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[Variety] Midnight Idols / Children of the Night 오밤중의 아이들 오밤아

Guest imur100

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Midnight Idols/OhBamAh/Children of the Night

오밤중의 아이들


Summary: Idol Programme featuring "rookie idols" pitted against "experienced idols" in games.



  • Kim Chang Ryul (DJ DOC)

  • Eun Jiwon (Sechskies)

  • Kim Sung Soo (Cool)

  • Hwangbo (Chakra)

  • Kim Hyung Joon (SS501)

Episode List:

Episode 1 (100930)- Infinite

Episode 2 (101007)- Infinite cont.

Episode 3 (101015)- SiStar & Infinite

Episode 4 (101022)- SiStar & Infinite cont.

Episode 5 (101029)- UKISS

Episode 6 (101105)- UKISS cont.

Episode 7 (101111)- Supreme Team

Episode 8 (101118)- Supreme Team cont.

*I wont be posting links in this title because I'm afraid that the video posters might get penalized.

I also wont be updating anymore. I'm a fan of all of the hosts and posted this due to the lack of info on soompi.


HUGE fan of all of the hosts and this kind of reminds me of xman due to the chemistry and the games lol. Cant wait for the new episodes!

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Guest sanateen15

I love this show epsicially hwangbo and jiwon, they made such a funny balgansaek couple... ah if only jiwon wasnt married lol

Im dying to see whos gonna be on next week but i cant find a preview anywhere yet ;(

patience is a virtue i never learnt haha

thanks to everyone who always keep updating this thread :D

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credit uploader

This is from episode 8. This was hilarious. Don't know what the balloon game is called, but teams compete to see how many balloons they can pop in a given time. The balloon is placed in the middle of one another, haha..as you can see, EJW and HB were a team. I about died laughing cuz each time a balloon popped between them HB would scream out. They made an awesome team. They won this game, Yeeh......

Love this show, loads of laughs.

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Thank you tiki_sg; I guess that was a better option than me having to hunt for the delete option lol.

Random thoughts:

With Star Golden Bell being cancelled, my heart is now set on finding a new variety show (other than KBS' current line-up of Happy Together, Dream Team, Invincible Youth, etc). There's this show and Strong Heart but I want something more permenant, something I can get into you know?

There hasnt been a variety program out there that has given me as much laughs as Star Golden Bell did unfortunately. :/

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I'm sooooo in LOVE with this Show..

why they keep cancelling a GREAT awesome show

with amazing MCs.. :tears:

so is this show over?

but i love the mcs! esp hwangbo and CUTIE EUNJIWON <3

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