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[Taiwanese Movie 2010] Au Revoir Taipei


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AKA: 一頁台北,One Page Taipei,Yi Ye Taipei

Released: 04/2/2010

Country: Taiwan

Director: Arvin Chen

Genre: Comedy,Romance

Runtime: 85 min

Language: Taiwanese/Mandarin Chinese

Cast: Amber Kuo (Susie), Joseph Chang (Kai), Tony Yang, Peggy Tseng, Jack Yao, Lawrence Ko, Jack Kao, Frankie Kao, Liu Jui Chi, Paul Chiang, Vera Yen


Kai, a lovesick young man, wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris to be with his girlfriend. Kai spends long nights in a bookstore studying French, where Susie, a girl who works there, begins to take an interest in him. After one extraordinary night, Kai finds the excitement and romance he was longing for is already right there in Taipei.






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