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[Drama 2010] Doctor Champ 닥터 챔프

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[sBS] Kim So Yeon, Uhm Tae Woong, Jung Gyu Woon, Cha Ye Ryun


DR. CHAMP 닥터챔프

September 27 - November 16, 2010





Dr. Champ Preview


Title: 닥터 챔프 / Dr. Champ / Doctor Champ

Producer: Lee Hee Soo

PD: Park Hyung Ki

Screenwriter: No Ji Seol

Genre: Romance, sports, medical

Official Homepage: SBS Dr.Champ

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: 2010.09.27 -- 2010.11.16

Press Conference: 16 September 2010

Airtime: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


'Dr. Champ' is the upcoming sports medical Korean drama which follows an ahjumma-rock-band Korean drama 'I am Legend'. The drama is set at Taerung National Village, the Olympic training ground for national athletes. The story will center around its athletes and doctors who stay there. Actress Kim So Yeon of 'IRIS' and 'Prosecutor Princess' is set to play an orthopedic doctor at the training camp. She was transferred after kicked out from her job at a hospital for announcing her supervisor’s malpractice case. There, she meets and naturally falls into a romantic entanglement with the gruff and cynical director of the facility played by Uhm Tae Woong of 'The Devil' and 'Queen Seon Deok', a ex-speed skater who was forced to quit due to injury which made his leg partially paralyzed, as well as a reckless judo athlete played by Jung Gyu Woon of 'Loving You a Thousand Times'. The love romantic entanglament gets more complicated by the existence a swimming coach played by Cha Ye Ryun. She will be Kim's love rival for Uhm’s love. Next, there is Song Ji Eun of 'Chuno' who plays as Jung's childhood friend and also his sister in-law, who always supports him in much difficulty times after his brother dies. Young Korean actress Kang So Ra, who plays a swimmer on the national team. She is a frank and lively girl who likes Jung's character. She is currently busy with intense swimming training to fit the role.

Asian Economy and Newsen via dongdrama


ksy.jpg Kim So Yeon (김소연) as Kim Yeon Woo * soompi

utw.jpg Uhm Tae Woong (엄태웅) as Lee Do Wook * soompi

jgw.jpg Jung Gyu Woon (정겨운)as Park Ji Heon * soompi

cyr.jpg Cha Ye Ryun (차예련) as Kang Hee Young

sje.jpg Song Ji Eun (송지은)

jsw.jpg Jung Suk Won (정석원) as Yu Sang Bong * soompi

ksr.jpg Kang So Ra (강소라) as Kwon Yoo Ri

mds.jpg Ma Dong Suk (마동석) as Oh Jung Dae

sd.jpg Shindong (신동)

sdh.jpg Sin Dong Woo (신동우)

mhk.jpg Moon Hee Kyung (문희경) as Go Mi Ja (Yeon Woo's mother)

isk.jpg Im Sung Kyu (임성규) as Go Bum

ybg.jpg Yoon Bong Gil (윤봉길) as Uhm Dong Ho

jmk.jpg Jo Min Ki (조민기) as Professor Seo (cameo)


Dr. Champ OST Part 1 -- courtesy of URNOBODY

Fall In Love With You by Bobby Kim youtube

Dr. Champ OST Part. 1 Release date: 2010.09.28

01. Fall In Love With You -바비 킴(Bobby Kim)

02. Fall In Love With You (MR) -바비 킴(Bobby Kim)

Dr. Champ OST Part. 2 Release date: 2010.10.01

1. 이런 게 사랑일까  - 유리상자

Dr. Champ OST Part. 3 Release date: 2010.10.05

1.  Perfect Your Love - 엠투엠 (M To M)

2.  Perfect Your Love (MR) - 엠투엠 (M To M)

Dr. Champ OST Part. 4 Release Date: 2010.10.12

1. My All  -배다해 (Bae Da Hae)        

2. My All (MR) -배다해 (Bae Da Hae)

[MV] Perfect Your Love - M To M youtube l youtube

OST Part 4 -- My All by Bae Da Hae courtesy of Dokified: youtube

'Cactus' by Epitone Project (vocal by Shim Kyu Seon), released '10.05.12 youtube - thanks to WhiteFox

My Way by WheeSung Dr. Champ OST Part 5


YouTube Thanks to @URNOBODY My Way MV~ TouTube Thanks to bityxu

Dr. Champ OST Release Date: 2010.11.08 music.naver.com

MP3 format, Mediafire download links Full album download link - Megaupload (thanks to lilcrash)

01. Fall in love with you - 바비 킴 (Bobby Kim)  

02. 이런게 사랑일까  - 유리상자

03. Perfect your love - 엠투엠 (M To M)     

04. My all - 배다해      

05. My way(Dr.Champ) - 휘성    

06. 자꾸만 - 서영은

07. The Champ

08. 연우 Theme  

09. 홀로서기

10. La ya huts hey - Janinto    

11. 외발 자전거  

12. 지헌 Theme        

13. 비상  

14. Vital sign      

15. Timeless    

16. Hurry up !!

That Is Love by Sweet Salt YouTube

Hangul/Romanized Lyrics ~ Dr. Champ OST X (thanks to maccay)


Episode 1 - Monday 09/27

AGB Nationwide 12.4% - Seoul 12.9%

TNS Nationwide 10.3% - Seoul 10.6%

Episode 2 - Tuesday 09/28

AGB Nationwide 12.0% - Seoul 12.9%

TNS Nationwide 12.4% - Seoul 12.4%

Episode 3 - Monday 10/04

AGB Nationwide 13.7% - Seoul 14.6%

TNS Nationwide 11.4% - Seoul 11.5%

Episode 4 - Tuesday 10/05

TNS Nationwide 11.8% - Seoul 11.9%

Episode 5 - Monday 10/11

TNS Nationwide 9.2% - Seoul 8.9%

AGB Nationwide 10.3% - Seoul 10.3%

Episode 6 - Tuesday 10/12

TNS Nationwide 11% - Seoul 11.2%

AGB Nationwide 9.1% - Seoul 9.0%

Episode 7 - Monday 10/18

TNS Nationwide 10.2% - Seoul 10.5%

AGB Nationwide 11.8% - Seoul 13.2%

Episode 8 - Tuesday 10/19

TNS Nationwide 11.6% - Seoul 11.8%

AGB Nationwide 12.8% - Seoul 13.3%

Episode 9 - Monday 10/25

TNS Nationwide 10.9% - Seoul 11.4%

AGB Nationwide 11.9% - Seoul 12.7%

Episode 10 - Tuesday 10/26

TNS Nationwide 11.3% - Seoul 11.3%

AGB Nationwide 11.4% - Seoul 11.3%

Episode 11 - Monday 11/01

TNS Nationwide 11.4% - Seoul 11.5%

AGB Nationwide 11.1% - Seoul 12.4%

Episode 12 - Tuesday 11/02

TNS Nationwide 11.3% - Seoul 11.6%

AGB Nationwide 11.0% - Seoul 11.0%

Episode 13 - Monday 11/08

TNS Nationwide 11.3% - Seoul 11.3%

AGB Nationwide 10.6% - Seoul 11.3%

Episode 14 - Tuesday 11/09

TNS Nationwide 10.7% - Seoul 11.1%

AGB Nationwide 10.6% - Seoul 11.6%

Episode 15 - Monday 11/15

TNS Nationwide 8.7% - Seoul 8.7%

AGB Nationwide 8.5% - Seoul 8.5%

Episode 16 (Finale) - Tuesday 11/16

TNS Nationwide 10.6% - Seoul 10.5%

AGB Nationwide % - Seoul %


English subtitles WITHS2

RAW episodes d-addicts.com l joonmedia.net l Am-Addiction l Aja-Aja l yellowcinema

Torrent Chinese subbed bbs.517ww.com l Coco Repository

Medium Quality Dr Champ Episode 01-11

Streaming on HULU via Dramafever

File Serve Ep 01-16- Complete Set Single Links (HANrel / jtranla)

Torrent Link E01 (thanks to semi-fly) Baros & MHaN & Baros / 720p & HANrel & HANrel / 450p (thanks to semi-fly) 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5

Torrent Link E02 Baros & MHaN & HANrel & UKN / 720p: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4

Torrent 720p-HANrel E01 l E02

Torrent Link E03 Baros & Baros / 720p & SeSang & SeSang / 720p & HANrel & HANrel / 720p: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6

Torrent Link E04 Baros & SeSang & UKN / 480p & MHaN & HANrel & UKN / 720p & HANrel / 450p): 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7

Torrent Link E05 UKN / 480p & MHaN & HanSun / 720p & Baros & HANrel & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7

Torrent Link E06 Baros & MHaN & HanSun / 720p & HANrel & HANRel / 450p: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5

Torrent Link E07 baba & SKY / 1080p & MHaN & HanSun / 720p & UKN / 720p & HANrel & HANrel / 450p: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7

Torrent Link E08 Baros & SKY / 1088p & UKN / 480p & HANrel & HanSun / 720p & HANrel / 450p

Torrent Link E09 Baros & HanSun / 720p & UKN / 480p & HANrel & Baros / 720p & HANrel / 450p

Torrent Link E10 HanSun / 720p & HANrel & MHaN & SKY / TS & Baros

Torrent Link E11 Baros & MHaN & HanSun / 720p & HANrel & HANrel / 450p

Torrent Link E12 Baros & HANrel & HanSun / 720p & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p

Torrent Link E13 Baros & HanSun / 720p & HANrel & Baros / 720p & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p

Torrent Link E14 HEmAe & HANrel & HanSun / 720p & UKN & Baros & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p

Torrent Link E15 Baros & HanSun / 720p & HANrel & Baros / 720p & HANrel / 450p

Torrent Link E16 {FINALE} UKN & Baros & OMG / 450p & Khai & HANrel & HanSun / 720p & HANrel / 450p & HANrel / 720p

Tudou HQ Online Link (thanks to mandalaywith) E1 l E2 l E3 l E4 l E5 l E6 l E7 l E8 l E11

Megaupload (thanks to Tekin) E01 l E02 l E03 l E04 l E05 l E06 l E07 l E08 l E09 l E10 l E11 l E12 l E13 l E14 l E15 l E16

Chinese Subbed [TSKS] (thanks to c_gunawan541) Megaupload 001 l 002 l 003 l 004 l 005 l 006 l 007 l 008 l 009 l 010 l 010V2 l 011 l 012 l 013 l 014 l 015 l 016

28.09.2010 Dr Champ on Strong Heart E45 HQ tudou


Dr. Champ Press Conference X l X

Dr. Champ in Strong Heart 28.09.10 X

Behind-the-Scenes X

Episode 1 X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X

Episode 2 X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X

Episode 3 X l X l

Episode 4 X l

Episode 5 X l X

Episode 6 X

Episode 7 X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X

Episode 8 X l X l X l X l X l X l X l X

Episode 9 X l X l BTS X l X

Episode 10 X l BTS X

Episode 11 X l X l X l X l X l X

Episode 12 X l X

Episode 13 X l X l BTS X

Episode 14 X l X l X

Episode 15 X l X

Episode 16 (Finale) X l X

BTS misc X l X l X l X

Related Updates

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asianmediawiki l d-addicts l hancinema l allkoreandrama l nate.com l viikii

th_drcwall2.jpg th_drcwall1.jpg l th_drcwall3.jpg

th_drcwall4.jpg th_drcwall5.jpg

th_drc1.jpg th_drc8.jpg th_drc4.jpg th_drc5.jpg

th_drc6.jpg th_drc7.jpg th_drc9.jpg th_drchamp1.jpg

Our utmost gratitude to everyone sharing unconditionally for Dr. Champ th_ty299as.gif

Korean Dramas & Movies Forum Rules

Addition or correction to the drama details, please PM me so that editing can be done in the post to provide a better reference for everyone. Please do not quote posted images (remove the img tags or delete the links altogether) and seriously avoid spamming the thread with unrelated posts.

Discuss the drama in a positive, considerate and productive manner & let's all enjoy Dr. Champ

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November 12, 2010

Founder of largest English K-pop site 'Soompi'

Korean-American web developer creates first global online community devoted to K-pop, Asian entertainment

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia cathy@koreatimes.co.kr


Main page of the ultimate K-pop site “Soompi”

If you’re looking for news about a SuperJunior concert, reviews for a 2NE1 album, recaps of Korean drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" or simply anything about Korean entertainment, chances are you’ll find it on Soompi.com.

Soompi.com is the oldest and currently the largest English-language online community devoted to Korean and Asian entertainment, with a million unique visitors every month.

Soompi has come a long way from its early days as a personal online shrine devoted to K-pop started by Korean-American Susan Kang in 1998.

"I had recently graduated from college with nothing much to do. As a recent fan of both K-pop and the Internet (AOL was all the rage), I noticed that there weren't any English-language sites devoted to Korean pop music or TV dramas, so I purchased a book called `Make Your Own Website with Microsoft Word '97’, and the rest, as they say, is history," Kang said, now a 35-year-old mother living in Irvine, Calif., in an email interview with The Korea Times.

Kang’s original site, Soompitown, was fairly simple. She would just upload photos of her favorite K-pop acts like H.O.T., S.E.S., Shinhwa and FinKL and English translations of Korean magazine articles, as well as post CD audio samples and her own album reviews. Basically, Kang ran the website out of "love" for K-pop.

(If you’re wondering about the meaning of Soompi, it simply refers to a nickname that a roommate’s family gave Kang in college.)


In the early 2000s, hallyu or the Korean wave began spreading around Asia and international fans discovered Soompi, the first website that actually provided English-language information about their favorite Korean stars.

Soon Soompi became more and more popular, requiring more servers and more technical expertise. A team of volunteers helped moderate the forums and post content on the website, but Kang, who also worked full-time as a web developer, was running the website on her own as a hobby and it was starting to feel burdensome.

For one, it was getting expensive to pay for the server fees out of her own pocket, although it was partially funded by member donations and small ad buys.

Then came the fateful day, Oct. 5, 2005, when the entire Soompi website crashed. Its entire database of 80,000 members and millions of forum posts was gone. "I seriously thought of just making that the end of Soompi, as I'd been running the site as a hobby for seven years at that point, and was paying for the servers completely out of my own pocket," she said.

"The turning point was when we re-opened an empty forum with 0 members and 0 posts, and within 5 days, we already had 40,000 members. That's when I knew that Soompi was bigger and more important than just one person's hobby."

Soon, it became apparent that a more serious, business-oriented approach to Soompi was needed.

In 2006, Joyce Lan Kim, a lawyer then working for technology firms in Silicon Valley, joined Soompi to handle the business side, albeit on a part-time basis.

"I joined the company, working on advertising and thinking of ways the company can break even. Susan never started this with business in mind. It was always just about fun. It was about bringing K-pop to the people. But how we make this sustainable is our job," Kim told The Korea Times at a coffee shop in downtown Seoul, last week.

Last year, Kang and Kim both decided to leave their full-time jobs and focus on Soompi.

The 33 year old Kim, who studied at Cornell and Harvard universities and received a law degree from Columbia University, had no second thoughts giving up a law career. She sees Soompi as a good business opportunity with K-pop’s potential to expand around the world.

Soompi is may not yet be profitable, but there is no doubt it is an Internet success with 500,000 registered members, and attracts over one million unique visitors every month ("That's like a small city," Kim quipped.) Revenues are currently generated from ads, premium membership and affiliate programs, but not enough for the company to break even.

There may be other K-pop websites that attract more hits, but Soompi has the most activity among community members, such as posting content and comments on the site. "Our success comes from covering such a wide variety of topics - not only the latest K-pop news, but Korean dramas and variety shows, original fan fiction, our own member-run shops, beauty & fashion, among so much more," Kang said.

Aside from sections on entertainment news, fan clubs and beauty & fashion, Soompi also has its own weekly music chart and annual contests, such as Soompi Idol, Soompi Dance Idol, Soompi Ulzzang, fan fiction writing and graphics contests.

All contests were originally started by Soompi members themselves. This year, Soompi Ulzzang Contest, a modeling competition for Soompi members, has become an official event and sponsored by Korean entertainment company Sidus HQ.

Member feedback is invaluable to keeping Soompi relevant. Whenever new features are launched, Soompi looks at the comments from members and makes the appropriate tweaks. Members can also vote for which Soompi fan clubs should be created next, as well as recommend new forums and sub-forums.

Soompi is working to make the site more user-friendly. "It's not a hobby anymore. We have to do it for real. Functionality is very important for us. We are definitely working on making it easier to use, and on getting great content," Kim said.

In terms of technical innovations, the Soompi Street Teams Twitter application is being launched. This will make it easier for fans to get their favorite K-pop idols on Twitter’s top trending topics.

"We wanted to make it easier for everybody to join together and tweet in support of their celebs. Twitter is not just for K-pop, because it's for everyone... Each time a K-pop celebrity ends up as a Twitter topic, people go, `who is this guy?’ Like when (SuperJunior member) Kim Hee-chul was trending on Twitter, everyone was talking about him... We can expose more people to the world of K-pop," Kim said.

An Asian website

Soompi is no longer just devoted to Korean pop music, but Asian pop and entertainment in general. It is also very much a global community, with most members from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

The majority or 81 percent of Soompi members are Asian, while 8 percent are white, 5 percent are multi-ethnic and the rest are African-American, Hispanic and other ethnicities. The most surprising fact was 60 to 80 percent of the non-Asian groups said they "know some Korean."

"It’s mostly non-Koreans, as opposed to 7 or 8 years ago when majority were Korean-Americans. Now Korean Americans are a minority on the site. We have ever growing number of people who are not even Asian. We have Caucasians, African-Americans, Middle East, Latin American, South East Asians," Kim said.

Soompi stands out because of its tight-knit community and its members. "Soompi is very community-focused, not just information or gossip-focused. It feels like home to many, and there are many members who have literally grown up on the site ― from Junior High to High School to College to getting married and having children," Kang said.

Noticeably, the Soompi forums are relatively free from the anti-fans and trolls who frequent K-pop websites to post vitriolic comments that rile up fans.

"I think our biggest defining feature is our members. Our members are the ones who do the subtitles, episode recaps and organize fan meetings," Kim said. "We have good members."

Future of Kpop & Soompi

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that Soompi has helped give a boost to K-pop and Korean entertainment’s popularity among English speakers.

But while K-pop is undeniably big in Asia, there is yet to be a real K-pop breakthrough in the U.S., despite attempts by Rain, Wonder Girls and Se7en. "Honestly, I'm not sure if the U.S. is ready to accept Asians as idols, as Asians are still widely portrayed as awkward geeks or kung fu masters on TV and film, but I do believe it's just a matter of 'when', not 'if'. I hope it's sooner than later," Kang said.

Looking back, Kang admitted being constantly amazed and inspired by the level of commitment and amount of time people will willingly volunteer to support their favorite idols. "Passion will drive people to do crazy and wonderful things," she said.

In the future, Soompi hopes to leverage its brand value as the oldest K-pop online resource, and to continue fanning the flames of K-pop and Asian pop fever around the world.

"In 10 years, I'll be 45 years old. I hope by then, the Soompi community will still be going strong, with the love for Korean and Asian pop being passed to a much wider audience. We'll still be providing the best place for people to express their fandom and meet others who share their passion," Kang said.


woah that is a big cast list lol

but i love kim so yeon.

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woah that is a big cast list lol

but i love kim so yeon.

yay! Thanks so much for creating a home for Dr Champ followers, Rubie!

I am so excited for this drama! I love Kim So Yeon especially after watching Prosecutor Princess. She's such a talented actress so I really hope this show will be able to do well and garner positive attention and response. I'm surprised that Jo Min-Ki is in it too. I last saw him in East and Eden as THE antagonist so I'm curious what his character/role will be like in this drama.

Hope Dr. Champ will exceed all our expectations!

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yay! Thanks so much for creating a home for Dr Champ followers, Rubie!

I am so excited for this drama! I love Kim So Yeon especially after watching Prosecutor Princess. She's such a talented actress so I really hope this show will be able to do well and garner positive attention and response. I'm surprised that Jo Min-Ki is in it too. I last saw him in East and Eden as THE antagonist so I'm curious what his character/role will be like in this drama.

Hope Dr. Champ will exceed all our expectations!

I really enjoy KSY's performances. She was fabulous in IRIS.

I was suprised to see Shin Tae Won ( Jo MinKi) on the cast list. I, too am curious to see his role here. He was quite the villian in EOE. Uhm Tae Woong's performance in Resurrection/Revenge was very good. It was one of the first kdramas I ever watched, and I thought he did a great job. So I have good feelings about this drama.

Thanks for creating the thread rubie :wub:

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Love you rubie!!! :D

thanks for our Soyeon new drama thread

Some captures from teaser trailer (credit @bityxu)


I love this pic the most ^^

look like she's missing some guy

simply beautiful Dr.Kim Yeonwoo

only 12 days Can't wait!!!

more caps of Dr.Champ trailer

The scene between KSY & JKW

look forward romantic love line of them :wub:





cr / KSY @ Baidu

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Thanks Rubie for starting this thread, & thanks So Hye Yeon for those cutie pics form Dr Champ,Love

So Yeon Ssi in 1st pic, she 's so cute, so is JKW. Ah few more days to go, cross my fingers for the ratings. Can't wait to see KSY back to the action

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So disappointed with the preview. I still clung to the hope that UTW ssi would be the male lead. Too silly I am. Now i am in two minds about watching it. Poor me, I really love Kim So yeon ssi but I can't stand seeing her ending up with that guy in stead of UTW. UTW is an excellent actor with amazing charisma.

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rubie thanks so much for creating Dr. Champ thread.

I was hoping you would do it for our So Yeon ssi and you did. Kamsahamnida!

Less than two weeks to go eh?

Now Kim So Yeon is no longer a Prosecutor but an Orthopedic doctor. I think it's cool, and i can relate.

Thanks lilcrash for the preview.

UTW as Doctor House looks hot with the cane.

So Yeon ssi is all natural, no make up and all, just a plain doctor's gown,

still lookin pretty but I'm lookin forward to how she will surprise us on this one.

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Good to see Jo Min Ki here cos that means loads of BTS pics, knowing his photographic tendencies. Hooray! At least got some really experienced actors here.

not sure how the show's going to play out, having seen the preview... but i like her look here. totally buy the doctor disguise lol. and her expressions are reminiscent of PP's Ma Hye Ri. i think she'll be a toned down version of MHR - intelligent but still naive.

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from those press conference pictures, I guess there was a sale on short, sleeveless light colored dresses :)

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