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I can't believe The Govenor made it to season 4. I was hoping that he'll die and I was a bit shocked of Andrea's death. Does anyone know if Rick will have a new love interest? They need to spice up his storyline a bit.

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Guest creaturedreams

^TWD isn't a movie lols. 
Season 3 finale was terrible. All that built up tension between the two sides and it ended like that? Made the season even more disappointing. I hope the Governor at least gets killed off early Season 4 because as a villain he has gotten boring. 

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I also am surprised the Governor wasn't killed and that Andrea was.

I was also very sad about Milton's death because I would have liked him to see him interacted with the rest of Rick's group. He might have been a good fit.

I think the problem with this season finale was that there was no big revelation.

At the end of season 1 they find out that there aren't any government facilities and that they are on their own.

At the end of season 2 they find out that EVERYONE is infested.

End of season 3? Nothing. No progress towards actually finding a cure or someone who knows about it.

I think that is why I was surprised/sad about Milton's death. I was also sad about Merle but I understood why it had to happen. Why did he always have to be so stubborn...smh :(

What are they going to do with all the new old and young people? I can't believe the Governor just shot everyone else like that. Poor Martinez and the other dude who are stuck with him lol

I kind of sided with Carl on the whole shooting the boy thing. He did have a point and Rick couldn't even come up with anything to say to him in return.

And is that some actually Michonne and Rick development I am seeing? I particularly like them together :)


Oh and in Season 1-2 I loved Glenn but he was so annoying this season! I hope he gets better in the next. Darly was still great! And I liked Carol this season too. Michonne made it to my top fave characer. I even started liking Carl. And Rick is cool in my book too. I'm a little indifferent about Maggie, Hershal, and the blonde girl although I don't dislike them. Lil' richard simmons Kicker we haven't really seen :)

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Guest graceyoon

Well I pretty much figured Andrea was screwed regardless.. but yeah her death was still unexpected, I didn't think she would get bit cuz there were many times when it seemed like she would have been by now.
It was sad that Milton was chopped off too, but I saw that coming when there were reports that the guy who played him signed on some TV series. He kind of reminds of John Ritter from 3's Company.
At first, Milton sort of creeped me out. I thought he was on the bad side maybe doing weird zombie human experiments. 
Poor Daryl, I knew Merle probably wouldn't last, but that was really sad.
I think it's sort of early for Rick to get a love interest. He doesn't seem completely over Lori. I think the relationship between Michonne and RIck is mostly on friendly terms since Rick didn't really trust her at first to have her join the group.
i didn't mind the finale actually, it didn't leave with a cliffhanger like the last one, so I won't get antsy for the next season lol
HERMIT said: graceyoon said: on a side note, I didn't realize the guy who plays Rick was in Love Actually!! Who did the whole placecards thing to Keira's character

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Guest suncano

Has anyone here read the graphic novels? It's even more shocking what's to come if they decide to follow it. 
This season was so bad compared to the others. Feel like there was much less actual zombie- than there was man/man killing. 

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The season finale left with no answer to cure, but there was a theme to that season. Rick was pissing me off with his mentality, but it can't be help. I liked Daryl a lot more after going on a Walking Dead marathon yesterday. I felt bad for Meryle. After finding out that Rick and the others did went back for him, he was ready to contribute any ways he can, but no one was able to respect or tolerate that he may be a good guy. Sad he died being a bad guy to others. It sucks every time they get new group members, someone have to die. 

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Guest youngswish

I heard the guy who plays rick is finishing up with the show. So i guess hes gonna get killed off and some other guy is gonna become the leader?

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@youngswish whaaaaaaaaat?! For which season are you referring to?

Rick is still on the Season 5 poster that they released! Or was that to throw us off?!

The first few eps of season 4 were quite slow, then ep 5 was awesome! Yay :)

I wonder when Carol is going to come back!! Although her character was annoying at times, she was part of the original group from the beginning! Have grown an attachment to them lol


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