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[Variety] Sunday Night - Enjoy Today 오늘을 즐겨라

Guest lucky_moon

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Guest lucky_moon

[MBC] ShinHyunJoon,JungJunHo,GongHyunJin,Seungri,JungHyungDon,SeoJiSuk

MBC Sunday Night



OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/sundaynight/

AIR TIME: 17:20PM every Sunday.(KOREA TIME)


Shin Hyun Joon, Jung Jun Ho, Gong Hyun Jin, Seungri, Kim Hyun Chul, Jung Hyung Don, Seo Ji Suk.


This program will think of ways to enjoy the day, and will put all the ideas together to create a book in the end. [allkpop]


DIRECT DOWNLOAD: http://cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com



TORRENT: http://www.box.net/shared/6xqcoul5g5

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Guest anissafiah

I wanted to watch this show, as Seungri is in it, but I can't find this with sub.

Hope someone will sub this show in the future. :)

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saw the 1st ep raw. SJH & JJH talk a lot, it was really funny when JJH kept talking like giving a long speech & greeting everyone he passed by, he seems really nice. SJS tried hard to prank the older guys, while the other guys overacted. SeungRi & JHD were pretty awkward when they met. i'm surprised this thread doesn't have more posts. good show, especially if you are a fan of any of the guys. it is cool to see the guys in a setting different from the usual.

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Guest serendipityyy

always grateful for the links :)

thank you semi-fly!

i'm a huge jung jun ho fan, i'm so glad he's doing variety programs..

and also, seo ji suk! he came into variety programs out of nowhere!

new faces are always nice

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

I liked the last epi!

I'm beginning to like this show, it's refreshing to see new people in the variety world

tho I'm not sure if Seungri fits in well.. the age gap is too big lol..

If anyone wants to time/edit I might be able to do translation for ep3 :)

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Guest chopper!

this show's not bad. in the beginning, i didn't like it too much, but ep 3 had me crackin up :D

i like the three hyungs and three dongsaeng pairings too. kinda forgot seungri was even in the show lol

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