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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

I'm glad Joowon gets to see all the fans he has. It looks crowded in those pictures! 

@gilaswan I am like you in regards to kdrama preferences. When I marathoned JW's works I kept pushing Gaksital back. I had read the plot and it was far from what I considered 'my thing.' Until one day I sat down to watch. WOW! I was blown away. Gaksital has a lot of heart. The dialogues are wonderful and they tackle a great dilemma in regards to fighting for freedom in that time period for SK. 

Good Doctor was heartwarming. It was unique. And I absolutely adore Cantabile. ^-^ Your choice~~

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Guest fiona1111

Hi everybody! Just an update for the Yong-Pal Director's Cut DVD, I am confused now but apparently efforts to have it produced are still ongoing. For now, the best thing we could do is maybe come up with a concrete survey of demand for the DVD. So for the people interested in buying the DVD when it comes out, could you PM me your name, email and country so that I could make a list? Thank you so much! :) 

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Hello all~! I'm new here ^_^ Does anybody know what time Joo won will be arriving SG? I'm guessing 11:20 via Garuda?

We are still unsure about that.Our guess is around 8am-10am. :)

Hello Ma OO~ I'll most probably b going to the airport to see Joowon. Will check for new update! ^_^ 

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I didn't realize this until just now... Joo Won is like an idol. :D  Everywhere he goes, there are fans just waiting to flail about in happiness.  @badsmuler those pics are amazing!!

I think he get more popularity from Yong Pal..The fan is increase so much include myself..I know new fan just want to watch old drama Joo Wonn

From me my opinion Gaksital is the most Joo Won excelent drama from Kbs...but Yong Pal from SBS make Joo Won idol and increase the popularity Joo Won among international fans..


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I just look instragrm JooWon indonesia...

So lucky Indonesia fans..He is give too much to fans..with smile..funny handsome and tall...love all screaming call him oppa:wub:I love more fan more become fan Jo Won..He deserve all this..

I just realised its Joo Won in Indonesia..Not Yong Pal ..Lee Kang to or good doctore..how he can change personality or character so much and fast...Salute Joo Won so much all this diferent...


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Finaaaaaally! Soompi's been acting out on me the past few days. 

First, yay for guestings!! What's the format of healing camp? Is it like win win? Or more of sketchbook? Anyway, I'm just glad that we'll be seeing more of him in the coming days! 

Next, omg lucky fans in Indonesia!!!! You have got to make your fanaccount and share it okay? Cutie looked sooooo awesome! And shocked at the large crowd! I'm sooooo happy that Yongpal brought Joo Won more fans to know of his awesomeness. And I'm hoping with Healing Camp, more will be amazed at his singing skills and personality. 

Third, I think we already expected that he won't win in the Korea Drama Awards right seeing that he's out of the country at the time of awarding. Some award shows lately tend to be more 'political' and popularity-based so it's not really a great gauge for how well one acted or performed one's character. Like what @coolreborn and I was talking about, the PD Awards which Cutie won before seems more meaningful than other awards. 

Lastly, @mrdimples (hey you resurfaced! Yay!), @rionae @farbarri @ctfrsgp and everyone else who will be in Singapore to meet Cutie, share your stories okay??? And enjoy your 'date with Joo Won'!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I miss our Cutie! Huuuuuuuu! I wanna go back to Korea or maybe he should come here too? 

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wow too many people will go to Singapore..jealous so much...I want go to but today Im working...:tears:

need to be here again to read all update in here...from me sad because didnt got that fan meeting..

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@ecs707a: Nope. YongPal is the first of his shows I've watched. A lot of people recommend Gaksital, but it looks like the kind of story that will have you stabbing yourself over multiple times. Hahaha... I don't particularly enjoy shows where there's a lot of grief and angst. I rather like shows like Healer, YongPal, Pinocchio, School 2013 - those sorts. Social dramas. 

Well, there is grief and angst in Gaksital.  It's worth it, though!  If you really can't, I'd say try Cantabile, Ojakgyo, or Good Doctor.  Ojakgyo is long, and there are angsty parts, but there's a nice balance between angst and cute throughout, with all the brothers and their separate storylines.  But 58 episodes.  So there's that.

Cantabile is more slice-of-life.  I guess it'd be classified as rom-com, but I have my doubts because I almost never like rom-coms and don't usually find them funny, lol.  This is funny, but it kept some of the manga-esque humor, so it feels less like a typical rom-com.  It has so many lovable characters, and it's so very pretty.  It's not perfect - I was never a fan of the pointless "love triangle", even though I liked the other guy's character when they gave him more interesting things to do than just needle Yoo Jin.  And the music is another strong point.  Aaah.  Am I trying to talk myself into rewatching this?  Haha.




Preettty.  Oh yes.


Anyway, my third favorite of his dramas. :)  

Good Doctor was...good.  But I can't say I really loved it either.  It was a little too after school special for me.  But it's very sweet and nice and the acting is good and it has my favorite cameo ever, so...

In Good Doctor he was (as aslways ?) brilliant, and I enjoyed the drama during his airing, but not at the same level of Gaksital, story was more "simple". Very original plot, admirably acted by leads, but side lines were often boring for me (hospital fights). And I was part of those who didn't understand the story line. Again. Maybe I have a problem in storyline in kdrama, i often don't understand how i could believe they love each other... one of them ok, but reciprocity often not. It was the same for Yong pal.

I've only let Baker king aside until now, because I reserved this one for his missing period (army....). the fact that KBS is uploading it  confirms my choice.

I guess I'm agreeing with @ophris, haha.  @ophris!  You must watch Baker King!  You can wait until he leaves, but you must.  :D   And I envy you, since the only thing I would have left to claim that I'm "saving" for the military service dry spell is the second half of Level 7.   Ugh.  Hopefully he does a bunch of projects and they come out after he goes, so it won't be so bad.

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You haven't finished the drama we musn't name ! Ha, it was the time after gaksital,  during summer I was rebuted by numbers of episodes in OB, so i've endured this one! I was eager to watch him so the 'strangeness' of this drama didn't prévent me to admire him... 

For GD, i've still mixed feeling. It's in my laptop but I didn't watch it à second time. As a said I couldn't understand how the héroïne could have fallen in love. And it was because JW'S acting, he was too childish to awake love feeling in me. But he broke my heart a couple of time as always.

I remember that I have to watch don't click too...


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Joo Won and Park Hye Soo Interview

JW : The fans in Indonesia is very anthusiastic, and the weather in Indonesia is my favorite. I am so happy to visit Indonesia, and thanks for the warm welcome at airport last night.

JW :  My character in Yong Pal is the most memorable , cuz of the different plot frm the other dramas. I didn't expect that YongPal would be a hit in Korea and Indonesia when i firat read the drama script.

PHS : This is my first drama, and very proud to be a part of a hit drama like Yong Pal

Q : How's working with your co star Kim Taehee?

JW : Kim Tae hee is very beautiful inside and out

Q : Was there any funny momoent during filming Yong Pal ?

JW : There was a day where i should carry Kim Taehee for a whole day during filming

PHS : I can't hold my laugh during a serious scene lol

Q : How does it feel to work together?

PHS : I am very thankful for the guidance joowon gave me

Q: would you like to release an album?

PHS : I would probably sing an OST

JW : No thought for a solo album yet, but maybe yes for OST

Q : Next role ?

JW : I would like to try to act as a common guy who could make viewers happy

PHS : I would like to try to act as a cheerful teenager, unlike her character in Yong Pal

JW : I knew Yannie Kim is an actress from Indonesia, working with her is very interesting

PHS : I am very nervous right now, and thank you for coming

JW : Most memorable role to date is Kim Tae Hyun from The Gang Doctor

PHS : It's been magical moving from her experience in K-Pop Star 4 to being in The Gang Doctor

Credit : ONE TV ASIA

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He's so casually dressed in Jakarta. I wonder if he would be more dressed up in Singapore though, considering there's a fairly sizeable Korean community here who would turn up. I reckon they would expect differently.

I've started watching Good Doctor as a comparison against YongPal - first episode and JooWon's acting floors me. I'm not so much looking at the storyline for now, but I do encounter persons with ASD (Autisim Spectrum Disorder) in my work and am really watching how he portrays such a character. JooWon is so sweet in the show... 

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