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▶ ✩✩✩ SHINee (샤이니) Official Thread # 2 ✩✩✩ ◀


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I was never a fan of Shinee but I admired their teamwork and especially their slick choreography. It was both a shock and broke my heart upon the sad news of Jonghyun's untimely demise...he always had the brightest smile in most of his appearances on variety shows...who would've known? But I guess there were tell tale signs of how he felt exhausted etc. I can't begin to imagine what it's like for the other members of Shinee...the other guys must be so devastated. RIP Jonghyun...you will be dearly missed...

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So he's been suffering for a long time. It's sad, but yeah I understand that even though there are people around you who's concerned about you, sometimes depression is just too strong. It's really sad but he tried and fought hard for a long time.

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I remember getting introduced to kpop through shinee.Jonghyun was and still is one of my favourite idols . His voice was pure magic and he had such a bright smile on where ever he went. I hope his death will bring a change in the industry.

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I can't help but feel guilty for not showing Jonghyun more love while he was alive, but I'll always remember him as a person who was beautiful, talented, and passionate about speaking up for whats right in this world. 

Just wish I can go back in time. Back to 09 as I walked through school halls and randomly heard Ring Ding Dong playing loudly only to remember I forgot to turn my ringtone off :dizzy: The confused looks I got were hilarious, but that didn't matter because it was catchy af and always will be:wub: 


It just hurts knowing how much he suffered with depression all this time. You could tell from his letter that he was fighting to live this whole time, but eventually it just got too much in the end. I'm so sorry for his family, friends, and Shawols who are now feeling that same pain. I will continue to pray for you and especially for Jonghyun who deserve peace in the next life. 

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[NB] Family, friends, and thousands of fans accompany Jonghyun on his path to rest 

Article: "Be happy where you are" Friends see Jonghyun off in tears

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+4,141, -74] You worked hard, Jonghyun 
oppa. You have to be happy where you are, we'll protect you.

2. [+3,729, -42] I hope you are happy where you are, you worked hard

3. [+3,404, -33] Our kind Jonghyunnie, who always thought of others before him. Our kind Jonghyunnie who always came to us fans with a bright smile. Jonghyun-ah, you showed us so many things to learn after during your time with SHINee. I hope that you're somewhere without pain. I hope that you're able to pursue everything you want without fear of what others will think. I still can't believe this happened, I'm still not prepared to see you off. Thank you for gifting us so many things despite your hardships. We'll never forget you as an artist.

4. [+2,698, -30] Please be happy where you are... you worked so hard until now

5. [+2,369, -32] Farewell... and thank you





1. [+737, -24] Thinking of his 
nuna makes me tear up because I know how close they were as siblings. It makes me tear up... I'm crying like a fool right now ㅠ

2. [+584, -7] It's when you lay them to rest that you realize that they're really no longer with you... I can't even imagine how hard it must feel for them just through these pictures

3. [+599, -40] We lost someone we shouldn't have... He was too nice to even ask for a break
.. Making money is the point and all but I hope companies please give stars the ability to let things go and take a break when they need to

4. [+69, -1] As a fellow 
nuna with a younger brother myself, just thinking of what she must be going through breaks my heart. I hope she overcomes this.

5. [+25, -0] They're all still so young to be handling this... I hope SM is taking care of them and they're helping one another out ㅠ





1. [+188, -19] Onew's calm facial expression makes me 
more sad... he looks like he's blaming it all on himself

2. [+139, -6] I'm especially worried for Onew and Taemin...

3. [+86, -2] Kids... please don't think of anything drastic...

4. [+29, -3] Really concerned about Onew's facial expression, he looks like he has used up every emotion left in his body

5. [+26, -1] I remember at their concert, Key and Jonghyun were always holding each other and crying... they both seem like such sensitive people with a lot of tears. Seeing Key cry like this makes me think that Jonghyun is crying with him right now ㅠㅠ this is too heartbreaking
.. :(


Source: Nate

1. [+433, -2] The nuna's heart must be ripping to shreds. Apparently, Jonghyun came home after drinking and asked his mother and nuna if they were happy... and when they said they were, Jonghyun broke down in tears and said he wasn't... How heartbreaking this must be for them...

2. [+350, -1] This hits so close to home as a nuna with a little brother the same age... A part of my heart aches and cries for them... It's a sadness that just can't be expressed in words...

3. [+265, -5] Sigh........

4. [+43, -1] How she must feel to send her own brother off... apparently he was a nuna babo... his last text message was to her too...

5. [+17, -0] Jonghyunnie nuna, please overcome the sorrow of losing your only dongsaeng and take care of yourself ㅠㅠ





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I was very shocked when hearing the news and I still can not cover up now. He is the unique and best singer I've ever known. And my heart feels worst when I read Key's farewell words to Jonghyun-ssi. All members must feel sad and terrible. May he rest in peace. I saw the color of the moon this morning in Korea, may he is in heaven now.

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