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[Sitcom 2010] All My Love 몽땅 내사랑

Guest yeohweping

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Guest c0n3ll0

anyone know what's the opening song?and who sang it?

btw.. I think the part where Ok-Yeob hit Geum Ji is a little awkward.. :P well, I hope their acting skills will improve :wub:

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Guest kenderkin88

AML ep 1 eng sub is out!! ^^

thanks to snjeung/bnersh for her hardwork! gosh, i love her! the best! :D lool ..she's also subbing adam couple cuts plus this one.. to think that it's a lot of work..

her blog .. snjeung.wordpress.com/all-my-love

so all their fate's are kinda intertwine(?)..KSA is GJ's friend who will have a loveline with OY - who will be the daughter of director - director will be married to the twins mother - DJ's the twins bestfriend who will have a lovelive with GJ - the hwang family is temporarily living with KSA's grandmother - the teacher guy is a friend(?) of OY (but i heard OY call him uncle)..need to wait for the subs to understand their relantionship charts..kekeke...

Ah, thanks!! Passed it along to my non-Korean-speaking friends. ^_^

I think DJ is probably closer to OY than to GJ (boys do that, heh), which is how OY would have met WJ (the teacher) before but GJ wouldn't have.. And since OY and DJ are close, it wouldn't be weird for OY to call WJ "uncle" too (because WJ is DJ's uncle). GJ seems to have a completely different circle of friends, so while she might know DJ, she might have been too busy (or never cared enough) to ever meet his family before.

So, wait, why is it not airing tomorrow?

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Guest heyman88

Gotta say, GaIn eyes are not that small after watching the pictures.

With regards to the story, it's mindless fun, I'd try not to over-analyse them.

Was there any mention how long this Sitcom will run? 6 mths or more?

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Guest yeohweping


[REVIEW] "All My Love" - First Episode

"All My Love" 1st episode MBC Mon~Fri 7:45 p.m.


MBC Sticom "All My Love" [MBC]

When Mi-sun (Park Mi-sun), a widowed mother of twins Geum-ji (Son Ga-in) and Ok-yeop (Jo Kwon) gets kicked out from a small room she lived in with her children, she tries to turn her life around by marrying Gap-soo (Kim Gap-soo), the head of a rich private education institute. That is how new MBC sitcom "All My Love" can be summarized but it premiered with several shaky elements.

Although Park Mi-sun has appeared in a couple sitcoms starting with SBS' “Soonpoong Clinic” in 2000, her impact in the acting field has never quite had the impact she usually has on variety shows. Son Ga-in and Jo Kwon who are popular from their pairing as a make-believe husband and wife on MBC's reality TV show “We Got Married” have suddenly become twins in the sitcom. And moreover, in this sitcom that parodied KBS drama “Sister of Cinderella,” actor Kim Gap-soo who played the benevolent father in the aforementioned drama, now has to act a totally different character while being in the same situation.

But the sitcom has turned out to be more interesting than expected. If the part on Geum-ji walking around in fake designer shoes to pretend she is a rich girl but later reappearing as as a delivery girl of a small hot broth restaurant was a scene that is predictable of sitcoms, the part on Geum-ji discussing her eyelid surgery with a doctor was funny in an ironic sort of way because it reminded the viewers of what Ga-in herself went through before debuting as a celebrity. The script was also refreshing in the sense that instead of having Jo Kwon reenact his so-often seen frivolous image and his role with Ga-in as a petite-sized married couple from the other show, it added life to the two's new relationship as brother and sister by showing them fight like cats and dogs. Plots like how Geum-ji’s hard-earned money for her eyelid surgery got siphoned off by her brother Ok-yeop, only to be siphoned off again by their mother Mi-sun and how Gap-soo was blocked by his employee Yoon Seung-a from using the toilet in his own institution, shows that the show stays faithful to the basic structure sitcoms follow as in providing moments of humor here and there. Then again, the script was written by Park Min-jung, one of the early script writers to the popular cable program “Rude Miss Young-ae.

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usually sitcoms last for 6 mos. or more.. since it has 100+ episodes..

@kenderkin .. you're welcome ..^^ im just grateful that snjeung loves and a fan of adam couple that she's willing to put hardwork in subbing their shows.. hehe..

their ratings are not bad at all..i hope it would go up more in the ff. episodes to come..and they have favorable positive response/reviews :D ..


episode 1: 8.5%

episode 2: 9.9%


@semifly .. thanks for posting the previews..i know there won't be AML today and on friday but im surprised that there's no AML on the 16th(tuesday)..







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Guest hoami189

@semi-fly and yeohweping: thanks for posting those previews!!

Snjeung: thanks for doing the translation!! To me, you're such a supergirl for subbing all the Adam episodes, and this sitcom also. I think it will take a lot of both your time and your health. But don't be overworked, okie???

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Guest bitter SOOweet

aw poo, no episode today. a break in episodes already. what a heartbreak ;p

well so far, i'm actually pretty impressed by jokwon and gain's acting. for first timers not bad at all!

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Guest milesedi

More than a year?? It's that possible for a sitcom?? I really really hope Gain and Jo Kwon keep in the sitcom until the end, and that the audiences keep growing!!

And I keep thinking that Gain's accident with her future "father" it's not coincidence... Maybe MBC is trying to trick us making us think that Seung Ah is the real daughter and maybe at the end it's supposed to be Gain!! Since in Kwon's caracter description says "he starts to change when he met Seung Ah..." maybe it's because he feels it's his real sister!! Or he feels different and thinks it's love and then something happen and they disvoer they are brother and sister and this is why they feel this... fondness??!!!

I don't know if I'm explaining well, my poor english... :sweatingbullets:

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Guest teukiie

MBC HP say that they will be onair

101108〜120131  about 15months.

It's so great !!!

Where did you get the information from, just wondering?

14 months is a long time! :| That's about... more than 100 episodes?

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Guest hoami189

Gosh, this sitcom is supposed to be on air more than a year??? It's really a long time!!! Hm... i dont think Kwon and GaIn will be able to be with this sitcom for more than a year... But we will see...

I still keep my hope that in the end Kwon and GaIn will turn to be not siblings heeehee... And they will fall in love with the one that they always bicker all the time!! (Still cant accept the loveline Kwon - SeungAh)

@semi-fly: thank for sharing the torrent links!! ^^~

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