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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

Joo Won Poll  

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  1. 1. Which are your favorite Joo Won dramas / movies? (choose up to 3)

    • Alice
    • My Sassy Girl
    • Yong-Pal
    • Naeil's Cantabile
    • Good Doctor
    • 7th Grade Civil Servant
    • Bridal Mask
    • Ojakgyo Family
    • Bread, Love and Dreams
    • Fatal Intuition
    • Xia You Qiao Mu
    • Fashion King
    • Steal My Heart
    • Don't Click
    • SIU
  2. 2. Which genre do you think Joo Won shines in (or would shine in)? (choose up to 3)

    • Rom-com
    • Action/crime/thriller
    • Psychological thriller
    • Melodrama
    • Romance
    • Historical / sageuk
    • Sci-fi
    • Slice of life
    • Legal drama
    • Medical drama
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Something else. What?
  3. 3. Do you prefer Joo Won with abs or without abs?

    • With abs! Alice was great!
    • Doesn't matter. Joo Won looks great both in a shirt and without one!
    • I only care for Joo Won's acting. I couldn't care less about him having abs.

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  • Poll closes on 04/17/2021 at 10:00 AM

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

*laugh*.........Joo Won looked WELL FED.......

Now that he is on a break and resting.......his mother must be feeding him......he is practically glowing from all that love....

Aisling, thanks for the glowing gifs.......

I noticed that too! But he looks fine either way! :D

Looks like yesterday's 1n2d ep is so fun! Can't wait for subs! Was he able to eat dinner or did he pout and beg for it from the loser's table? (if someone would answer me perhaps it'd be better for it to be in spoiler tab/tag so as not to spoil those who may not one to know just yet. Thanks!)

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aisling said:

@coolrebornSo this is the moment where you thought his pants were going to fall down? :D

@aisling: That is one moment. But there are also others too... Ah.... the suffering, can we just be his stylist?

I bet if you guys would be cutie's stylist then we'd probably see joo won wear different colored pants each time!

Who knows, every moat pals fave color of green and red might be changed in favor of a more striking color! ^_~

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This is one episode that I just can't help but to take screenshots after screenshots... It's not particularly so over visually moaty but it is so fun seeing our Joo Won have that different kind of emotions playing in his face. *it is just suggestively moaty ;)*


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 Joo Won

Loving Him For The Man He Is And The Man He Wants To Be


I have segmented this into parts:

  1. Joo Won, the Good Son, the Good Dongsaeng
  2. Joo Won, the Actor
  3. Joo Won, the Hoobae, the "Dongsaeng", the OppaJoo Won, the Man in Variety
  4. Joo Won, his Real and Reel Loves
  5. Joo Won, the Anatomy of a Man
  6. Joo Won, the Boy, the Man and His Dreams

    Part 4 - Joo Won, his Real and Reel Loves


    Most fans would know that Joo Won’s last relationship was 5 years ago. It is not very clear but he may have had one or two relationships. Possibly, one relationship was in high school and the other in university. It was also revealed recently that longest relationship lasted 2 and half years. On the few occasions he spoke of his relationship, he seemed to refer to one only. So perhaps that’s the one that lasted longer and had more depth. She was his senior in the same school and he had said that they still keep in touch and do meet each other at reunions or class gatherings. I had always wondered what the girl looks like as I am curious of his taste. But her identity is kept under wraps and I guess their circle of friends must be really good at keeping things under the lid. Joo Won said during their courtship, she put on 8 kg as they loved to feed each other. Small price to pay, I would say. Plus, he actually prefers girls with a small potbelly, rather than a flat stomach. Somehow I find it endearing. Often, girls get obsessed and diet when they are in a relationship, when you are with Joo Won, it’s the opposite.



    4b4d3ca85edf8db143d7b1900923dd54574e7472Recently, when Joo Won was asked what will he do if he could go to a place where no one recognizes him, his answer was to spend the entire day, clinging closely together with his girl. I supposed that was a tongue in cheek answer or maybe something that he really desires to do since he is now in the limelight and has little privacy. It also reminded me that Joo Won is the type who likes to communicate and convey his feelings through physical touch. In the beginning I found it weird that he is so “touchy” with his hyung, Uhm Tae Woong on 1N2D. I even sought clarification with Softy who lives in Korea. She said Koreans won’t even bat an eyelid as that’s common on a program like 1N2D and over there, men are generally more expressive with each other, so snuggling and holding hands are common place. And for a person like Joo Won, it is even more so. I remembered that in Baker King Special, the host wanted him to act out his love declaration to Eugene and say these words “Be my woman”. Joo Won was very shy but when he said those words to Eugene, he had to hold her hands. Probably to him, you cannot express love through words alone, it must be accompanied by a physical expression like holding of hands.


    ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e3In Ojakgyo Brothers, I found it so endearing that Taehee was always holding on to Jaeun’s hands. In one scene, they finally got back together after a painful separation. Taehee brought Jaeun to the farm shed away from family so that they could spend some time in private. It was so cute that Joo Won was holding Uee’s hand as they walked through the door and he was transferred her hand to his other hand because he had to use that one to close the door. He didn’t let go of her hands the entire time.

    I also realized watching Joo Won in his dramas that when he hugs his girl, you get the feeling of that he loves her so much. It is difficult to describe but it is the way he places his hands, the way he hugs with his whole body, the way he snuggles into her shoulder like this:

    ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e4or the way he kisses her hair. I used to wonder if all his lovey touches are scripted but I think they are also very much a part of him. Thus, I would think that he will be physically close to his girlfriend whenever they are together. So, he was not really joking when he said he would cling tightly to her the entire day.

    gaksital12avi_003775608-3.jpg We got to know more about Joo Won and his views on relationship in his interview with CosmopolitanJust as I expected, his girlfriend has to be the type who is unselfish in sharing him with his family. More than the typical man or son, he is very close to his parents and truly enjoys spending time with them. As I wrote in part 1, his wife to be has to be prepared to stay with his family. I cannot imagine him doing otherwise. His mother does seem to have brought her son up well though in terms of treating women. He said that his mother imparted to him this: “In front of others, even if the woman whom you loved has done wrong, you have to stand by her side unconditionally. Afterwards, then you can clarify with her and correct the mistake. But in front of others, you must definitely stand by her side.” Two thumbs up for this future mother-in-law. I do wonder though, if his wife and his mother were to have an argument, whose side will he take?

    JWwithflowers3_zps9dcf9d8c-1.jpg27632d1f95cad1c8f3f08ed37f3e6709c83d51a3JWwithflowers5_zpsb24e2e9a-1.jpgJWwithflowers2_zps934e24ee-1.jpgOne part of the Cosmopolitan magazine interview surprised me. When he was asked the reason for remaining single for the past 5 years, his answers were so candid and totally unexpected. He said he was not generous enough. I am not sure what he meant by that. But I remembered that once he said he is not the type of boyfriend who will buy branded handbags for his girlfriend. I think it’s not so much that he is not generous but rather that to him, to woo a girl, he will lavish his attention and enjoy simple things like eating good food instead of buying expensive gifts and dining at high class restaurant. Also, I do not see anything extravagant about him so far. His family background and his upbringing probably instilled some prudence when it comes to finances. He also said he is not good at confessing to girls. I find this funny because he said he prefers girls who are direct and honest with their feelings. So is he expecting the girl to confess instead? I would not have to stretch my imagination so far if I were to take a leaf from Tae Hee and Ja Eun’s romance in Ojakgyo Brothers. It was Ja Eun who candidly expressed her feelings for Tae Hee first and then Tae Hee to declare his later although he had already fallen deeply in love with her. I do not think Joo Won has the same emotional issues as his character Tae Hee but just imagine him spluttering and stammering in front of the girl he likes is rather amusing.

    34qqo76-1-1.jpgWhen it comes to understanding girls, Joo Won also seemed as clueless as his character Taehee, I am not sure if he is serious but he openly wondered why girls do not speak their mind. In this event, he gave a hilarious scenario of eating out with his girlfriend. He said here that when he gets married, he would not want to be bothered by trivial things like he would be when he is dating. As if he cannot be honest enough, he also confessed that he is rather picky when it comes to girls. Although the qualities he went on to elaborate are nothing new like respecting elders, having good manners and quiet and gentle in nature, the difficulty lays in that the latter two are not easy to find them in a person who is also supposed to be straightforward and speaks her mind.  

    viewimage-7-1.jpgJoo Won seemed to be type who falls head over heels when he is in love. He said whatever his girlfriend wants, he will do for her. He revealed that in his previous relationship, when he was with his girlfriend, no matter what she is doing, be it dancing or performing, she would be the most beautiful in his eyes.

    bb8226dda3cc7cd9ef10f82d3901213fb80e9136Incredibly, he disclosed that he had never quarreled with his girlfriend for the entire time they were together. He will also try to understand her and perhaps gave in to her. When I translate his answers in an interview like this, I wonder if this man is honest. The things he say do sound too good to be true. But when I reflect on it, why should he answer this way if it’s untrue? Isn’t it easier to say you had quarreled with your girlfriend before? No one will fault you for it. So, the truth is indeed strange. From this and other things we know, I get the feeling that Joo Won is a person who really hates conflicts, he wants his partner and himself and in the future, his family to be ‘quarrel free’ and harmonious. For that, I hope he can find a really good-natured and easy-going girl.

    a434e3c4b74543a9652636381e178a82b9011436With his popularity soaring, Joo Won does not have much time on his hands. He said he is the type who has to meet his girlfriend whenever he misses her. That does not seem possible if he were to start a relationship now. I think he would love to be in one if he could. He said he hates the feeling of being lonely at the end of a day’s work, checking his phone but there are no messages or calls left by a girlfriend. However, he does not think he is ready to enter into a relationship as he has so many things to do now like focusing on his career. He had planned to marry earlier than later but due to his current situation, he will only marry when he is more stable and has the finances to do so. I think it will be quite a while or maybe after he completes his army duty. Unless cupid strikes and our dear boy fall hopelessly in love.

    joowonreelloves-1-1.jpgIn reel life, Joo won had such amazing chemistry with his female co-stars that viewers never fail to ship the onscreen couple. When I watched Baker King, I felt that I was really biased towards Ma Jun(Joo Won) and Yoo Kyung (Eugene) couple because Tak Gu (Yoon Shi Yoon) and Mi Sun(Lee Young Ah)’s love story was so underdeveloped and uninteresting compared to the other couple. And even though Tak Gu was Yoo Kyung’ childhood and first love, I always felt that their relationship looked more like brother and sister. They just didn’t have the sparks between them.

    I could never understand Shi Kyung’s choices in life but strangely when she chose Ma Jun but I root for them more than her with Tak Gu although it was logically unsound. I was not very familiar with Joo Won when I watched the show but there was something special about the way he holds his girl, the way he embraces her that makes one sit up and can’t help but feel the intensity of his love and emotions.

    262969_172529199486758_1066249_n-1-1.jpg281503_174991565907188_1992491_n-1-1.jpg224448_174991462573865_6351576_n-1-1.jpgIf there were sparks in Baker King, then the atmosphere on Ojakgyo Brothers was literally crackling. Week after week, fans were enthralled by the sweet love of Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Jae Eun. The 2 just looked wonderful together on screen. Even in the initial episodes when they were bickering, you can feel the chemistry already. When they got together, their love was so sweet and both looked so genuinely in love that it was obvious to viewers, the attraction between him and Uee. Their onscreen love seemed to have carried over to real life. In the few BTS shown of Ojakgyo Brothers and their CF, Cantata Coffee, they looked totally at ease and comfortable with each other. Uee also looked very happy whenever she was with Joo Won. And in his usual manner, Joo Won behaved very affectionate towards Uee.

    ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e5ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e5In the variety program, Come to Play, his hyung Uhm Tae Woong kept teasing Joo Won about Uee. Now, knowing how close Joo Won is with Uhm Tae Woong, I believe that had to be something that made Tae Woong so relentless in his teasing.

    ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e5ec98a4ec9e91eab590-ed9895eca09ceb93a4-e5At Ojakgyo Brothers’ appearance on the variety show, Happy Together, the actors and actresses who played Joo Won’s brothers and sister-in-laws in the show, even encouraged them to date in secret. I didn’t feel that they were playing it up to promote the show. And recently when I read that Joo Won was close to those actors who acted as his brothers in the show, again I thought the cast must have known about something between him and Uee. There is this clip of the celebratory dinner after the end of Ojakgyo Brothers’ filming, where the cast went on stage together Joo Won was standing next to Uee. Ryu Soo Young(Joo Won’s second brother in OB) took away Jung Woong In’s(Joo Won’s eldest brother in OB) hand to reveal that Joo Won was holding Uee’s hand. It was not the type of photoshoot that required everyone to hold hands so why did Joo Won hold Uee’s hand? That snapshot drove Joo Won-Uee’s shippers crazy with excitement.

    420559_277376189002058_799177275_n-1.jpg428148_277376209002056_757470397_n-1-1.jBack to the Happy Together show; Joo Won was asked by the host if he would date Uee, he did not answer directly but said time will tell. I ran through this answer of his many times in my head. He could have replied in many other ways but why did he say that? I deduced that he must be telling the truth. I took it to mean that he was aware of his attraction to Uee  and he had grown close to her over the time they had spent together on the set. Joo Won looked after his co-star with the kind of care that a boyfriend would lavish on his girlfriend. Being a professional that  he is, he will however pull back his feelings at the end of a drama(he said this in his own words). So he was telling the truth in that if his feeling withstand time or anything should progress, then it could be a start to a relationship.

    jwueecf-1.jpgAfter Ojagkyo Brothers ended, Joo Won and Uee got together for the Cantata Coffee CF. They carried their compatibility over to the CF. It was also obvious during the CF BTS that Uee always look so happy when she was with Joo Won and Joo Won’s gestures towards her remained as affectionate as before.



    After the Cantata Coffee CF, there was no news of them. Joo Won became immersed in Bridal Mask and Uee was busy with her After School activities. But shippers were still clinging on tightly to their ship until the recent waves of interviews rocked the boat. The positive was that Joo Won admitted that he felt attracted towards Uee and if either party had made up his/her mind and made a dash for each other, they might already be a couple now. But he described their current relationship as close like that of a brother and sister. He also spoke about how compared to a fox, he preferred bears. And continued to say Jin Se Yeon is the bear type. Although he did not say it directly, many readers felt that he was saying Uee is the fox type. And that will be hardly flattering. To make things worse, he said he is the conservative type and do not like girls who wear skirts that are too short. We all know that Uee has a sexy image as part of the After School group. It did not help that he kept complimenting Jin Se Yeon on her good character, bright personality and beautiful smile. Personally, I feel that it would be out of character for Joo Won to speak ill of Uee so he could be quoted out of context or the article was biased towards his latest drama partner Se Yeon. But I also wonder if something had happened between them after the show ended. Of late, Joo Won keeps mentioning that he dislikes it very much when the girl starts to play “Push and Pull” game. Essentially, this meant not being forthcoming and hiding your true feelings. Perhaps in a relationship like this, the girl would be blowing hot and cold, leaving the guy frustrated and always guessing. This is entirely my guess… maybe Joo Won was interested to start a relationship with Uee but she was giving him mixed signals. I remembered he was always caught with his handphone in his hand in many photos during the early days of Bridal mask filming. He does not tweet all day. So was he chatting with his brother or his hyungs or messaging some girl?

    602563_545315095495140_1485932133_n-1-1.302870_401283739944635_492073977_n-1-1.jJust as news of them have dwindled to nothing, I was surprised to hear that Joo Won and Uee are filming another Cantata Coffee CF. Although I have not seen the advertisement yet, I could see from the screen caps of their Cantata Coffee outdoor event that these two are still very close to each other. Joo Won said himself that he and Uee are close like brother and sister. Yet somehow, when one sees these two, who never fail to look compatible and totally at ease with each other, you just cannot help but feel that they will make an awesome couple. I do not know what they were saying to each other but it’s obvious they were bantering and Uee was laughing at Joo Won’s jokes.  The latest School Attack event showed the same thing. The way Joo Won put his hand onto the small of Uee’s back to guide her as she walked past him, the way he held her hands all speak of two persons who are very close and uninhibited with each other. Half a year has passed since the Ojakgyo Brothers ended but obviously time has not affected their friendship one bit.

    presscon1-1.jpgpresscon2-1.jpgpresscon3-1.jpgpc4-1.jpgIn Joo Won’s first mention of how he finds Jin Se Yeon(during Bridal Mask press conference), I did not pay too much attention. I figured it was one of polite speeches you would make of your co-star. However, he is still saying the same thing of her now, that she has a very bright and cheerful personality, lifting the spirits of all around her. He also speaks a lot of her beautiful smile. From the spate of interviews conducted after Bridal Mask ended, he sounded like he was gushing about how great she is. He is Jin Se Yeon’s fan boy. I find it a stark contrast between what he has said about Uee and Se Yeon. For Uee, all I heard was she is beautiful and very hardworking. Yet he admitted he was attracted to her. For Se Yeon, he mentioned nothing about attraction but he said a lot more positive things about her. My personal opinion is that when it came to Uee, perhaps because he did consider dating her, he was more inhibited in his praises. 

    When it comes to Se Yeon, the clue lies in the BTS interview of their first Edwin photo shoot, where they were both asked to rate each other. By that time, Se Yeon had warmed up to Joo Won, she gave him a 10 out of 10. Joo Won, however, gave her an 8. When asked why, he said it’s because she is too young. I speculate that as much as he likes Se Yeon’s personality and is charmed by her, dating her is not a possibility that he has considered. So when he has this mindset, he freely expressed his admiration and fondness of her without thinking too much of it. Recently, when I read that Jin Se Yeon graduated from high school not too long ago, it struck me that she is indeed so young. Other than this, it is clear that Jin Se Yeon fits the bill of Joo Won’s ideal type. When he confessed that he likes the "bear" type of girls and openly said Se Yeon is the type, I think he does see her as a woman and not as a sister. 

    I have not seen them appearing in events together or any BTS of their shooting for Edwin fashion spread after Bridal Mask finished. I think it’s probably because Se Yeon dived straight into filming Five Fingers which is currently airing. The only glimpse we have comes from the stills of the Edwin spread and they looked really good together with Joo Won looking a tad mischevious so much that you won’t think there’s this 6 years gap between them. The way Joo Won holds her hands also shows that they have grown close and comfortable with each other. If you noticed Joo Won and Se Yeon's photos, you can see that Joo Won has that tendency to hold both her hands. And Se Yeon looks very comfortable to let him do so, they are so natural that I do not see anything fake although they are posing. If Se Yeon is older, I wonder if Joo Won will change his mind? 

    jwucnta-1-1.jpg            Untitled-81-1-1.jpgSince I am on this topic of modelling for fashion magazines or product endorsements, I have to say Joo Won does not hit the mark all the time. Sometimes he can look a bit stiff. And when it comes to pairing with a female model, he does not have chemistry with everyone. But whenever he pairs up with Uee or Jin Se Yeon, you can see the difference. Just by the stills alone, you can see the chemistry he has with the 2 ladies. Like what he said in his interviews, he invests his emotions and feeling into his drama character and he applies it to the romance part of it. He said he will open his heart and give attention and take care of his partner like in real life. Being the professional that he is, he said he knows how to pull back when the drama ends. Well, all I can say is that sometimes, when it comes to matters of the heart, things do not always go as planned. 

    3bf33a87e950352a02ed8b8c5343fbf2b3118ba2Joo Won has been maintaining that his ideal type is someone who is well mannered, kind and cheerful. He wants someone who speaks her mind, has a pure heart and simple. Many guys will say that a girl’s character is more important than her looks, Joo Won is no exception. But I think it matters more to him than for the usual guy. The reason is not because other men are more superficial but more because of his personality. He treats people well, is kind and very good mannered. He is also sensitive type. This is who he is and also his upbringing and values. Hence, his soul mate should be likewise.

    joowon1_zps64f9bc63-1-1.jpgJoo Won sounds like he will make loving, caring and romantic boyfriend. He said in the Celebrity Topic interview that he wants to emulate the character Taehee in Ojakgyo Brothers. Because Tae Hee was willing to give everything, with all his heart, to the woman he loved.. It will be interesting to see him in a relationship but I guess it will not happen any time soon. As his fan, I will love to see him find a girl of his dreams. Someone who has a beautiful smile, is polite and respects her elders. She must also be kind, gentle and who can live and get along with his family. She will be his best friend, his confidante and likewise share her thoughts openly with him. Since he is such a dedicated and passionate actor who truly loves his art, she must appreciate his work, understand the rigors and nature of showbiz and support him in pursuing his dreams. Joo Won will need his woman to be there for him, not just to cheer him in his success but also to lend him her shoulder and stand behind him in face of setbacks and failures. Someone who will not just love Moon Jun Won but also Joo Won, the filial son, Joo Won the good oppa and dongsaeng, Joo Won the celebrity and Joo Won, the actor. 


    credit: photos from facebook, Softy's blog, septmoon16, coolreborn, DC, KangDan Couple soompi thread - micheru and sunshine4ever and other websources

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KBS news: Joo Won came in 2nd in a poll of Best 5 Flower Boys with Acting Skills

if some soul can upload to Youtube
1st is Song Joong Ki, 3rd is Yoo Ah In. Do not know the 4th & 5th actors

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@mrdimples: Gosh dear, you really said what I want to say with the girl that should be with him. You are awesome. :(( :(( :-bd

-the moaties are clapping their ears now I guess... You're sexth segment is about to come out (oh wait, I'm part of the moaties)*

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Guest septmoon16


thank you for a great Part 5!
while i'm much more invested in his reel loves then real ones, you brought out the undercurrents of his relationships (esp with Uee) beautifully.

whoever captures this man's heart, i just hope she can appreciate all the different sides of joo won.

as you concluded so perfectly, we all wish for him to find:

Someone who will not just love Moon Jun Won but also Joo Won, the filial son, Joo Won the good oppa and dongsaeng, Joo Won the celebrity and Joo Won, the actor.


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