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[Drama 2010] The President 프레지던트


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[KBS] ChoiSooJong,HaHeeRa,ByunHeeBong,JungHanYong,YangHeeKyung,ImJiEun

KBS President 프레지던트



Drama Info:

Full Drama Title: President / 프레지던트

Broadcast Station: KBS2

Writer: Son Young Mok

Director/PD: Kim Hyung Il

No. of Episodes: 24

Broadcast Period: 2010-Dec-15 to 2011-TBA

Timeslot: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 ( To replace The Fugitive : Plan B )

Official Website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/president/index.html

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First Episode (Eng-subbed) will air on

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

1st Run (Wed & Thurs) at 10:00pm (KST)

1st Repeat (Thurs & Fri) at 4:50am (KST)

2nd Repeat (2-ep Back-to-Back on Sun) at 12:10pm (KST)

Disclaimer Note : Time/Date indicated are correct at time of posting, though KBSW may change it later on


KBS World TV-Ripped Eng-Subbed Version

"The President"

(Currently First 6 Episodes)

Torrent DL

aja-aja (MU) & AM-Addiction (MU) uploads will be made available subsequently


Here are the 1st 2 episodes. There will be 3 batches of 8 episodes each as this series is 24 episodes total.

I will be removing my batch uploads about 1 month or so after I upload them. I have already removed the old series and now are beginning to remove the new one too. This is due to KBS World making most new series available via their Estore.

If you need to download any series that I uploaded, you can get them at http://www.aja-aja.com or http://www.am-addiction.com.


‘프레지던트’ - KBS Website

The President - KBS World English Title/Website

Episode Ratings



CAST (in accordance to the above image, L-R by row)

Ha Hee Ra as Jo So Hee

Choi Soo Jong as Jang Il Joon

Jay Kim as Yoo Min Ki

Wang Ji Hye as Jang In Young

Sung Min as Jang Sung Min

Park Mi Jin as Jang Se Bin

Shin Choong Shik as Jo Tae Ho

Choi Dong Joon as Jo Sang Jin

Kim Ye Ryung as Yoo Jung Hye

Kang Shin Il as Lee Chi Soo

Im Ji Eun as Oh Jae Hee

Lee Doo Il as Yoon Sung Goo

Kim Heung Soo as Ki Soo Chan

Kang Shin Jo as Hwang Chul Woo

Jung Han Yong as Lee Soo Myung

Yang Hee Kyung as Choi Jung Im

Byun Hee Bong as Go Sang Ryul

Lee Ki Yeol as Park Eul Sub

Kim Jung Nan as Shin Hee Joo

Hong Yo Seob as Kim Kyung Mo

Kim Gyu Chul as Baek Chan Ki

___ as Han Dae Woon


Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Choi Soo Jong: 'I will Present Ideal President'


Star actor Choi Soo Jong is acting with other actors in the first shoot of the drama “President.”

Choi said, “I will present the ideal president that every Korean has dreamed of.”

The KBS’s political drama “President” (written by Sohn Young Mok, directed by Kim Hyung Il, and produced by Feellim EG ENT), which will begin airing from December, started on its big run of 24 episodes by beginning its first shoot on November 4.

“President” will tell stories of the process of how a former civic activist named Jang Il Joon (Choi Soo Jong) becomes the president, and it will mainly focus on the battle of wits in the process of becoming a president, as well as the story of his family. Many character actors including Choi Soo Jong, Ha Hee Ra, Byeon Hee Bong, Jeong Han Yong, Yang Hee Kyung, and Im Ji Eun will appear in the drama. The first shoot, which took place at the main building of KBS, was the scene in which the presidential candidate Jang Il Joon was having a meeting with university students.




▲ In the Still of the first shoot,

the 18th presidential candidate Jang Il Joon is having a meeting with university students.




▲ Jang Il Joon, who is an eloquent speaker,

had a heated discussion with students during the meeting,

but the meeting finished in a friendly atmosphere thanks to his eloquence.

Choi Soo Jong was surrounded by many people, but he revealed a relaxed smile as a veteran actor. After finishing the first shoot, Choi expressed his feelings by saying, “I was nervous during the first shoot, but I could be much more relaxed, as I was acting together with other cast members whom I had already worked with in the past. Anyway, I will present an ideal president in the drama. I want you all to show a great interest in the drama ‘President.’”

A political drama, “President” will be the follow-up drama to the drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” and give an opportunity to think about the right path for politics and the qualification of a president for a stable future through presenting the process of a presidential election. At the same time, the drama will describe the anguish and ambitions of politicians behind the struggle for power. The drama will begin airing from December.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju

Resource: ZOOM


Source : My Star News / AllKPop

Super Junior’s Sungmin to act in new drama, “President”



Super Junior’s Sungmin has been confirmed for the role of ‘Jang Sungmin’ in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama, “President.”

Sungmin will play the role of Jang Sungmin, the son of ‘Choi Su Jong‘ and ‘Ha Hee Ra‘, is a politics-major student who dreams of becoming a politician like his father. Although he attempts to help his father earn votes, his efforts aren’t always fair.

Producers of the drama stated, “His character name is the same as his real name, so we’re considering it as a match made in heaven. We thought that he was only good at singing and dancing, but he’s a talented actor as well.”

Sungmin had previous acting experience through the 2005 drama, “Sisters of the Sea“. The multi-talented singer simply stated, “I’m excited to be acting again.”

“President” will be airing right after “Fugitive: Plan B” on December 8th.


Storyline/Synopsis [source : KBS World}

Three months before the presidential nominating convention, Jang Il-Joon, from the New Wave Party, declared his candidacy. On that same day, a woman died in a gas explosion in Sam-Chuk. There is little doubt that the accident and the nomination of Jang Il-Joon are related. Meanwhile, Yoo Min-Ki, a documentary producer, heard of his mother's sudden death and headed for Sam-Chuk. As he cast his mother's ashes in the sea, he thought of his childhood: his father always blurt out that Min-Ki was not his own son whenever he was drunk. Min-Ki believed that his father was telling the truth because he had seen his mother tearing up and looking at an old photograph of a man often. Min-Ki discovered that the photograph was gone when he was cleaning up his mother's belongings. After the funeral, Min-Ki returned to Seoul and Jang Il-Joon asked Min-Ki to work as a PR agent to record the election campaign process. Min-Ki asked Il-Joon why he was chosen, and Il-Joon confessed that Min-Ki was his son. The man in the picture Min-Ki had seen was Jang Il-Joon. However, Min-Ki felt something had gone wrong as he realized that the picture had disappeared. Now Min-Ki suspects that his mother's death was not an accident and that Jang Il-Joon had actually killed her.

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Guest rainy75

Choi Soo Jong and his wife Ha Hee Ra acting in this drama! :w00t:

Can't wait for it...

hmm are we getting an overkill of Presidents??

With MBC and KBS President.. :ph34r:

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Choi Soo Jong - Ha Hee Ra First Couple Stills




Family Portrait of Jang Il Joon's family


Jang Il Joon (CSJ) & Jo So Hee (Ha Hee Ra)'s children

Wang Ji Hye as Jang In Young

Sung Min as Jang Sung Min

Park Mi Jin as Jang Se Bin



Jay (TRAX) to play Jang Il Joon's illegitimate son, Yoo Min Ki




Trax’s Typhoon casted as SUJU Sungmin’s half brother in “President”

Nov. 15, 2010

Trax’s Jay Kim (more commonly known by his moniker ‘Typhoon‘) has been casted for a major role in KBS 2TV’s “President“, set for broadcast this December.

He will play as the illegitimate son of protagonist ‘Choi Su Jong’, and the half brother of Super Junior’s Sungmin. His story unfolds after he meets his father at an election camp while working as a documentary PD.

Representatives of the drama have revealed that he is highly passionate about his role. “Jay works hard, but we were all surprised at how much better he was than we thought.”

Jay previously appeared in the cable drama “Task Force Zero” (2009) and the musical “Rock of Ages” (2010).

cr: allkpop

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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

Ha Hee Ra Transforms into 'Iron Lady' in 'President'


“I will present the power of women that this age requires in this drama.” -Ha Hee Ra

Actress Ha Hee Ra, who has the image of a good-hearted person, has radically transformed into an “iron lady” with sharp eyes. In the KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama “President” (written by Sohn Young Mok, directed by Kim Hyung Il, and produced by Feellim EG ENT), she will appear with her husband and actor Choi Soo Jong together, and their casting has become a hot topic. Ha Hee Ra will play Cho So Hee, a professor and wife of a politician Jang Il Joon (Choi Soo Jong), who will run for the presidential election.


▲ Ha Hee Ra will transform into an iron lady in the drama “President.”

Cho So Hee, who has a beautiful appearance, flowing and elegant speaking ability, and quick decision-making skills, will actively lead the election camp for her husband’s presidential election, which is different from the other wives of presidential candidates. She also has a strong ambition for politics, so she had once been elected as a member of the National Assembly when Jang Il Joon could not run for the election when he violated an election law.

In the unveiled stills, Ha Hee Ra revealed a graceful appearance with sharp eyes, which is totally different from the image that she has shown up until now. She revealed her strong will to make her husband the president by revealing sharp and attentive eyes toward her husband while keeping up an elegant appearance as the wife of a politician.

One of the production staff members said, “Ha Hee Ra revealed the strong force of an iron lady with only her facial expressions and her eyes. The strong energy coming from her was actually strong enough to overwhelm everyone on the set. I anticipate that she might be able to successfully present the power of women that this time and age requires.”

The political drama “President” will be produced in cooperation with the writer Sohn Young Mok, who has appealed to male viewers with bold storylines, and the production director Kim Hyung Il to present the realistic politics and process of the Korean presidential election. As a follow-up drama to the drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” it will air its first episode on December 8.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju

Picture: Feellim EG ENT

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Guest BeeQueen

[101122/OFFICIAL] KBS2TV Drama "President"














Credits: KBS Official Website

Reuploaded by: Excentrique @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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Sungmin Talks About his First Acting gig in President


Super Junior Sungmin has expressed his thoughts about acting in the new KBS2 Wednesday Thursday drama, President.

On November 25th, Sungmin said, "I appeared in a mini drama and musicals before, but this is the first time that I will be acting in a traditional drama that President is almost like my first acting gig. I feel like I inherited great fortune because I am able to work with serious actors in my first work.

He added, "my character is someone who is not wise about the world, but has a big desire to succeed. I've thought a lot about how to act a character who's an immature son. It's burdensome to be filming with great actors. When I first acted, I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. After the filming ended, my whole body was aching."

Lastly, Sungmin said, "even though my body is fatigued, my mind is happy. I am looking forward to receiving assessment on actor Sungmin. I hope everyone becomes interested in the drama.

The character that Sungmin will play is Jang Sungmin who possesses a sense of inferiority about his strong and passionate father because he has weak personality.

Meanwhile, President will air its first episode on December 8th


Source: Aesia

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM



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Guest geomill


It's pretty much his drama debut, isn't it? I think he appeared in some when he was younger, but he wasn't 'known' yet. So proud of him! Knowing how talented he is, I'm sure he is going to do a marvelous job.

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Twitter update by kbspresident

Sungmin's another pic: he's drinking with broken hearts. By whom? U can find out if u watch President =D


But Sungmin didn't actually drink as u guys concerned. Behind the scene, he poured whisky into the bottle


101202 Preview

Credit: thespecial1106

President airs on Wednesday December 15th at 21:55

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101206 Sungmin 'Crying while Drinking'


Super Junior member Sungmin challenging a crying scene while drinking has captured much attention.

Usually presenting himself with a neat, well-mannered image, a photo of Sungmin shedding tears while drinking by himself in a dimly lit bar has been revealed. This photo has made netizens extremely curious as to what happened to him.

These photo stills are of a scene from the new KBS 2TV drama "President." Sungmin is the son of future president, Jang Iljoon. To assist his father who is campaigning for presidency, he resorts to scheming to achieve his aim, but struggles in agony when his plans do not work out.

A fourth-year student in a prestigious university, Jang Sungmin, like a flower raised in a greenhouse*, often carries a strong sense of inferiority towards his father. In order to receive recognition from his admirable father, he enthusiastically interferes in the election. The results, however, do not turn out well and are frowned upon.

Challenging a crying performance for the first time, Sungmin "felt burdened over having to shed tears while drinking alcohol". Hence he had to try and understand why Jang Sungmin behaved this way and just how agonised he was. Sungmin expressed his thoughts on acting out the scene, "I immersed in just how misunderstood he must be feeling and the tears came naturally."

An official of the filming company said, "Acting out a crying scene is not easy but Sungmin immersed himself in the role and cried in an instant, greatly surprising (those around him)." He also added, "Until he understood what the senior actors meant, he continually sought for advices on acting. The love and enthusiasm that he puts into this drama are impressive," thereby amplifying expectations for the show.

* It is a saying that refers to someone being weak in character, just like a flower grown in a greenhouse as it is unable withstand the usual conditions of the external weather.

SR: DailyTV

CR: Ally! @ perMINent.net

Please take out with full credits.

101208 President Preview

credit: RaiBaka

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101209 President Press Conference

credit: sstv

credit: TV Daily










credit as tagged

[101209] Sungmin, "My dream has finally come true"


Sungmin was present at the production report conference of the new KBS 2TV drama “President” held at Ramada Seoul Hotel, Samseong-dong, Seoul. He said, “These days, idol group members have been doing lots of acting and their skills are good, having prepared for a long period of time. I don't want to be compared so I will try my best.”

Unable to conceal his joy, Sungmin said, “My dream has finally come true. I am thrilled to be acting as the son of senior Choi Soojong and senior Ha Heera, both of whom I admire.”

He also displayed his enthusiasm when he added, “As the traffic was badly held up at the site today, I ran here from more than 1km away."

Sungmin also mentioned another Super Junior member, Donghae, saying, “That friend is also acting. As he comes from a poor family background (in the show), his side dishes etc. are different.” Smiling, he commented, “The members, especially Donghae, are jealous that I am a president’s son.”

SR: (Mainly) STARNews

CR: Ally! @ perMINent.net

Please take out with full credits.

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Originally posted at Soompi News Thread

December 10, 2010

Star couple shows presidential life

By Han Sang-hee sanghee@koreatimes.co.kr


Actor Choi Su-jong, left, and his wife, actress Ha Hee-ra

The evening news these days has been quite a show, literally, with politicians throwing fists and chairs at one another regarding next year’s budget. While it seems as if television doesn’t need any more political drama, a new soap on KBS is aiming to captivate viewers with the man in the middle of the political chaos, discussion and controversy: the president.

“President” will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays and will compete with the political drama “Daemul,” featuring top actors Ko Hyun-jeong and Kwon Sang-woo. The worries regarding the harsh competition were indeed evident at the press conference Thursday at a hotel in southern Seoul, but the makers and the actors insisted that the two works would offer completely independent material. “There’s the basic difference of having a male president opposed to the female president in ‘Daemul.’ We are also more focused on family relations, rather than the love interest,” said producer Kim Hyeong-il.

“It’s time Korean dramas show more diverse genres. It took around four to five years to prepare ‘President,’ and now we are here with the final product. The drama will not reflect the reality of the political aspects regarding the president, but the more down-to-earth and friendlier side of governance. “We will add reality, and show that the president is also someone who has a family and has to deal with small and big problems just like us,” he added.

The new show will be the journey of the passionate and talented politician Jang Il-jun, who plans to run for president. Viewers will join him on his career path, from the very first steps as a politician to the dramatic decision-making he must take on as the president, while also juggling the roles of husband and father with friends and foes.

The spotlight has been on the two protagonists, the president and the first lady, who will be played by one of Korea’s favorite couples, Choi Su-jong and Ha Hee-ra. “When we think about kings, we instantly think of power. But I think a president is someone who has to communicate with the people, share his emotions and also pursue his and their dreams at the same time,” Choi said.

This is the first time in 19 years of marriage for the couple to act together on the same project. Awkward it may have been, but the two veteran actors thought it was an honor to work with each other and made the decision together. “I read the script after my husband was cast in the role of the president. When they offered me the role of the first lady later on, I was really surprised. I loved the character because it would have given me the chance to try something new, but I had to think about it since I was going to play opposite my husband,” Ha said.

So Ha sent a text message to her husband, who was in the next room of their home, asking what he thought she should do as actor Ha Hee-ra, not as his wife. “I texted her back saying that it would be a great honor to work with the actress Ha,” Choi said with a smile.

The two looked as happy as ever as they posed for photographers in the preview, and they even created a kind of Obama-Michelle image, dancing, holding hands with big smiles and waving to the crowd.

“Surprisingly enough, I feel comfortable and the acting is going really well,” Ha said.

The president of a nation is an interesting and a very appealing character to portray in any form of art. From veteran actors, including Lee Sun-jae and Go Du-shim in “Good Morning President” (2009), and Ahn Sung-ki in “Romantic President” (2002), to younger and handsome ones such as Jang Dong-gun (“Good Morning President,” 2009) and Ko Hyun-jeong in “Daemul,” each have all created their own unique style and character personality.

Although Choi is known for his impeccable acting and charismatic presence from his some 20 years of acting experience, it will take more than a charming president in a sleek suit, bow tie and a stern frown to draw viewers. Hopefully, his wife, as the first lady, will help him along the way. “President” starts airing on Dec. 15 at 9:55 p.m. on KBS.


Actor couple Choi Soo-jong (left) and Ha Hee-ra pose at a press event for their new TV show "The President" in Seoul on Thursday.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com

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are they dancing "sorry sorry" in some pics? lool!

and now that I'm looking at the pics, Jay really resembles Soo-jong as if he was truly his son, good cast indeed

this drama might not be of the top popular ones but it seems like a very good one

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