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[Drama 2011] Dream High 드림하이

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I may be Eunjung bais but she's so cute!! she really can pull off any look.

Why does this look so much like "god of study"! If it's i dont think i want to watch it. Honestly i like a good plot and stuff but there has to be some romance in there. Otherwise it would get boring.

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^ Suzy should be the main lead I think...

gah, TaecJung :) and SuHyun? LOL Everyone's so adorbs I can't wait for it to air now ~ more teaser pictures puhlease



Dream High BTS ft Taec and Suzy ~

cr; fydreamhigh

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Character profile from Official Site

(Order of character from official site too)







Dream High Press Conference will be held on 27th

Time: 2PM Place:at Isan Contex

cr: 2pmalways

And It's Taec Birthday!!!! :wub:

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Jinguk (18y.o.)/Ok Taecyeon

Real name Hyun Shihyeok. Always looks outgoing and bright, but deep inside his heart there’s a wound that doesn’t heal.

He was left in an orphanage at a very young age by his single mother. Not long after he was left at the orphanage he was adopted by Hyun Mujin, a chairman of his father’s famous group. Jinguk was not happy in that house, treated like an invisible person. Eventually he dropped out of high school, left home and began living a new life under the name of Jinguk.

While spending time with his street friends, dancing, he accidentaly found himself at Kirin High School audition one day…

Jason (17 y.o.)/Jang Wooyoung

Comes back from USA unexpectedly and enters Kirin High

Has great dancing and singing abilities, but has no interest in competing with others. He simply enjoys it.

He’s laid back and even lazy to the point that he can easily fall asleep before a test or an important performance.

His dance skills makes Jinguk nervous, and his singing is obviously threatening to Samdong (Kim Suhyun’s character).

Source: KBS Official Dream High Site

translated by Egle @2pmalways

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Just watched the teasers yesterday..

woww really wanna say it's awesome indeed!! (didn't expect this drama before.)

I'm not the fan of idols here. But quite like Suzy, she looks cute. Hopes she's doing well.

And really adore the other guy(not Woo or Taec). Love him in Will it snow for Christmas.

Hopes he's the lead guy. Sorry to Taec's fans here hehe^^,(i like Taec too but prefer the other one^^)

Somehow the other guy looks like KimBum+Taec.

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I can't wait to see Eunjung because her acting was amazing in Coffee house. She is so cute, beautiful, hot etc. :lol: Hope we'll see a lot of TaecJung scene. They looks so cute together. :wub:

:w00t:She looks great :wub:



TaecJung :wub: :wub: :wub:









BTS Photos(she looks so cute with long hair. ^_^ )



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More detail of Jinkuk & Jason, I can't even.... XD LMAO



cr: egle@2pmalways



Someone even took my signature without giving me credit and hotlink my pictures T__T


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Seriously the photos are playing with our minds. Like the description had said that suzy will be Taec love interest. While in the promo pics there are alot of photos with Eunjung and Taec. Then there's Taec looking at Suzy while Eunjung looking so sad. I know it's too early to tell. But i'm quessing that he'll like Suzy but she likes Kim soo hyun; while Eunjung likes Taec. Maybe that's why they became rivals.

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LOL from the trailers Taecyeon looked anything but like his character, I thought he was going to be silent and all hardcore and stuff but reading his description and stuff he values the harddrive especially I laughed.


:)- I think it's best right now to just not assume anything....


(I'd wish they'd release more on these two, IU especially)





^i love this shot idky



cr; dream high's official website

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this drama is like a fanfic-dream-come-true :o all these pretty faces! :o although the setup sounds like that of a bad fanfic o_O especially when all you hear about the characters are "PERFECT, HANDSOME, GENIUS, TALENTED". Oh please, characters are not interesting if they have no flaws, you know, like humans!

I hope the producers let these idols play themselves rather than creating a completely different character for each of them. Idols are at their best when being genuine and not trying too hard to "act". I mean, there ARE idols who act well, but for this type of drama, simplicity is the way to go. I adore Suzy but she's just so awkward when she tries to be fierce. Reading the character's descrition, how Hyemi is a "rude and spoiled girl", makes me kind of nervous. Why can't she just be an "innocent and cute girl", which is what Suzy is like?

nonetheless, ill be watching, just cos i love these kids :D

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Source : KBS Global Entertainment News

JYP: KBS Suggested 'Dream High' Cast


Music mogul Park Jin-young talked about his appearance in the upcoming drama "Dream High." On the KBS 2TV talk show "Win Win" hosted by Kim Seung-wu on Tuesday, Park shared the behind-the-scenes stories of the drama he is jointly producing with actor Bae Yong-jun.


He said, "I only wanted to produce a drama, not act in it." Park, a full time musician, said, "I wanted to find new channels to communicate with the public and I came to plan a drama. The president of my management company also liked the idea, so I then looked for a production staff."

He then was contacted by Bae Yong-jun. Park said he was only interested in the drama's music, choreography and producing but KBS proposed that he also appear in the drama in a teacher role.

Park hesitated for a while but he was encouraged by others. People told him to act just as he did in the Wonder Girls' "Nobody" music video. He said, "So I went back and watched my performance in the music video and saw that I had acted pretty well."

The new KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday series "Dream High" is the story of students from different backgrounds entering an arts high school and working their way to become global stars. Bae will play the role of the school board's president and Park a short-term English teacher at the school.

Writer: TV Report

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi

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