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Kim Ji Suk 김지석 Upcoming Drama: When the Camellia Blooms ( KBS) , Variety : Problematic Men

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@joonminfan hope you can translate when free . Thanks loads .


But from IG translation, it seems that PM may go through a revamp & temporarily suspended with potential new faces . So it’s not clear yet if they will retain the same gang  . And it seems he’s already confirmed Camilla . He asked the fans to trust him - he took it up even though it’s not main lead role cause he says the script is very good . He’s supposed to be a baseball player . ( I knew it . He reminds me of another oppa I love who’s not concerned about whether he’s the main lead or not , and looks at roles because they challenge him as an actor & it’s something he’s not played before ) 


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Here's the translation. I can't help but fall in love with Oppa even more after reading this.:wub:



During the fan meeting, JS also shared about his recent news and future plans.

1)      When asked how he injured his finger (I’m sure everyone is most concerned about this), he said when he was showering, his finger was at a wrong angle and he twisted it. He didn’t feel that it was a big deal so he left it alone. After that when he was sitting on the living room floor having a meal, he wanted to quickly stand up to clean up, but he didn’t support himself properly and twisted it again. When he went to the hospital, the doctor said that it was a ligament tear, and he has to wear a cast, and it has been 4 weeks since.

2)      About TSYB, JS said that he has already said a lot in the BTS videos about YB, so everyone already knows. After spending more than six months on the island, he can remember the ferry arrival and departure timings for Wando Island and Daemo Island, and can even remember the timings for high and low tides. He said he is the spokesperson, and anyone who wants to go can contact him.

3)      About returning to PM, JS said that in the 199th episode when he returned, he was trapped in the cube for more than 8 hours having to solve the questions. The crew refused to give any hints, and he also didn’t think about how much time and money was spent to build that cube, so he is very grateful to the crew for putting in so much effort into his return episode.

The following news have not been made public yet, so just read and forget about it.

4)      PM will undergo some re-organisation and changes soon. The crew will change, and it’s unknown if the cast members will be changed too. So there is a possibility that PM will stop its broadcast soon.

5)      He also mentioned his upcoming drama “When the Camelia Flowers bloom”. His role is a former baseball player, so he has start working on his physique as an athlete. He also mentioned that the script is very good, so he is willing to take up the second lead role after being in a first lead role, and hopes that everyone will trust in his decision. Filming will start in May, and the drama will be broadcast in September.

The fan meeting organisers also got a lot of JS’s friends to film birthday greetings for him, including JSM, LSY, HJM (who plays Nam Jo), SJW (the reporter who refused to give up chasing after YB) as well as the PM cast members.


During the break, self-filmed videos of JS’s everyday life were shown, including shopping of gifts for the fan meeting (it definitely included alcohol), going to the gym (When JS works out, he ties his hair up in braids/plaits and it’s so cute).

During the second half, JS changed into a sweet orange sweater with jeans. He really looks like one of the fresh-faced young idols.

This year, the guests were all so amazing. First, they managed to invite Kang Soon’s YR Oppa to sing two songs. When YR Sunbae finished his last note, JS rushed out and bowed deeply to him, and said that he didn’t know that they invited Sunbae to be his guest, and he was really surprised. The other guests were:

PK who has been a guest for the third time

HSJ who was been a guest for the second time

LJW who is a guest for the first time.

The last mysterious guest is JWJ who has been a guest on PM before. The PM cast members of course had a lot of chemistry. PK announced that he is a radio DJ and urged everyone to go and listen to his programs, LJW said besides listening to PK’s radio programs, the remaining time should be spent listening to Peppertones. HSJ said to use our ears to listen to PK and LJW, and to use our eyes to watch PM.

Everyone teased JS whether he really debuted 15 years ago. JS stood up and said that if he added the three years of his days as an idol, it’s a total of 18 years. When asked how long he has been a singer, LJW said 15 years, and bowed deeply to JS. When asked, HSJ replied 13 years, and bowed even more deeply. So the conclusion is that JS is their Sunbae.

JS will sing a song every year, and this year he sang “If I were”. (Me: I found a link to what I think is the song” https://lyricstranslate.com/en/내가-만일-if-i.html)

The starting was a little low, and he couldn’t seem to find the correct tune. But he wasn’t fazed as he started out as a rapper, and he reverted to his usual high standards on the second line. He sang really well.

Before the fan meeting came to an end, it was time for photo taking. JS had a lot of different poses, and he kept moving around on stage so that the fans in the audience could snap pictures of the precious moments. He even shouted, “I love you! Thank you!” When everyone thought that the fan meeting would end with photo taking, the organisers announced that everyone would get to high-five JS. When I heard this, I immediately flew to heaven from hell, and was so excited that I bounced up and down. JS said that he would personally give out little gifts of cookies. He walked off the stage to the venue entrance, and starting with the fans from the last row, he high-fived everyone. As I moved nearer to him, I could finally see JS up close and personal, and I am sure that he really deserves the title of “fresh-faced idol”. (Currently in infatuation mode)

That’s right, and there I was standing in front of JS looking like a fanatic, and he asked me again when I’m going back, and told me to have a safe flight and safe trip. When I received the gift of cookies, I noticed that JS had to move his upper body to use his left hand to high-five me, and I really felt that JS is really warm and caring, and he really treasures the presence of every fan. Actually he didn’t have to do this, and especially when his finger was injured. As to why he insists on doing this, I remember at a charity event at the beginning of this year, JS once explained why he was so reluctant to hold a fan meeting – because he is not able to take good care of every single fan. Although a lot of people feel that the distance from the stage is really small, but to him, the distance is huge because he is not able to interact with his fans personally. Today, he is not bothered by the inconvenience of his injury, and insisted on using his actions to thank every fan who likes and supports him.


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@joonminfan thank you so very much . So grateful you do this for us . He’s definitely such a sweetheart. I laughed at the KJS - HK admin’s  infatuation mode . Lol! So cute . I think I might be squealing so much , I won’t know how to react. 

I Guess we really have to trust him in his decision to take up that role in Camilla . But hey he’s gonna play an athlete - TSYB abs will be intact :joy:

4 hours ago, heyyoooo said:

Waaaah, it will be harder to see him once PM undergoes revamp. :bawling:


We will have to wait for his dramas or movies. 

This makes me sad too . At least he’s got a drama coming soon 


Gals , think he’s going to DJ next week on MBC radio - 1&2 May



Oppa on no 1 search after his ugly duckling appearance 


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Articles translated using papago translate. KJS talks about his close friend , actress Yoo In Young. One thing is for sure , oppa is not dating anyone in the entertainment industry...and has dated very privately over the last 10 years ...that's my deduction



Kim Ji-seok, Yoo In-young, and men and women can also be friends.

Engineer Input 2019 - 28 22:51:55








Men and women can be friends, too. My best friends Kim Ji-seok and Yoo In-young proved this.


On SBS's " My Ugly Baby " on Saturday, Kim showed off his eloquence as a special MC.


Kim Ji-seok is a man of brains who speaks three languages and holds a teaching certificate. Kim Ji-seok is also a descendant of a noble family whose grandfather was an independence activist who fought for independence as a disciple of Kim Gu.

Kim Ji-seok mentioned the story of Yoo In-young as his close friend in the entertainment industry. They are close over the last  10 years.


" You are a couple pretending to be female friends, " Kim said. I have this misunderstanding because she is attractive and pretty, but I am a real male and female, said Yoo In-young. Asked if they do not have a reasonable impression on each other, he said, " Those times have passed. I became a perfect friend from a colleague.


" Sometimes, my girlfriend keeps me in check when we are dating, and I enjoy it, " Kim said.


( this translation is slightly different , in spoiler) 


Men and women can be friends, too. Kim Ji-seok and Yoo In-young, their best friends for 10 years, proved this. 
In SBS' "A Ugly Us Baby," which aired on Friday, Kim Ji-seok appeared as a special MC to show off his mouth. 

Kim Ji-seok is a brain-sexy man who speaks three languages and holds a teaching license. Kim Ji-seok is also a descendant of a well-known family, and his grandfather is an independence activist who campaigned for independence as a pupil of Kim Koo. 

On the same day, Kim Ji-seok revealed a related story, citing actor Yoo In-young as his best friend in the entertainment industry. They are close friends of 10 years. 

Kim Ji-seok said, "Is she a lover pretending to be her girlfriend or is she actually dating? I'm often misunderstood because she's attractive and pretty, but she's a real boyfriend and a girlfriend," he said. Asked if they have any rational affinity with each other, he said, "It's all gone. He was a colleague and became a complete friend," he said. 

Kim Ji-seok also said, "Sometimes when I'm in a relationship, my girlfriend keeps Yu In-young in check, and I enjoy it.





Kim Ji-seok said, "Most of my girlfriends asked me about her relationship with Yoo, and one of them was neither curious nor interested. I asked her why she didn't ask, and she said, "Why didn't you go out with her?" He said she had a boyfriend and that he was a lover. It was unfair." 

When Seo asked sharply, "Was he an entertainer?" Kim Ji-seok quivered, saying, "I have a bad memory."  ( ahaha trying not to give away his friend's secret :joy:)

When asked, "How do you usually solve a problem if you go out with a girlfriend?" Kim said, "I think there is a timing for reconciliation. All of a sudden, you move one step ahead and hug or apologize. I tend to see the timing. I'm trying to break the heavy air," he said, conveying his know-how in apology.


Lee Hye-mi : SBS


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Actor Kim Ji-seok was joined as a special MC in the 136th episode of SBS' "Unhappy Guy," which aired on Tuesday night. Kim Ji-seok, who received special praise and attention from the "Mobenzus," drew attention with the right amount of reaction and candid talk.

Kim Ji-seok, who said that he is now a celebrity due to his brother's influence. He said, "I've had an inferiority complex with my brother since I was a child. My brother studied much better than I did. Then, as we went to England together, we ran into a language barrier and thought, 'Let's start together.' However, my brother won the gold medal in the math Olympiad in England and then he won the world. I wanted to be 'different from me,'" he confessed. "My brother is a member of the Mensa Club, and he is also a math major at Oxford University. I'm working in the financial industry in Hong Kong now," he said, adding that he is grateful that he has decided his career quickly thanks to his brother. He added, "When I was young, my brother and I used to be similar in size, but they kept wearing my clothes secretly. I was shocked and even hid my clothes by wearing my underwear," he said.

Also mentioned was the grandfather of the independence activist, who was arrested and tortured along with Yoon Bong-gil as a pupil of Kim Koo. Kim Ji-seok said his grandfather's nickname was different. "My father's name is Miss Kim On," he said. "I was born in Onyang and I was born in Beijing, and my first father is Kim Buk-kyung, and my second father is Kim Jang-chung because he was born in Jangchung-dong." The second oldest father's son's name is Kim London. Kim Ji-seok said, "London still lives in London. I'm using that name without changing it," he added.

Kim Ji-seok also almost got the name of the neighborhood he was born to follow the family tradition. "My older brother was born in Sinsa-dong and I was going to build it as a Kim shrine, but fortunately my mother stopped him. Two years later, I was born in Sinsa-dong. Kim Shin-sa avoided, but was born on Easter Day and almost became Kim Boo-hwoong. Don't you think so? It could have been a big problem," Kim said. His real name is Kim Bo-seok," it said.

Kim Ji-seok made his debut as a singer, not an actor. Recalling his debut days, Kim Ji-seok said, "I made my debut as the group's Rio. I was in charge of rap and passion at the time. My body and head still remember the choreography and the rap," he said, suddenly presenting the rap.

Kim Ji-seok, who has a lot of celebrity best friends, revealed an episode with Yoo In-young, a longtime "girlfriend." Kim Ji-seok said, "It is also misunderstood as a lover who pretended to be 'girlfriend.' I think it's because Yoo In-young is so attractive and pretty. The days of rational favoritism are over. They are "girlfriends" enough to know each other's family's great-great-grandfathers. When they were in a relationship, their girlfriends were fine, but Yoo kept them in check. Sometimes I enjoy that kind of jealousy," he said.

He said, "So far, all of us have asked if we've dated Yoo In-young, but one of us didn't even care. When I asked her, "Why don't you ask?" and "Are you friends or not interested?" she asked if she was dating. Did you go out with your boyfriend, A again?" I heard he did. It was unfair for nothing," he confessed. When MC Shin Dong-yup and Seo Jang-hoon pressed together to see if the other person was an entertainer, Kim Ji-seok sneaked out, saying he had a bad memory

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He mentioned about the naming thing on happy together back then, so I'm not surprised anymore. This means JS have been dating a few girls these past 10 years right? 


JS on Mom's Diary - My ugly Duckling apart from those already shared:

  1.  He mentioned that he moves every 2-4 years because he rents. Sometimes it's tiring because he has to bring his shoe racks and even window blinds along even if they don't fit anymore (He orders the blinds custom fit to the window). He gets attached to the window blinds so he brings it along and try to see if it fits in the new place or cut it if its too long. He ends up with too many window blinds :D
  2. "Those who like shoes love shoes so much" - commenting on Sangmin's amt of shoes at home. (I guess JS love shoes too)
  3. shared that his parents ask him how he's doing from time to time and they worried about him during the time Top Star Yoo Baek was airing because Sky Castle has a rating of 20% and tries not to mention about sky castle in front of him. 
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Wahhh the viewership on Ugly Duckling is 23% , that’s is 3 times being on RM with a ratings of 7%


Good call to go on this show 
Nationwide ratings for the episode that aired on April 28: 23.5% (cr. Naver TV)
t/n: Kim Ji Suk revealed that the way his grandfather names people in the family is unique and cool. Kim Ji Suk revealed that his father's name is Kim On Yang and it's because he was born in On Yang. His father is a part of three brothers, his younger uncle is named Kim Jang Choong because he was born in Jang Choong-dong. His eldest uncle is named Kim Book Kyung because he was born in Book Kyung. The son of his younger uncle is named Kim London because he was born in London and he still lives in London - he hasn't changed his name and still uses it. 
Kim Ji Suk's brother was born in Shin Sa-dong and they wanted to name him Kim Shin Sa but his mother prevented them from doing it. Two years later, Kim Ji Suk was born in Shin Sa-dong too. He almost became Kim Boo Hwal because he was born on Easter (부활절). 
On the show, it was revealed that Kim Ji Suk's grandfather was an independence fighter and was the student of Kim Gu. He was arrested together with Yoon Bong Gil and was tortured.

1. [+4191, -25] It's cool. Because he was fighting for independence, the harsh torture must've been hard, I hope at least his descendants end up doing well. Kim Ji Suk hwaiting!

2. [+1665, -12] Kim Jang Choong, Kim Book Kyung, Kim London ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
↪ [+106, -1] Kim London is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1415, -14] Kim Ji Suk is so sweet... I hope he prospers even more and more in the future!

4. [+1116, -3] To be honest, the other things they brag about is so-so but no matter how much you brag about your grandfather being an independence fighter, I don't hate it. It's an amazing family.

5. [+717, -16] I liked him since 'I Need Romance' ^



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20 hours ago, idleee said:

He mentioned that he moves every 2-4 years because he rents. Sometimes it's tiring because he has to bring his shoe racks and even window blinds along even if they don't fit anymore (He orders the blinds custom fit to the window). He gets attached to the window blinds so he brings it along and try to see if it fits in the new place or cut it if its too long. He ends up with too many window blinds 

Lol! This cracked me up. He’s like an ahjumma! 





Kim Ji Suk spoke about his best friend Yoo In Young on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling.”

On the April 28 broadcast, the actor appeared as a special MC.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked about his close celebrity friends, and Kim Ji Suk answered, “I’m close with all of the actresses from the dramas I appeared in. And out of all of them, I’m the closest with Yoo In Young. [We’ve been friends] for over 10 years.”

He continued, “Other people sometimes ask if we’re pretending to be just friends when we’re actually dating or if we dated in the past since Yoo In Young is so charming and pretty. But we’re really just friends to the point where we know everything about each other.”

When MC Seo Jang Hoon asked if they weren’t attracted to each other, the actor replied, “We’re completely past that. We were co-stars and then became friends. When I dated other people, my girlfriends were okay with everyone else, but it felt like they were a bit competitive with Yoo In Young. I sometimes enjoy that [jealousy].”

Sharing a story about how their friendship led to an argument, Kim Ji Suk said, “All [of my ex-girlfriends] asked, ‘Did you date?’ ‘Are you guys really just friends?’ but one, in particular, didn’t ask anything. She wasn’t curious or interested at all. So I actually asked her why she didn’t ask if we’re friends or if we used to date, and she said, ‘Isn’t she obviously your ex?’ She also had a guy friend just like I had my friend Yoo In Young, so I asked if she used to date him, and she said yes. That’s so unfair. [Yoo In Young] is just a friend, but she was friends with her ex-boyfriend. That doesn’t make sense, and so we slightly argued about that.”

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21 hours ago, triplem said:


Right? Haha! But then hes really really good at housework too and cooking! 

Seems like JS love to make his gf jealous. Is it me or for some reason on most variety he somehow talks about his love life too?:o Somin somehow talks about her love life in almost every variety she goes on too. What a common trait between both of them :joy:


12 hours ago, heyyoooo said:
Insta update from his bro!!! He's so handsome im cryiiiiiiinngg


Aaaaaa Be still heart!! His smile and his cheekbone.. how dare he!!! 

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5 hours ago, idleee said:

Seems like JS love to make his gf jealous. Is it me or for some reason on most variety he somehow talks about his love life too?


Hehe. He seems to be a hopeless romantic also. Buuuut Yoo inyoung and KJS look sooo good together too. Hehe. They always talk about each other whenever they are on variety shows. 


He's going to be a special dj! And it's bora! Who knows where we can watch live? 


TSYB japanese version preview!!!! 


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Pictures of Oppa on the radio show



Update from Oppa’s HK fanclub on the birthday presents they prepared for him. Will do the translation when I’m free tomorrow.



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