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Creators of "Slam Dunk" Show Interest in BoA.

Guest heygingersnap

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Guest heygingersnap

+ extra pictuuuuuures!


Creators of "Slam Dunk" Show Interest in BoA

The creator of the upcoming Taiwanese blockbuster ‘Slam Dunk’ openly expressed his interests in casting BoA as the main female character. “We would love to have BoA, the most prominent female artist in Asia, in our film in order to reinvigorate Taiwanese film business”, said Wu Dun, the film’s executive producer. A movie adaptation of the popular Japanese comic, ‘Slam Dunk’ will feature Taiwanese popstar, Jay Chou, as the main character. BoA will supposedly be Jay Chou’s on-screen girlfriend should she accept the offer. Other candidates for BoA’s role include female stars, such as Vivian Hsu. Famous Chinese basketball player Yao Ming is also said to play a cameo in the film.

However, contrary to reports by some Taiwanese tabloids, BoA has not received any official casting offer as of yet. “We have yet to see any official offer from the creators’ of ‘Slam Dunk’,” said a source at SM Entertainment, “and if BoA gets the offer, we will thoroughly examine how well the character suits the image of BoA and also whether BoA’s tight schedule will permit her to participate in filming.”


Site: www.BoAjjang.com

News Update: ZZOOzzoo (BoAjjang) & lil_dan84 (BoAjjang)

Translator: ZZOOzzoo (BoAjjang)

Writeup/Editing: ZZOOzzoo (BoAjjang) & budonkadonk (BoAjjang)

News/Image Source: My Daily & Uni (BoAjjang)

---------- BONUS EXTRA PICTURES. ----------------------------------









credit: heygingersnap, imageshack

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Guest newnonstop91

O_O interesting. does this mean she might act?

shes pretty


...isnt there another topic about this O_O or am i wrong

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Guest lovejyk

She looks like she got vampire fangs in the last picture XD!

I wonder if she'll start acting in her career and everything :]

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Guest xshinhae05x

........... can she speak the language? ehhe oh well.....

i was hoping for her to be in a korean movie... but this is cool too!~

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Guest GongZhenPei

cool! i heard about Slam Dunk with jay chou...but i didn't expect boa..lol...but her and jay chou, that seems interesting, lol. btw, thanx for the pix!

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wasn't Slam Dunk a manga before??

and Jay Chou is sooo hwatt!~

BUT ... OOooOOOooOOo i wanna see her act in a show!~

i wish she was casted in!~

good luck BoA >< she is soo purtty!~

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