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First still of Lynn Xiong and Van Ness Wu in Material Queen

Producer Chen Yu-Shan’s upcoming drama, “Material Queen”, was filming on location in Paris regardless of the recent bomb threats.

Early in the morning in the cool temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, Lynn Xiong wore a custom designed dress by Sex In The City stylist Patricia Field; She showed off her shoulders and long legs while walking on the Pont des Arts. Costar Van Ness Wu kept Lynn entertained by making silly poses for other tourists to snap pictures. The actress was full of smiles and laughter despite shivering under the cold weather.

The drama crew had prepared some hot packs for Lynn to put inside her dress, but she said, “I’m afraid it will make me look chubbier. It’s okay to shiver a bit, I have to look pretty even if it’s cold.”

Van Ness did not forget to update his micro blog. He wrote, “So tired! It’s already difficult to read the script in Chinese, and now there are French dialogues…so stressed. On top of the time difference, I haven’t been able to sleep for 48 hours. (I) guess I can only joke around to decrease my stress.”

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Guest toGETherONE

Sad seeing the insomniac leads; darn those dreadful dark circles! Romantic scenery, dreamy clothes and accessories, attractive actors, yet less lively faces.

Vanness' tweet

@ELhsiao at work in Paris~ bored... Haha

15 hours ago reply

I have no clue what he's talking about, Paris :blink: ... boring? :huh: Never! B) Never a boring day while I was there. He's hanging out w/ the wrong crowd. LOL~

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Lynn Xiong gets taken to the police station with Van Ness Wu on her birthday

Lynn Xiong celebrated her 30th birthday last weekend on the set of Material Queen in Paris. She and costar Van Ness Wu were filming a breakup scene inside a police vehicle on the 9th. A local policeman played by an extra drove them to the front of a police station and told them to get out. Lynn Xiong was then greeted by over 50 people singing Happy Birthday to her. She was moved to tears and said, “I thought no one knows my birthday. You all love to act. I lost!”

Van Ness Wu gave her a dozen of white roses which he bought on the way to filming. He said he and Lynn Xiong passed by a flower shop several days ago. They both happened to like French white roses, so he especially bought them for her birthday. He “wished Lynn to be loved like a queen forever!” The crowd wanted them to kiss, but he excused himself saying it will be shown in the drama. In the end, the two celebrated by holding hands instead.

Lynn Xiong was asked if boyfriend Aaron Kwok has given her any birthday gifts, to which she answered, “Secret!” According to reports, he already held a birthday party for her before she left for Paris. The two were photograph together with friends at a hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong. Whether it is Aaron Kwok or the crew from Material Queen, Lynn Xiong is sure to have one very happy birthday.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Van Ness thanks God for no bed scene in "Material Queen"

As reported previously, Van Ness Wu and Lynn Xiong were filming in Paris for their upcoming drama, “Material Queen”. Van Ness has been trying his best to avoid intimate scenes due to his Christianity, but he and Lynn had a bed scene in the drama. Fortunately, due to the cold weather in Paris, the bed scene was cancelled and changed to a kissing scene instead. Feeling relieved, Van Ness expressed, “Thank God!”

Van Ness broke up with his now ex-girlfriend Arissa just before he left Taiwan for Paris. He revealed to the media that he has already recovered from it, “Regardless of love relationships or work, God is the one giving me strength and power. Whether it’s good or bad, I have to face them all.” There were rumors that the couple broke up because Arissa had a new love interest and/or because of a dissatisfying sex life. Van Ness continued to thank God and did not disclose any further details of the break up to the media.

It’s Van Ness first time working with Lynn Xiong and he complimented her, saying that she’s very cute, “She’s completely different from her appearance. She’s like a kid, very easy to get along with.” Since Lynn is 179cm tall, whenever the two have to be filmed standing together, Lynn would take off her high heels right away. Van Ness laughed, “The director wanted me to stand on a box, but I refused.”

Golden Bell is airing on Friday, but Van Ness won’t be attending as he will be performing in Singapore. He didn’t forget to congratulate his good friend and director Chen Hui-Ling and Jian Man-Shu for their Best Director and Best Actress nominations for “Year of the Rain” respectively, “Hurry and go get your awards! You guys have to win!”

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Guest dora0chan

I seem to have a thing for Van Ness Wu as of late so I'm actually looking forward to this. Not a huge Tai drama fan, but...they are rather fun, I must admit xD

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

"Material Queen" releases first preview

Upcoming idol drama “Material Queen” released its first preview yesterday (April 16). They held a press conference at the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall with its drama leads Lynn Xiong and Van Ness Wu. "Material Queen" will be Lynn's TV debut and she revealed that it was her first time filming a kissing scene. Although she didn't need to advise her rumored boyfriend Aaron Kwok about the kissing scenes, she said, “To kiss someone besides my boyfriend, it’s very hard to get over it.”

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

NTV’s first idol drama “Material Queen” will be premiering in June on CTS (free-to-air network). NTV will broadcast reruns on the following day. A press conference took place on the 11th; Lynn Xiong and Daniel Chan appeared to promote the upcoming drama, while lead actor Van Ness Wu was absent from the event. Van Ness’s manager explained, “He is at the recording studio and can’t make it due to time constraints. We have already arranged time for the next promotional event.”

Previously, Lynn, who is 179 cm tall, wore her heels at the preview release event, making Van Ness look short. Daniel was in luck as Lynn wore flats this time. He exclaimed, “I’m truly very lucky!” Lynn explained, “Some clothes have to be worn with high heels in order to look good. But this wedding dress I’m wearing today is too short, so that’s why I’m wearing flats.”

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Material Queen


If, as a gold digger, you can obtain a good catch and do not have to worry about food and clothes, what's wrong with that value? It is mocked as prostitution due to poverty. However since ancient times, people have worshipped money. What's wrong with that?

Everyone has the freedom to pursue their own lives and worship money. It's not necessarily right or wrong. However, will you be happy if you are money obsessed? If at that moment when a single man is kneeling and pledges his life to you, just that there is no money for you to spend endlessly? …


Tall and sweet looking in appearance, Zhu Man (acted by Lynn), uses her womanly charms to juggle in between men who are after her. However, gossips have it that she will not stay by men who do not have money. While drunk in Paris, she met a handsome young violinist, Cai Jia Hao (acted by Van Ness), whom she mistook for a heir of a global fortune company and try to snare him. She even cancelled a date with rich man with a family property of over $50 billion. She discovers that Jia Hao is, in fact, just a poor vegetables vendor at a traditional market. Who would she choose? Without money, would the love of a poor young man and a gold digger cross the finished line?


Lynn Hung as Lin Zhu Man

Because of her family circumstances, Zhu Man, from an early age, already knew the reality of society. Her motto is "money is everything". In order to become a wealthy woman, she makes use of her beauty and physical assets to date only rich men. In Paris, she mistook the poor young man, Cai Jia Hao, for an heir of a global fortune company.

Van Ness Wu as Cai Jia Hao

Well built, good looking and has superb violin skills. To women, he is like the "dish of the day". Orphaned as a child, he sells vegetables in a traditional market. He has good self esteem until he met a successful model, Lin Zhu Man, in Paris.

Daniel Chan as Yang Kai Ming

Handsome, rich and with impeccable tastes. But everything he does in life has a purpose - it's all for business. An arrogant and overbearing man, he is moved by the truth behind the real Lin Zhu Man. This is his first time that he's sincere over a woman and is even willing to queue for her under the blazing sun.

Jessie Chang as Lu Yi Xian

A childhood friend of Jia Hao. She has been attracted to the violinist in him since young. She regards him as a good partner and can even abandon her family to be with him. She grew from a shy and quiet girl to a strong and shrewd woman.

Harry Zhang as Cameron

Jia Hao's good friend. Both went to Paris to study. Jia Hao studied music whilst Cameron is a film student. He aspires to become a famous director like James Cameron. He is optimistic and does not cut margins. He is enthusiastic about his films but many people do not understand the concept of his art.

Chen Ting Ni as Sasha

Zhu Man's mentor in the modelling company. Also an up and coming model with an almost equal status to Zhu Man. She likes to compete with Zhu Man and believes that she will surpass Zhu Man one day. She seems snobbish but at heart, she is just a willful little girl.

Na Wei Xun as Peter Pan

Zhu Man and Sasha's agent. Because of his working environment, he is feminine, gentle and refined in his conversation. An enthusiastic smooth and slick man, he is more attuned to fashion than most women. Zhu Man is like a good sister to him and is his beacon.

Meng Fan Gui as Wang Tung

A businessman in mainland China. Rich, rounded and a man of ordinary stature. Speaks in the Shandong dialect. Generous in giving gifts to Zhu Man. Even caught up with her in Paris to propose to her.

Lin Mei Xiu as Cai Jia Hui

Jia Hao's sister. When their parents passed away, she shouldered the responsibilities of the family and management of the vegetables stall. She is completely selfless, dedicated and not too concerned about her own welfare. She has a crush on Leo, the seafood vendor, and always fantasies about his sweating and well toned body.

Qu Zhong Heng as Leo

A seafood vendor at the market. Well muscled, honest, good hearted and liberal. Likes to wear vests to show off his biceps. Has doubts about the benefits of having a family.

He Wen Hui as Sauce

A pork vendor at the market. Childhood friend and neighbour of Jia Hao. Full of confidence and talks endlessly with saliva spewing. In fact, most of the time, everyone ignores what he is saying.

Chen Yi Fe as Sharp Brother

Because he suffered a great setback, he changed into a homeless person who do not speak much and take care of himself. Fortunately, he has friends at the market and his pet rat, Elizabeth, who never betray him.

Yang Li Yin as Grand Nanny

An underwear vendor who is proud of her area. Sometimes, speaks without engaging her brains or knowledge of what's going on outside. But she is not a malicious person.

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