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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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ctfrsgp said:

bobsavero wrote: »

@ctfrsgp unnie, eh, u got blocked? why? im not go to naughty site. trust me. it was a educational site. . the one who is naughty is GOOGLE. hahhahaha. but please, i dont want my old bunnie unnie get some shock. dont ever again search that word! long time ago, i have an experience like u unnie, i cant see any avatar. but after i change my internet connection, i never got that trouble again. @bobsavero, Im still very curious wat tat word tat cannot be said means. Curiosity can kill a bunny too u know, not just the kitties... Can enlighten me pleazzz??? pm me...

Bunny sister?? what word what word?? now im curious too!!!!!! I need to be enlightened too

Mr dear bunny sister @Mishiellie, itz the word tat cannot be said... and no one wld risk being kicked out by repeating it and explaining the meaning to me, or for fear it shocks this old bunny into cardiac arrest... 1775465339wan.gif

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

Guest mhelbenito

ctfrsgp said:





: Thank you for telling us, it’s really interesting. Yeah, I wasn’t surprised at all, I am more surprised that they are surprised, I mean – it’s Joo Won!


I think he didn’t expect that his appearance in the airport will cause such a hype. He didn’t get used to it yet.

credit: winningly96

He has been talking in an interview that his stylist banned him from that kind of clothes. Well, maybe they’ll have a talk again


  Don’t be angry with him, lady-stylist, let him be who he is and he is just adorable and handsome in any clothes

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silhouettes90 said: coolreborn said:
crazyoverkdrama said: Hmmm.. So many comments on his being left out of the nominations. This is just my opinion and forgive me if i have to be blunt on some issues though. This is not meant to hurt or offend the JW fans here.

To be honest, me and my comrades haven't finished BM yet, so i really can't comment on how good the drama is. But at 15 episodes, i can fairly say that it is impressive and JW's acting is really daebak. However, i have to say that it is really brutal and really blunt in portraying the harshness of being occupied by another country. I have to agree with the others here that the issues discussed and portrayed in the drama are really disturbing and can be a bit provocative. Blame it on my being a mediator, but sometimes even if it is a historical drama, themes like these should me tamed. I am not saying that they make it boring though, but when i watched the drama up until episode 5, all i can think of is "the writer has antipathy towards the J." of course, this is just me thinking and analyzing the storyline. For the Ks, they applaud on the heroism of Gaksital, and the patriotism of the hero, but you also have to consider that the second party is not fiction, but rather a nation that still exists. As i have already commented before, watching the drama is like rubbing salt on old wounds. It might be a fun watch for some, but what of the other party? Just imagine giving the award to JW for his role and his drama. It is like saying "Good job for portraying the cruelty of the Js". The Js and the Ks are already at each other's throat on the Dokdo dispute, this is real and a really delicate subject. As we all know, the NorKor and the SoKor are already in turmoil. Imagine if the Js join in because they were provoked. I really don't want to think about it. (Except evacuating JW to our thousand islets...lol)

Kidding aside, i do understand why they have to do this. Keeping international peace is more important than irate fans, and though i hurt just like the rest of the fans, it would be the best not only for JW but the rest of their country. The best we can do now is to cheer him on and hpe for the best in his career. Then maybe he will be able to produce another drama that is of the same caliber as BM, and cheer him on as he walks up the stage to accept his well deserved award. :)

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OMG! Que Horror!! I've read some articles about Sasaeng fans, but this is a little more detailed and compiled. I'm a Huge fan of a boygroup XX, and recently one of the idols tweeted to warn the sasaeng fans to back off. They've been staying in front of his mom's house. There's this one girl, i forgot, who slapped or threw something at him. He asked why she did that. And that girl said, So that he won't forget about him. That idol still gave him an autograph and calmly said "Ok, next time don't do that."

These girls have nothing else to do? Some hardcore fans would fight with their fellow fans. I remember another member of that group, held a fan's hands onstage, that picture was bombarded with nasty comments towards the fans. I mean we are all fans after all. We all dreamed the same thing, of course we'll be jealous. But just be happy for her that her's came true...

It's scary. Good thing for Joowoonie fans like us, who can talk all about the moatiness, joke about scheming on kidnapping, stalking, but it stays there... 



About the stylist, LOL!! Though, at some point, I do sometimes understand  the stylist (I have friends in the fashion industry, in our country, actors don't have a personal publicist. It's mostly the road manager. But when it comes to a star's fashion sense, even off screen, most of the time, it's the stylist who gets the blame). It's the people in the fashion industry are the big fashion police. Especially the stylist of another actors.

 In our country, the fans are forgiving. They won't mind what you wear. You can see our actors doing their groceries, having coffee in flipflops and white shirt, jogging in simple workout clothing. I don't know, maybe that's how they blend in with the crowd. They don't care about airport fashion either. Just a pair shades/glasses are their invisible cloak for them. 

Ok, or maybe most Filipino fans are shy to approach their idols. We are even shy to get caught taking a picture of them. When I was boarding on a plane, I noticed that the Flight Attendant was a former actor. It took me some time to approach him and ask if he was that actor, when he was offering me drinks and nuts... LOL!  :D:)) :D

It so different now in the ways fans show support for their idols to wat ppl of my generation did back in the 1990s where I was a teenager. My friends and I had to save our pocket money to buy the cassettes (later CDs) whenever our fave singers released new albums, to buy entertainment mags to collect news clippings of the stars we like or to go watch the movies of our fave actors/actresses. And we did not hav the resources (money and time) to attend concerts, or to be an amatuer paparazzi stalking the stars, never did we even dream of flying to where the stars were to get the "first hand/up-close-and-personal experience" which was like a trip to the moon.

I guess with the advanced techologies, convenience of travel and most young ppl.nowadays are more affluent as compared to those back in my gen, it is just too easy for them to do the extreme fangirling activities. Wat I cannot understand is why do their parents allow such behaviours and even if they disapprove why do they not put a stop to it. Some even say they are unable to control their children. What has become of the authority tat parents shld have over their kids? And why do children these days often think tat whatever they do are correct and turn a deaf ear to good advice? *shake bunny's head*

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waiting for getting cutie's dose :D

Ok, archie, I heard u :)) Since itz Sunday, Im giving u something heart-melting... no scary oppa stuff... itz cutie singing "with" his Si-Kyung hyung :x

BTW, isnt it like almost 4am now over at your end? U shld be sleeping my dear... shooo... go get some sleep aft this dose...

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crazyoverkdrama said:





Errrrr . My friend just told me that she saw a message on DC which told angrily that JW brother had been taken advantages at the airport yesterday. There was a crowd when he appeared, people asked him for hugs, signings, shake hands ... However, there are some people took advantage of the chaos to wrap his waist, touch ass and even the sensitive parts. Things were only settled when the securities appeared. 


I think those behaviors are really beyond the limits. Even when I met some of my favorited artists, I just greet them and wish them a good day. They need their personal space and the respect.<br />


Anyway, it's hopeful that this incidence would be an experience for JW and his agency. Maybe JW himself underestimated his position as a public figure and people wouldn't recognize him. Hope he wouldn't be so scared and shock about it.  

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