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[Sitcom 2010] All My Love 몽땅 내사랑

Guest yeohweping

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Guest kenderkin88

bi' date='08 November 2010 - 07:58 PM' timestamp='1289267890' post='16638713']

snjeung will sub this sitcom ^^ i think :)

she's subbed part 1 already :D

Oh good. I'm watching it unsubbed, but one of my friends doesn't speak any Korean at all and has been hoping against hope for subs. I'll have to check back later for this. ^_^ Hopefully someone will post links here so I won't have to go hunting through YT or something. *so very lazy*

As for the show itself, I think it's pretty silly so far, but mostly in a fun way. The premise is cute, the characters are cute, and the actors are doing well enough. ^_^

But as a Jeon Tae-soo stan (I'm probably the only person in the world who was in love with Ha In-soo :wub:), I have to comment on him (even though he had, what, 2 scenes? Barely even that). I kind of hate his hairstyle, and while he was a bit stiff, I about died when I heard him speaking English. :o I know his character's evil..again..but I hope he gets lots of screentime. :D And a real loveline, because In-soo's non-ending in SKKS pissed me off. fury.gif

Anyway. Fangirling aside, I'll probably keep watching this for the most part, until something else comes along to capture my interest. ^_^

EDIT: And for you guys complaining about the laughter.. I hate it too. But laugh tracks are standard on sitcoms, so it's just something we have to deal with. (US sitcoms also have laugh tracks, which I LOATHE.) -_-

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Guest mbane25

as the caption says, kwonnie reaches to hold GaIn hands :)


Sorry to cut your post..

Thanks for the sharing the pix..

I found the video based on the pix.. acutally, it was on the facebook that you provided..

here is the link..


luv the part on 2.46

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Guest teukiie

That macro is so funny, thanks for sharing

Is it good? I can only watch the episode on Wednesday to Friday this week, since I don't have school then! It airs at like 11:45pm in NZ?

Is it worth watching if you don't know Korean?

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Guest dini1010

watch the vid, when asked who has the most NGs, its Gain..and when asked why, i think Gain said when she has scenes with the senior (sunbaenim) she gets nervous..as we know all the men chose YSA as the one they wished to have a loveline with..and YSA said all the men choose her it's because Gain and JoKwon is the Adam couple..(the reason the men did not choose Gain).YSA said sorry to Gain..the first epi is quite entertaining, and the way she runs with her mum's handbag is so cute...

I'm quite ok that they are siblings coz their skinships level are :phew:.see when Gain sit on top of JoKwon during their fight..hehehe..anyway if at the end of the day they are not real twins that would be soo much better.. :D ..


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Guest c0n3ll0

as we know all the men chose YSA as the one they wished to have a loveline with..and YSA said all the men choose her it's because Gain and JoKwon is the Adam couple..(the reason the men did not choose Gain).YSA said sorry to Gain..

Well, I understand why the other male casts chose YSA.. but I can't understand why Kwonnie chose YSA also?? :unsure:

@teukiie most of us don't know Korean also.. me too.. but because I've watched many korean variety shows & dramas, now I'm getting used to it, so I can understand a little.. And I think it's worth to watch, altough you don't know what they're talking about but at least you can see their expressions & acts.. it's funny.. :lol:

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I just watched the first episode and I loved it! Can't wait for the next episode to be released.

Semi-fly: I think the money they received from the landlady was their deposit.

As a first episode and with the majority of the screen time, I really felt that GaIn did a superb job introducing us to what her family is like as well as the tone of the sitcom.

I saw that Noh Minwoo was suppose to be in this drama as well. What happened to him?

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

The first ep was enjoyable

Especially Gain Jokwon and their mom.. the twin characters fits in well with Gain-Jokwon.. it was "believable"

I think this ep was all about those three.. the other characters haven't shine as much or more like they haven't interest me much

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Guest serendipityyy

Well, I understand why the other male casts chose YSA.. but I can't understand why Kwonnie chose YSA also?? :unsure:

kwonnie chose YSA because the question was "the character that you hope to have a loveline with" and since gain is supposed to be his twin sister, naturally, he would have to choose someone else hahah :)

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i wasn't able to watch 2day's ep.. i did just for about a dew minutes then my bro had to use the comp, he won't be budged that it irritates me to the highest level.. ggrr..

im curious on what happened today?...can't wait to watch it..^^

btw, there won't be AML tom bcuz of the Asian Games..:( and also on fri - news desk..(?)


poor geum ji....



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Jo Kwon and Gain's First Performance in "All My Love" Recieves 'Passing Marks'


Viewers were soundly impressed with Jo Kwon and Gain’s comical performances on MBC’s new sitcom, “All My Love”.

On the first episode of “All My Love,” that was broadcast on Nov. 8th, the starring characters are introduced. The characters include the stingy Director Kim Gab Soo, Park Mi Sun who dreams of turning her life around, and the older sister-younger brother twins played by Gain and Jo Kwon. Especially known for their activities as a virtual married couple on the variety show “We Got Married,” Jo Kwon and Gain induced laughter with their depictions of Geum Ji and Ok Yeob, twins who conflict with each other.

Gain plays a poor, vain college student. She boasts of counterfeit shoes to her friends and lies to them, saying she is going to study abroad, in order to hide her suspension from school due to a lack of money. In addition, Gain’s character, who has had a complex about her mono-lids and small eyes since childhood, gets a part time job delivering gukbap (Korean rice soup) and saves up 1,500, 000 won (~1400 USD) for double-eyelid surgery. But her brother, played by Jo Kwon, steals some of this money and spends it all at a club. In addition, her mother tricks her into putting the rest of the money into a fraudulent pyramid scheme. Gain sheds tears and incited explosive laughter when her eyeliner runs and spreads out into panda eyes.

With Jo Kwon’s performing with his peculiar charm and Gain innocuously depicting her character with her natural appearance, the possibility of success from now on is evident. Jo Kwon and Gain’s sitcom performance brought in favorable comments from the viewers.

On online boards, viewers expressed their expectations for the idols’ performances with comments such as: “Jo Kwon and Gain’s characters are daebak. It looks like everyday will become fun.” “Considering it’s their first performance, both of them are really natural.” “Gain is very charming and Jo Kwon is cute! Their performances match that of actual siblings very well.”

The first episode of “All My Love” reached a nationwide audience rating of 8.5% (AGB Nielsen Media Research total).

Source: Innolife

Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org

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Guest chiearl

can you guys almost imagine now how jealousy will be shown once the lovelines start??? i'm creating this little story in my head! haha :D anyway, Gain and Kwon are freaking hilarious! They carried out the "siblings" role very well! im still hoping for an AC loveline though.. haha :D

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AML ep 1 eng sub is out!! ^^

thanks to snjeung/bnersh for her hardwork! gosh, i love her! the best! :D lool ..she's also subbing adam couple cuts plus this one.. to think that it's a lot of work..

her blog .. snjeung.wordpress.com/all-my-love

so all their fate's are kinda intertwine(?)..KSA is GJ's friend who will have a loveline with OY - who will be the daughter of director - director will be married to the twins mother - DJ's the twins bestfriend who will have a lovelive with GJ - the hwang family is temporarily living with KSA's grandmother - the teacher guy is a friend(?) of OY (but i heard OY call him uncle)..need to wait for the subs to understand their relantionship charts..kekeke...

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Guest serendipityyy

after watching the 2nd episode i have a hard time figuring out all the characters' relationship to one another.

so bang eunhee is doojoon's mom? and yeon woojin is bang eunhee's brother? (which makes him doojoon's uncle) or is woojin eunhee's son which makes him doojoons brother?

and KSA and her grandmother have no blood relation with eunhee's family but is just living in their house?

i'm so confused! hahah

ps. does yeon woojin remind anyone else of yang yoseob from beast? is it just me?


i just read the first page and everything i was confused about was already written there -__- next time i have to be more attentive haha

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

@semi-fly the hospital and the police station are probably close by, or still in the same area

GeumJi probably ran away from the hospital or someone let her out to go to the police station.. we have to probably play along with the scriptwriters on this one.. lol

What I was wondering is, why didn't GeumJi pick up her phone or call her mom after she got out of the hospital.. was the phone dead? But Okyub said GeumJi didn't pick up so I was assuming her phone is on.

The other thing is, WooJin knows OkYub but didn't know GeumJi when he saw her at the school?

Anyways, they're all in one house from now.. it'll get more interesting

Plus DooJoon finally make his appearance tonite ^^

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