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Guest miss scarlett

[TVB] Every Move You Make (讀心神探)

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Guest miss scarlett

Bowie Lam, Kristal Tin, Bosco Wong, Chris Lai, Aimee Chan, etc.



Currently airing


CID Unit Senior Inspector, Yiu Hok-sam (Bowie Lam) has learnt his mind reading skills overseas. He is efficient and, by far, the most competent cop in his unit. He is able to analyze and read people's minds just by observing their body language, facial expressions and from the tone of voice. In addition, he is also highly skilled when spotting disparities in testimonies and evidence.

However, his teammates find him to be a real pain in the neck. Newcomers, Phoenix (Kristal Tin) and Trevor (Bosco Wong) are especially annoyed by the unconventional way in which he does things. As a result, the pair often has confrontations and misunderstandings with the inspector. Things become worse when Sam learns that his half-sister, Prelie (Aimee Chan) is secretly going out with Trevor, and that Phoenix, who has recently been divorced, has a crush on him.

English title: Every Move You Make

Also known as: "The Mind-reading Detective"

Chinese title: 讀心神探 (Cantonese: Duk Sam San Taam) (Mandarin: Du Xin Shen Tan)

Theme song: Sam Chung Yau So (心中有數; lit. Know What Is What) written by Yip Siu-chung, lyrics by Mizz Eva, performed by Bowie Lam

Genre: Police procedural | Drama

Production company: TVB

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese

Episode count: 20

Producer: Tsui Yu-on

Editor(s): Sit Kar-wah

Director: Chan Chi-kong, Sze Chun-kin, etc.

Writer: Lau Siu-kwan, Lai Kar-ming, Fok Yuen-kwan, etc.


Teaser 1: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/yuUWHoQBLTI

Teaser 2: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Rywa2xEdue8

Trailer 1: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/0t6YGolOlZ8

Trailer 2: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/I9wlwa1MoyM


Bowie Lam as Senior Inspector Yiu Hok-sam

Kristal Tin as Senior Sergeant Phoenix "[Ma]dam" Yip (Yip Chin-ting)

Bosco Wong as Sergeant Trevor "Chow Fun" Ho (Ho Lai-yin)

Chris Lai as Mak Wing-hei

Loretta Chow as Fly (Wu Hao-ying)

Jack Hui as Kan Ho-ming

Aimee Chan as Perlie Ching (Ching Bui-yee)

Susan Tse as Chung Sau-han

Yu Yang as Ching Siu-hong

Tsui Wing as Ching Sau-yip

Matthew Ko as Kelvin Ching (Ching Chi-kit)

Lau Kong as Ching Siu-on

Fung So-bor as Lo Sui-heung

Helen Ma as Ching Yin-ha

Mannor Chan as Ching Yin-ping

Felix Lok as Yiu Tin-po

(listed in order of appearance)

Episodes 1-2: The Annie Leung Murder Case

Samantha Ko as Annie Leung (Leung Sze-man)

Benjamin Yuen as Lo Man-kin

Jason Chan as Ho Wing-kwong

Raymond Cho as Gordon Lam (Lam Wai-sang)

Eileen Yeow as Ng Mei-yue

Episodes 3-5: The Donald Lai Murder Case

Halina Tam as Daisy Liu (Liu Mei-sze)

Stephen Huynh as Donald Lai (Lai Chun-hung)

Janet Chow as Ngai Wing-shan

Choi Hong-nin as Wilson

Episodes 5-7: The Emily Chow/Katie Lam Rape Case

Macy Chan as Emily Chow (Chow Yuen-wai)

Jack Wu as Tang Chung-hin

Eda Chan as Ling Dan-dan

Ching Hor-wai as Chin So-fun

Candy Cheung as Katie Lam (Lam Oi-kei)

Jason Pai as Hung Kwan

Episode 8-present: The Wong Chun-yu Murder Case

Bowie Wu as Wong Chun-yu

Luvin Ho as Wong Pui-man

Vivien Yeo as Fan Siu-lei

Kong Ming-fai as Wong Hiu-tung

Angela Tong as Yun Ling Chi

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Guest Millou

I started watching this today! So many cute guys LOL :sweatingbullets:

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Guest Sophi.e*

this reminds me of the show "lie to me"

so far the first episode doesn't look too bad

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Guest missyblue


yeah! that's what i thought when i watched the first episode.

but so far so good. i enjoy watching bowie and his observations about suspects and people.

one thing that bugs me is bosco's character... he could be a little bit more open-minded to the science of reading body language. <_<

OH, and bowie's stepdad's family is a bunch of losers. : /

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ehh, its an ok series. It kind of reminds me of "A great way to care"

The cast is refreshing though. Although the 3 sisters or aunts whatever are soooo bloody annoying >.> making it hard for bowie and his mom.

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Guest chloe.c

I'm really liking the show! I don't really care that it's copying another show, since it's TVB LOL..but yeah, I really like learning all that stuff ^^

And I really like the cast too. I liked Bosco and Aimee as a pair in Burning Flames 3, so I'm so happy to see them together in this too! XD

I actually haven't even been following TVB dramas like RIGHT away when they air, but this one was an exception for me. Following it (almost) everyday now!

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The trailers look pretty decent, but best of all, Bowie and Kristal! I love these two. Where are you guys watching this? On Tudou?

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Guest talksound

This looks promising- with the concept and the two leads, they can actually act for a change! -_- I tend to like Bosco more when he's in more serious roles. The acting is about the same. Maybe it's just less annoying? TVB is always great at writing families that are completely horrible people. I can't wait to see more of Bowie's dad, because according to the opening video, it seems like there was more to that "boating accident". Hm.

I don't particularly like how they have to have him explain every little thing he does before and after he does it.

Currently on the case with the memory guy- the names of the memory teachers are Daisy and Donald. Haha.

And TVB should stop with the english names if their actors can't pronounce it. Trevor as TrAvor? At least he has a nickname (chow fun) that they can all pronounce. lol

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pooop you beat me to making a thread!!!!!!! :tears:

anyway im excited for this and ive got high expectations!! the cast isnt bad and i love these police-ish and solving case style dramas :D usually good :D

saw the 1st episode today, and omg could the ending be anymore of a cliffhanger :crazy:

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