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[Variety] The Actress' Butler 여우의 집사

Guest yeohweping

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Guest wanderlove

Thank you for the link... I have been waiting for it

and really really excited to watch this because of Se7en,

of course.. kekeke.

Hoping that this doesn't disappoint.. :]

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ep 1 wasnt that interesting

esp the no hong chul pairing

i mean u need both parties to be interesting to make it funny

but chung ah (that's her name right?), they totally showed how she was so pedantic about everything!!! not veyr attractive for a woman

i mean she was so indecisive! and picky!

first of all she asks NHC to go pick the cleanest one off the rack

then after all that as she is about to pay, she changes her mind

but the most frustrating thing to watch was her going on about how she has all these different credit cards because with each card she can get a different discount at a different place for a certain thing

and she remembers all of them too!!

like with this card i can get 10% at this place

this one 5% there and this one 15% there

i was like u gotta be kidding me

well i'm sure there are ppl like that, and i mean that's fine if that's how u are

but i mean on a variety show, why do i need to hear all that??

seriously nhc's part became really boring after that

i thought hong ki was so adorable... when he made the 'sword' that he would use to protect chung ah from NHC~~ omg so cute wahahahah

next ep should be better because... jajang! se7en!!! cant wait^^

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Guest assortedfruit

I know tonight's episode is being canceled due to the movie awards ceremony.. but will they be airing this show the regular time next week? 

Anyone know any previews for this for episode 3?


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