screen shot

Episode 07 - 10/09/05 - Kara - Screen shot

Episode 08 - 10/09/12 - Infinite, Teen Top - Screen shot

Episode 09 - 10/09/19 - Chuseok Special: T-ara, Rainbow, Sistar - Screen shot

Episode 10 - 10/09/26 - MBLAQ, T-ara - Screen shot

Episode 11 - 10/10/03 - Screen shot

Episode 12 - 10/10/10 - Screen shot

Episode 13 - 10/10/17 - KCM - Screen shot

Episode 14 - 10/10/24 - Screen shot

Episode 15 - 10/10/31 - Screen shot

Episode 16 - 10/11/07 - Rainbow, Orange Caramel, Hwangbo, Sori, Nine Muses - Screen shot

Episode 17 - 10/11/14 - Screen shot

Episode 18 - 10/11/21 - Screen shot

Episode 19 - 10/12/05 - Secret, 4Minute, Chae Yeon - Screen shot

Episode 20 - 10/12/12 - 4Minute - Screen shot

Episode 21 - 10/12/19 - 4Minute, Chae Yeon - Screen shot

Episode 22 - 10/10/26 - T-Ara, Aurora, Chae Yeon - Screen shot

Episode 23 - 11/01/02 - 2AM, 2PM, 4Minute, Hyo Lyn (Sistar), LPG, Jea (Brown Eyed Girls), Rainbow - Screen shot

Episode 24 - 11/01/09 - Jung Ah, Nana, Raina (After School), Girls Day, Shin Dong (Super Junior), Chae Yeon, Rainbow - Screen shot

Episode 25 - 11/01/16 - Chae Yeon, Secret - Screen shot

Episode 26 - 11/01/23 - 4Minute, Jin Woon (2AM), Secret - Screen shot

Episode 27 - 11/01/30 - Screen shot

Episode 28 - 11/02/06 - Screen shot

Episode 29 - 11/02/13 - Screen shot

Episode 30 - 11/02/20 - Secret - Screen shot

Episode 31 - 11/02/27 - Screen shot

Episode 32 - 11/03/06 - Screen shot

Episode 33 - 11/03/12 - Screen shot

Episode 34 - 11/03/27 - Screen shot

Episode 35 - 11/04/03 - Screen shot

Episode 36 - 11/04/10 - Screen shot

Episode 37 - 11/04/17 - Screen shot


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This thread is under heavy construction. Private message me if there is anything that needs to be added to the first post. If an avid viewer/watcher of this variety wishes to take over the thread let me know.

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thank you for opening the thread to this show~i swear i have seen a thread for this show before~ maybe its just me~ sweatingbullets.gif but anyway~ 

last week wedding episode is OK~ i cant believe that han sunhwa won though~ i thought there were many candidates who deserved the spot more~

cant wait until 4minutes come back to the show~ hyuna tweeted that she went to bouquet recording recently,so looking forward for her comeback on  the show~it has been a little dull without her and her avatars LOL 

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  • 2 weeks later...

thank you for opening the thread to this show~i swear i have seen a thread for this show before~ maybe its just me~ sweatingbullets.gif but anyway~ 

last week wedding episode is OK~ i cant believe that han sunhwa won though~ i thought there were many candidates who deserved the spot more~

cant wait until 4minutes come back to the show~ hyuna tweeted that she went to bouquet recording recently,so looking forward for her comeback on  the show~it has been a little dull without her and her avatars LOL 

^yeah i dunno what happened to the other thread. was trying to find it for so long. I watch every week go young wook is pretty funny.

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Guest adikkeluangman

4minute’s Gayoon, SISTAR’s Hyo Rin, and SECRET’s Ji Eun hold vocal battle

The lead vocalists of 4minute, SECRET, and SISTAR came together on MBC’s ‘Bouquet‘ to duke it out in an MR-free live contest.

While 4minute’s Gayoon stunned the cast with her ability to hit the high key notes, SECRET’s Ji Eun showcased why she’s her group’s main vocalst with her powerful and voluminous voice. Meanwhile, SISTAR’s Hyo Rin performed a perfect performance of a song by Beyonce.

The judges for the contest were director of ‘Finding Mr. Destiny‘ and ‘Legally Blonde‘ , Jang Yoo Jung, and musical actors Jung Soo Kyung and Nam Kyun Eub.


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Guest adikkeluangman

SISTAR’s Hyorin wins musical battle in “Bouquet”

SISTAR’s lead vocalist Hyorin became the winner of the first ever musical contest on MBC’s variety show, “Bouquet.”

As reported earlier, big names from the musical industry such as Jung Yoo Jung (the director of “Legally Blonde“), Jun Su Kyung, and Nam Kyung Eup opened a fake audition for the leading role of “Legally Blonde” on the show. Members from various girl groups had to compete against each other in a range of competitions in order to grab the ‘audition’ for themselves successfully.

Out of all the groups that participated, SISTAR impressed the judges the most as a cohesive unit with their version of “Dream Girls” and the perfect synchronized choreography to “Move“.

Musical actress Jun Su Kyung complimented the girls by stating, “They’re a group that has the charisma to command the stage. There’s absolutely no flaw in their singing.”

Netizens were especially proud of the girls, commenting, “Will SISTAR be moving into musicals soon?,” “They’re a group with perfect live no wonder they can capture the stage like that,” and “Hyorin was perfect!”

The girl group’s latest release, “How Dare You,” is currently sweeping the music charts and is ranked at #1 on various music sites such as MelOn, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Monkey3, and Daum Music.


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Guest lovelynot

SO happy to see a topic for this!! Now i can come here and get it on sundays!! :D

I totally had no idea an episode aired this week since i couldn't find it sunday afternoon on another site!!

Thank you semi-fly for uploading this and the other 12 variety shows i watch during the weekend!! :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

What made 4minute’s HyunA and Jihyun contemplate quitting idol life?

4minute’s HyunA and Jihyun recently revealed what makes them think about quitting the idol life.

During an episode of “Bouquet“, when MC Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyung Don asked 4minute, “Was there ever a time when you wanted to quit being an idol?” Jihyun replied, “When I miss my parents.”

In particular, HyunA added, “When it’s my or their birthday, or during a festive day, my heart rips thinking about not being with them.” Other girl group members agreed to this and expressed their apologies to their parents.


4minute wants boyfriends for Christmas

On the upcoming December 19th broadcast of MBC’s “Bouquet,” 4minute’s HyunA was asked what she wanted most for Christmas and she responded with a rather unexpected response.

HyunA revealed that she and the rest of the 4minute members all wanted boyfriends. This led hit-song composer Shinsadong Tiger to ask Gayoon, “What about that friend you met last time?” This unpredictable question regarding Gayoon’s past boyfriend stirred curiosity on set.

On the same day, 4minute’s maknae Sohyun earned the nickname “Abrupt Sohyun” after abruptly yelling at her older groupmates when they kept on giving her wrong answers while she was answering quiz questions.


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Guest adikkeluangman

4minute’s HyunA wants a boyfriend who’d look only at her

During the preview for MBC’s “Bouquet“, the girls of 4minute revealed that they wanted boyfriends as Christmas presents. Additional details were disclosed today during the full broadcast of the episode.

MC Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyun Don had asked, “What would you like as gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday?“ HyunA answered, “All five of us want boyfriends. Or is that just me? Since we’re adults next year, we want boyfriends who would look only at us.”

Hilariously, fellow member Sohyun trilled, ”Gayoon-unni wants a beef set for Christmas.”

Without skipping a beat, the MCs questioned, “Does that mean she has a boyfriend at the moment then?,” leading Shinsadong Tiger to further add, “Oh, is it that guy you met before?”

Gayoon displayed a shocked expression at the turn of questions.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Bullies stole money from a younger Sohyun, she claims

4minute’s Sohyun revealed an incident where she was mugged by bullies when she was an elementary school student.

On the December 19th episode of MBC’s ”Bouquet,” Sohyun stated, “This is an upsetting story, but when I was in elementary school, I was a part of a group called ‘Orange‘. At a subway station, I ran into a couple of rebellious students and they pulled me to a shady corner. They then took away my money and ordered me to dance and sing.”

Sohyun then got up and entertained the studio by showing the song and dance she performed for the bullies.


SECRET’s Hyosung confessed to breaking up with her ex during Xmas season

Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas – they make up the holy trinity of the worst times to end a relationship. During a recent episode of MBC’s ‘Bouquet‘, SECRET’s Hyosung confessed to have been guilty of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend during Christmas.

The girls began talking about any interesting stories that happened on Christmas Day. Hyosung then voiced, “Two years ago when I was still a trainee, my boyfriend and I had a huge fight just days before Christmas.”

She continued, “At the time, my boyfriend and I fought a lot because we found out about each others’ past histories, and ended up breaking up shortly after.”

What kind of past would Hyosung have had to make her boyfriend so angry? Or vice versa?


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Guest adikkeluangman

Photos revealed of SECRET’s Sunhwa in the ultimate wedding outfit

SECRET’s Sunhwa has revealed photos of the time when she transformed into a cute bunny during a recording for MBC’s “Bouquet.”

The singer had put on a gigantic bunny headpiece and matched it with an elegant wedding dress for the wedding special episode. Donning this impressive outfit, she then proceeded to dazzle her ‘fiancee’ with a proposal performance and she even won the wedding challenge in the end.

Taken backstage, her fans feel cheered by the adorable, yet dorky element of the photos.

Netizens wrote, “She looks cute with that bunny head piece,” “Her facial expressions are adorable,” and “The bunny is getting married.”


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I was a fan of this variety show since their 8th Episode aired. Infinite's Woohyun confessed to KARA's Seungyeon attracted me and makes me lve this show. I miss downloading each episode every weeks. it's been two months since i watch this show. i'm so glad that you created this thread,semi-fly! i guess i'll need to clean my disk and prepare some spaces for this show.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Hyomin found her first love through an online game?

On a recent recording of MBC’s ‘Bouquet’, T-ara’s Hyomin told a story of how she found her first love.

Hyomin revealed that she met her first love through an online game when she was in sixth grade. That player ended up being a boy who was from the class next door!

One day, the boy gave Hyomin an in-game wedding dress. Hyomin was so ecstatic that she stayed up all night to earn cyber money and buy him a tuxedo in return. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get him the tuxedo she wanted because she couldn’t earn enough. The studio burst into laughter over this cute tale, but as the last chuckle died down, the hosts became curious over the romance’s fate.

Hyomin expressed her disappointment in not being able to talk to him again after that first meet, but said that she would like to meet him once more.


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