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[Variety] Midnight Idols / Children of the Night 오밤중의 아이들 오밤아

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[MBC Every1] KimChangRyul, EunJiwon, KimSungSoo, Hwangbo, KimHyungJoon

MBC Every1 오밤아

Official Website: http://www.mbcevery1.com/variety/only.asp?p_num=367

Airtime: Thursday, 12 AM

Twitter: http://twitter.com/5bamah



Kim Chang Ryul - DJ Doc


Kim Sung Soo - Cool


Eun Ji Won - Sechs Kies


Hwang Bo Hye Jung - Chakra


Kim Hyung Joon - SS501




First Episode - airing September 30, 2010

Guest: Infinite


http://www.box.net/shared/b1j8idiy3o (thank you Semi-fly)




Episode 1 -- English subbed


Seoulbeats -- 5 Things I LOVED in KPOP This Week


Preview of Episode 2, airing Oct. 7, 2010


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is there nobody reply here? i like this show~ remind me of that old show (since it is a remake) i hope the variety turn good and better and funnier~

i hope there is fansubber will sub this xD

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I was searching for stuff about 5bama/Midnight Idols and found this:

Midnight Idol


MBC has a brand new variety show Midnight Idol, which debuted on September 30th.  The MCs for the show are all sunbaes (to most idols) in the Korean Music Industry:  Kim Chang-ryul of DJ DOC, Eun Ji-won, Kim Hyung-joon, HwangBo, and Kim Sung-soo.  The introduction of the MCs of the show was hilarious and gets three ‘thing’ points:  One, for making them have to take their own photos with a cutout caricature of Obama;  two, for having HwangBo as an MC, love her; and three for having the guys freak out at the sight of a moth and call for HwangBo to save them.

Their first guests were the idol group INFINITE (point 4, love them too) and the premise of the show appears to be a sharing of talents and then challenges between the sunbaes and hoobaes.  In the talent portion, not wanting to be shown up by JoKwonnabe maknae Sung-jong, Seong-yeol busts out Yoo Jae-suk‘s grasshopper dance (point 5).

The debut episode does seem promising, there were laughs galore- so I can’t wait to see more.


5 Things I LOVED in KPOP This Week from Seoulbeats

HB doesn't want to lose to Sung Jong! HAHAHAHAHA! 

The meeting of the two "chodings"/elementary kids!!!!! 


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wow, i didn't know that there's a thread for midnight idols..

Love their first episode especially the MC's, Hwangbo, Hyungjoon and Eun ji won!~

Hwangbo and infinite's maknae antics made me laugh..

The show looks fun hope someone sub these

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oh, this new show is quite interesting, thank you vary much for opening it1

i know I somethimes am a pain in the richard simmons, but anybody knows where can I watch this variety with eng subs?

again , congratulations!!

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Episode 2 - Guest: Infinite


MU: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IL4N9IUA

English subbed but only Hyung Joon's parts


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From KCR's twitter with U-KISS








I also put the link for Ep, 1 with Eng-sub on the 1st post

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i love this show! really seem soo much fun & all the MCs are great! :D

i love hwangbo unnie! :wub:

ohbamah/midnight idol FIGHTING!!!

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i gonna skip sistar.....they annoying me....

or i gonna watch hwangbo cut only :wub:

for u-kiss episode maybe it gonna show 2 week after this...oh...to long to wait...

it seem kibum do not come...i want to see the interaction between the kim sibling... :crazy:

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Yeah, I was wondering how come I don't see Maknae's own maknae in the pic with U-Kiss...but then again, there are more of them than shown in the pic, right? I don't follow them so I just remember a mass of boys on stage when I watched a few of their perfs.

Finally had time (read: saying screw it to real life things and focus on happier things instead. hurhur) to watch the first ep. I watched this due to my bias of Hwangbo and Hyung Joon loving but by the end of the show, I have to say I'm really liking Kim Chang Ryul. He's a very natural MC and moves things along when need be. And it's cute how familiar all the MCs seem to be with each other already with all the huggings and such.

I like the ending game the most with the pillow whacking. While the concept is nothing new, it's always fun to find out random trivia tidbits about celebs' background.

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nope thats it,only 7~ only kibum is missing frm that group picture~ and well the one who posted the picture didnt include the caption that came with it~ its "find the X-man" which is obviously KHJ XD so there could be the possibility of kibum being there,but just not in that picture~ i dunno if kibum have solo schedule somewhere else but i doubt that~ but who knows~ 

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yeah! thank you imur of starting this thread.

just wanted to share the link for episode two that weeklykpop is kind enough to upload based on poll feedback from the epi 1.

i find the quality on their uploads are second to none!

please try to visit their site and comment to give thanks!

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am eagerly awaiting for the next episode...

it's a great idea that they chose this show for a remake...

good to see hjmaknae active again...

i am loving hwangbo more... :wub:

thank you imur for starting this thread...

read here http://hwangbo-angel.blogspot.com/ that it is filmed on Sundays...

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Episode 3 preview - Guests: Sistar and Infinite


Article (sorry, I wish I can translate it to English better :) )


Google translation: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=ko&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.nate.com%2Fview%2F20101012n14601


Episode 3


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looks like alongside the airing of the next episode

there is something very interesting to look forward to...

INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu are a couple?

by heartfacee on October 12, 2010 at 1:38 am


Rumors have been swirling about INFINITE’s Sunggyu and SISTAR’s Soyu being an item.

The truth? Not exactly, although Sunggyu and Soyu did indeed have a romantic experience on MBC’s “Every1’s Children of the Night“.

On this week’s episode, three members of INFINITE and SISTAR guest-starred on the show. Most of them knew each other already, so the filming wasn’t very awkward.

However the familiarity between two specific members have been raising eyebrows, as Sunggyu handed Soyu an ice-cream he had prepared and said, “You are my ideal type and I’ve been a fan of yours.” He wooed her by singing “Nothing Better” and grabbed her hand afterwards.

Soyu responded by saying, “I’ve also been a fan of INFINITE.” The other guests and MCs said, “Isn’t this the first official idol couple?”

Nothing is official yet, but perhaps this is a couple in the making.

But what about 4minute’s Jiyoon, whom Sunggyu expressed his love for (in the same manner) when INFINITE was on “MBC’s Bouquet” in the past few weeks?

The episode is set to air on the 14th.

Source + Photo: Newsen via allkpop

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