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[JAPAN MOVIE 2011] ワラライフ!!WHAT A LIFE!

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Movie: What a Life!!

Romaji: Wararaifu!!

Japanese: ワラライフ!!

Director: Yuichi Kimura

Writer: Yuichi Kimura, Kishu Izuchi

Producer: Keisuke Konishi

Cinematographer: Yoshihiro Ikeuchi

World Premiere: March 28, 2010 (Okinawa International Movie Festival)

Release Date: January 29, 2011

Runtime: 94min.

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan


Shuichi Furukawa (Jun Murakami) receives a phone call from his mother. She reminds him that they are moving the next day. Shuichi, surprised by this revelation, replies "Oh ... I thought it was next week?"

The following day, Shuichi takes a train ride back to his hometown. He arrives at his parents home, but nobody is home. He looks for the house key under a potted plant but can't find the key. He starts to thinks back to his childhood days in his parents home.

Shuichi grew up with his younger brother, older sister, father who ran a shoe making business out of their garage and mother. Shuichi grew up with a crush on an older woman who lived next door and he loved to make piggy banks out of empty whiskey bottles. One day on a school picnic, Shuichi's classmates grabbed a lunchbox from a fellow student and eventually gave the lunch box to Shuichi. All the other students chanted "throw it away," while Shuichi's former friend looked on in despair.

Back to the present day. Shuichi (Yu Kashii) and his fiance Mary Ayashiro are looking for an apartment to move into. They go to a realtor's office. Shuichi seems strangely distant during the meeting with the real estate agent (Sosuke Takaoka) and to Mary for the next couple of days. Finally, Shuichi tells Mary the story about the lunchbox and how it belonged to the real estate agent ...


Jun Murakami - Shuichi Furukawa

Yu Kashii - Mary Ayashiro

Koji Kikkawa - Shuichi's dad

Anju Suzuki - Shuichi's mom

Tomoko Tabata - Shuichi's sister

Sosuke Takaoka - real estate agent

You - real estate agent's mom (cameo)

Yuichi Kimura - film developing employee (cameo)

Itsuji Itao - dad's strange friend (cameo)

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