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Kengo Kora cast as Mao Inoue's husband in "Ohisama"

Tue, October 19, 2010 (7:03pm EDT)

Actor Kengo Kora (22) has been added to the cast of the next NHK morning drama "Ohisama" (March-September 2011). The show, which stars Mao Inoue (23), already had its supporting cast partly revealed at the start of this month, but Kora will be playing a significant role as Inoue's husband.

As previously described, "Ohisama" stars Inoue as a cheerful woman named Yoko living during the time of World War II. She starts out as a teacher but later marries the successor of a well-established soba shop (played by Kora), leading her to become a soba chef. Kora's character is planned to first appear in the show's 8th week, around the middle of May.

This will be Kora's first appearance in an NHK Asadora, and his first time acting with Inoue. Producers may be hoping for another success like the recent "Gegege no Nyoubou," which has tremendously boosted the popularity of its stars Nao Matsumini coopera (25) and Osamu Mukai (28).

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