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[variety] Pretty Boys Co. 꽃미남 주식회사

Guest yeonhee.

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Oh YAY~!!! There's a thread! I love JIHO :wub: HE's so HOT!!

looks, height, body, voice, and talent.

I love Chihoon's 발 연기 :P

and I like Taejun's personality.

Ep 1: w/ eng sub

shower scene :P

missing last link, but you can find others.

Ep 2: w/ eng sub

Ep 3: w/ eng sub

I love their mv.

missing last link, but you can find others.

Ep 4:

Ep 5:

looking for a secretary

w/ white guy

shopping for house warming party


I think the next one comes out tomorrow. Can't wait :P I wish for their SUCCESS! XD

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about Ep 8:

Jiho: is an eye candy all around the globe.

Taejun: I felt bad he got tricked and had to sell some of his belongings.

Chihoon: is getting cuter and cuter and improving a lot on his vocals as well.

Although he's really random and makes some people dumbfounded, I couldn't help but feel

so bad for him. :( He's always getting yelled at and you can see that he was about to cry :tears: . He's a hard worker and the most cheerful out of the group. But next ep,

you can see him get very emotional. :( Cheer up~. Aja Aja Go 꽃주!! 성공하자~!! :D

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