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[Variety] Midnight Idols / Children of the Night 오밤중의 아이들 오밤아

Guest imur100

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:lol: Thank you Imur for starting this thread. Thanks for the links. I so love this show, so much laughter. I haven't laughed so much in quite some time. Looking forward to more episodes, as MC's interaction are just jijang........ ^_^
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The show so far is really funny. All the MC's blend well together & know how to keep the show light and funny. Can't wait to see the U-Kiss epie & Infinite is one funny group [first time I've seen them].

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Guest jini_14

THis show is so hilarious! OMG! I cant help myself from laughing. (TN: Even though there is no eng sub I am still laughing) The host and the first guess are so funny! JJang!

I will really recommend this show to some of my friends since Hwangbo is here. lol.EPIC!

I cant wait for episode 4... yepey!!

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Guest Sony1Mx

I love this show... thanks for the links

please share the subbed episodes or general idea about they said please.. my favorite are kim hyung joon, hwangbo, eunji won and kim chang ryul sorry I don't know the old ajusshi idol but he's very funny too...

thanks for the thread...

☺ I ♥ Midnight Idol ☺

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OMG, episode 4 is jjang. It is so hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. Hwangbo stealing

SungJong's first kiss? Maybe so, but, bet he's in heaven still, lol. And Eun Jiwon, such a

mischief, for pushing Hwangbo. Really loving this show.


credit Kiesme01

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