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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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I can't even believe that he's now 33. When I first saw him on Kim Takgu, he was only 22 or 23. I just can't believe how much time has passed since then. I hope he has a good birthday with his family and loved ones, and to see him back in dramaland soon-ish. I don't mind him taking his time to choose a role or to wait till the script is good enough. 

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Happy birthday to Joo Won!



Wow...all the stuff that people have posted on Instagram is so nice - thanks for sharing!


I don't nearly possess the Photoshop skills to be able to pull off any of that stuff. If I want to jump in with a Birthday Special, I can only do it with what I already know: writing.


Generally speaking, I don't write fics starring real people - ethically, that's just weird in my opinion. Fortunately, though, in my massive stockpile of Seolleim in Salzburg updates, I do get around to both Seol Nae Il and Cha Yoo Jin's birthdays (which, after pausing the footage and reading the documents that show up on screen I've figured out to be Jan. 3, 1995, and Feb. 17, 1992, respectively). So, although the fics these scenes are drawn from will actually be uploaded early next year, I'm releasing these excerpts now, so that even if it's not quite JW himself in these moments, at least it's still something fluffy and heartwarming with his face and voice ;)


So here's Nae Il's:



We end the piece with a soft chord: fingers splayed, our heads hovering just inches over the keys. In perfect unison, moving as one, we press down just an increment deeper, cementing the chord one last time before, still together, we release, letting the sound fade away around us.


Slowly, letting out the breath I had been holding for the chord’s duration, I open my eyes. I had turned my ear toward the keyboard in order to better hear the music, and now I see that Nae Il has done the same, her posture mirroring mine.


“Wae?” Her rapturous expression makes me chuckle despite myself as we both straighten back up. “Was it that good?”


“Ne, Orabang,” she murmurs, her eyes still closed as if the music is still echoing somewhere in her head. “It’s so, so good.” She opens them with a contented sigh. “Just think: soon, we’ll be playing this. In front of everyone.”


“Geu rae.” Nae Il’s left hand is still resting idly on the keyboard; giving her a fond smile, I place my right hand gently overtop of it, loosely wrapping my fingers around hers. “I take it that means we’re including this one in our programme?”


“Of course!” Her hand worms its way free, but only so she could wag an emphatic schoolteacher’s finger at me. “Other pieces, we can fiddle around with – but this one, Schubert’s Fantasie? It’s staying. No matter what, Orabang, we’re playing this one.”


“Arasseo.” I start counting out the pieces we’ve picked so far on my fingers. “So that makes two Mozarts – Magic Flute and Orgelstück – Rachmaninoff’s Italian Polka, and this.”


Nae Il nods readily, but my brow furrows in thought. “When did you say we needed to send this in by, Seollebal?”


She shrugs. “Yoon Hoo-sunbae didn’t say. He just said that the sooner we get it in, the sooner he and Rising Star could get promotions started.” The smile melts from her face. “Wae? Is something wrong?”


“Ani,” I answer hastily, shaking my head to reassure her. “It’s just that we’re still not at one hour yet.”


That’s how much time we’ve been allotted for this concert, courtesy of some careful planning on Lee Yoon Hoo’s part. Nae Il and I had gotten the formal invitation just after Christmas: an offer to include a full-scale four-handed piano performance to our schedule in February.


“I know it’s not much time to plan,” he had confessed sheepishly during the video chat when he’d brought this up. “But you two are Haneum’s best pianists by a long shot, and that one little Schubert piece you did last summer really drummed up a lot of interest.”


Now, as usual, Nae Il is quick on the uptake. “You want to add one more?”


“Or a couple.” Quickly, I do the calculations in my head. “We still have about twenty minutes to fill….” I turn to face her. “You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas already, do you?”


“Do you?”


I shake my head.


“Well, then,” Nae Il says, slapping her hands on her thighs before standing up. “Let’s see what we’ve got.”


She goes to the bookshelf where we keep our collection of piano scores, humming some nonsense ditty to herself as she hovers a finger over the spine of each book. Finally, after a moment’s searching, she makes her choice, snatching it off the shelf with a flourish.


“Here, Orabang.” She passes the thin paper-bound volume to me. “What about this one?”


I glance down at the title. “Bilder aus Osten?” Chuckling softly, I wave the book in her direction. “Trust you to pick a Schumann, Seollebal.”


“Of course!” She shoots me a pointed look, her hands now resting loosely on her hips. “I can’t help it. I just keep thinking that had it not been for his injury, Robert Schumann would have composed a ton of these,” she adds, just a hint of wistfulness in her voice.


“Geu rae,” I concede. “That’s true enough.”


It’s that same age-old question that Nae Il and I have kept asking ourselves ever since we first started seriously looking at Clara and Robert Schumann and their music: what if? What if Robert had been just as good a pianist as Clara was? What if they could have played together as we do now? What if their marriage, happy as it was despite all their troubles, had not been cut so tragically short?


All those lost opportunities for beautiful music, now placed into our hands.


“So…” Nae Il drawls hopefully, noting my long silence, “what do you think?”


“Alright, then,” I agree with a nod. “Schumann it is.” Holding the book firmly by the spine with one hand, I flip quickly through the pages with the other. “It’s been a while since we’ve played this, but if I recall correctly, the whole set is just under twenty minutes, so it works just fine.”


Nae Il beams, bouncing on the balls of her feet and clapping her hands in excitement. “Komawoyo, Orabang – you’re the best!”


“Well, that’s settled, then.” Heading over to my desk in the centre of the room, I jot down the titles we have decided upon in my notebook. Just as I’m on the verge of writing down the Schubert, however, I pause. “By the way, Nae Il-ah – where do you want Bilder to go?”


“After the Rachmaninoff,” she answers promptly. “I want the Schubert to be the finale.”


“Geu rae,” I say in response, making a note of that. “Arasseo.” Once I’m done, I tap the page once with my pen to finalize our choice before tearing it briskly out of the book. “Here.” I hold out the paper to her. “That’s our programme. Do you want to pass it on to Lee Yoon Hoo, or should I?”


Without a moment’s hesitation, she snatches it out of my hand with a word of thanks. A second later, though, she tilts her head coyly at me. “Are you sure, Orabang? You’re actually letting me be the one in charge of this? With Yoon Hoo-sunbae?”


As if I needed any other reminder.


I draw myself up to my full height. “Like it or not, Seollebal,” I say drily, “we do have him to thank for this opportunity. And besides,” I add more softly, “it’s good practice for you.”


She blinks up at me. “Is it?”


“Mm.” As she looks down at the paper in her hand, I explain, “You’ll be having your graduation recital this spring, followed by what I expect will be the beginning of your own solo career. It’ll be good for you to learn how to do all the logistics now, instead of waiting until the stakes are higher.”


“Ah….” Throwing her head back slightly, Nae Il nods. “I see.”


“And now,” I say, closing my notebook with a satisfying clap and putting it away, “it’s time for your cake.”


“My cake?” Nae Il’s eyes widen into her most innocent-looking expression. “What cake?”


“‘What cake’?” I laugh. “Ya, Seollebal – don’t tell me you’ve forgotten your own birthday! Especially since” – I raise a wry eyebrow – “you picked out the cake yourself.”


“Of course I remember, Orabang!” she quips back, flashing me a mischievous grin. “But can’t I at least act surprised for once? It’s not my fault I was born too close to New Year’s for there to ever be a decent celebration.”


“And you think being born just after Valentine’s is any better?”


“Point,” Nae Il agrees with a helpless shrug. “But of course,” she adds thoughtfully a second later, “in the future, when we’re married, that might mean some really awesome birthday s–”




“Alright, Orabang,” she laughs, leaving the rest of her devilish thought unsaid at the sight of my mortified expression, “you win this round.”


“Well, then” – calming myself back down with a cough, I extend my hand in invitation – “shall we?”


She takes it eagerly and together, we head over to the kitchen. Nae Il busies herself with the plates and cutlery, carrying them off into the living room next door. That leaves me in charge of the cake.


In reality, it is not an entire cake. Since there are just two of us here, neither of us see any point in getting something that is meant to feed a crowd. Instead, ever since we moved here to Salzburg, we’ve had our own birthday tradition: two slices of cake – flavour the birthday person’s choice, of course – from Fürst.


This time, as expected, Nae Il has chosen her personal favourite: the Mozarttorte, a chocolate layer cake, each slice topped with half a Mozartkugel. Carefully, I take both slices out of the box and place them together on a plate, sticking a candle in one of them before carrying the whole lot to the dining table.


Nae Il divides the slices between our two plates, arranging everything artfully on the table, while I duck back into the kitchen for a lighter. Then, after singing the birthday song to her – only because she insisted, though – she passes me her phone so that I could capture the moment right when she gears up to blow out the candle, leaning in so close that her face is illuminated by its warm glow. As I put the extinguished candle off to one side, saving it for my own birthday a month from now, Nae Il claims her piece of cake, not even waiting for me before heartily digging in.


Unable to resist, I snap a quick photo on her phone before sliding it back across the table to her. As soon as she lays eyes on it, she bursts out laughing.


“Ya, Orabang!”


Startled, I glance up at her. “Wae?”


“If you’re gonna take a picture like this,” she quips, snatching up her phone, “at least do it right.” She fiddles with it for a moment, pressing several times with her finger, before passing it back to me. “Here. Try it like this.”


I do as I’m told, angling the phone at her as she scoops up a forkful of cake. When she looks up at me, fork held at the ready, the image on the screen changes: a floral garland appears on her head, and a healthy flush blooms on her cheeks as she tilts her head slightly to the side, holding out the fork in invitation.


“Aish…” I mutter softly to myself as I take the picture. “Trust you to do something like that, Seollebal.”


“Why not?” she retorts as, once again, I return the phone to her. “Don’t you think it’s cute?”


“On you, it is.” One corner of my mouth twitches up in a fond smile as I finally start on my own slice of cake. “But don’t you even think about trying a sticker like that on me.”


“Ne, arasseo.” Nae Il takes her next bite in silence, simply savouring the taste of rich chocolate in her mouth, but once she has swallowed, she lets out a wistful sigh.


I blink at her in surprise. “Wae?”


“Too bad we won’t be able to do this for your birthday this year, Orabang.”


“Gwenchana,” I answer with a shrug. “I’ve never been one for big celebrations anyway. And besides” – I point down at the table with my fork – “don’t forget where we’ll be when the time comes.”


Slowly, a light grows in her eyes. “In Seoul.”


“Not only that,” I remind her, “but it’s the exact same day as our duet concert. In all honesty, Nae Il-ah, I’d much rather be spending my birthday doing that than this.”


She smiles warmly at me. “Geu rae. That’s true enough.”


We both keep on eating our cake in companionable silence, but soon, Nae Il speaks up again.


“By the way, Orabang – what should we use for our name?”


Startled, I stare across the table at her. “Mwo?”


“You know – for our duet.”


As comprehension sinks in, I let out a soft chuckle, ruefully shaking my head. “Honestly, Seollebal, do we need that?”


“We do,” she insists, “if you want this to be more than just a one-off thing.”


“And I suppose,” I retort dryly, “that you already have an idea for that.” When she gives me her most innocent-looking face, I laugh a second time. “Ya, Seollebal, don’t look at me like that. Remember: I know you; you wouldn’t be bringing this up at all unless you’ve already made up your mind about it.”


“Ne!” She leans forward in her seat, propping both elbows on the table, her hands woven together in the middle. “Personally, Orabang, I was thinking of ‘RaRo’.”


“‘RaRo’?” It takes me a moment to register the meaning behind the name. “You mean, like in ‘Meister Raro’?”


Nae Il nods, a smugly satisfied smile on her face.


“Ya, Seollebal – you’re obsessed!” I laugh. Then, after a brief pause, I give her a fond smile. “But at least, unlike The Sound of Music, this is one obsession I can actually get behind.”


I punctuate my statement with a wink, which makes her burst into gleeful giggles.


“So, can we, Orabang?”


“But wouldn’t it sound just a bit silly, though?” I ask, still trying to figure this out. “Think about it: ‘RaRo Duo’…’RaRo Duet’….”


“Aniya – I don’t mean it like that!” Nae Il blurts out, wagging her fork in place of a scolding finger. “Of course that sounds silly – especially ‘RaRo Duo’. I mean just ‘RaRo’. Plain and simple.” She leans back in her seat, crossing her arms in front of her chest in smug pride. “Those who know the history – that it’s a combined version of both Clara and Robert Schumann’s names – will get it. And those who don’t…well,” she adds pragmatically, “at least they won’t murder the pronunciation.”


I mull it over a moment longer, silently mouthing the name to myself, trying to imagine how it would sound in both Korean and German. “‘RaRo’…’Ra…Ro’.” Finally, I concede with a nod. “You’re right, Nae Il-ah; it does have a nice ring to it.”


“See?” she chirps. “What did I tell you?” Beaming, she deftly scoops up the half-Mozartkugel – all that is left of her cake – onto her fork, then holds it out to me. “To RaRo?”


It takes me a moment to grasp her intention, but once I do, I copy her gesture, touching my fork lightly to hers.


“To RaRo.”


And now to Yoo Jin's:



“You know, Nae Il-ah, you don’t have to wear a black dress if you don’t want to.”


Nae Il stops in the middle of pulling a short wisp of hair loose from the front of her neatly braided style. In the dressing room mirror, I see her make a strange face. “What do you mean?”


I gesture up and down with my hand to point out her outfit. “Don’t you usually prefer something more…vibrant for a concert performance?”


She rounds on me. “I do, Orabang. But this is RaRo – I should match you whenever I can. Besides,” she adds, holding out her skirt with one hand and turning slightly side to side, “I like this dress. Do you?”


I crack a small smile at her. “Ne,” I answer promptly, my nod encompassing the entirety of her long black gown: its gently sweeping horizontal neckline that, once again, leaves her shoulders exposed; its subtle lace overlay on the bodice and long sleeves; its long flowing skirt that flares out just slightly from her hips. “Of course I do; it’s beautiful


“But, Seollebal,” I add a second later, “are you done with the mirror yet?” One corner of my mouth twitches up in a smirk. “This is my dressing room, not yours; and” – I gesture to show that, unlike her, I’m still in my shirtsleeves – “I’m not finished yet.”


Nae Il springs back from the dressing table with a soft yelp. “Oh! Right. About that….” After one last check in the mirror, she scurries out of the way, letting me finally get close enough to have a good view as I tie my bowtie.


A dark blur of motion out of the corner of my left eye makes me pause, however. “And just what on earth do you think you’re doing?”




I hear jangling from the wardrobe beside me and smother a laugh. “Ya, Seollebal – jinjja?”


Sure enough, Nae Il’s reflection bobs into view beside me, my tailcoat held in her hands by both shoulders. “You were the one who said you weren’t finished, Orabang. So, I’m here to help you.”


I start to say that I am perfectly fine putting it on myself, but when her hopeful smile melts into an exaggerated pout, I relent with a sigh. “Geu rae; arasseo. Whatever you say, Seollebal.”


She beams at me, immediately restored to her usual cheerful self.


Once again, I’m forced to bite back a laugh at her antics. “You’d better not be letting the tails touch the floor, though – not unless you plan on cleaning them yourself.”


Noting the mischievous tone in my voice, Nae Il tosses her head with a mock-disdainful scoff. “Ya, Orabang,” she laughs, “I’m not that short!”


I chuckle softly. “Jeongmal?”


She squawks again in protest, but there is no real fire in it, this being an old joke between us. To be fair, the difference in our heights is really only a problem when we’re at home: without shoes, Nae Il only comes up to my shoulders. But tonight, with the heeled pumps she tends to wear for performances, she’s raised up enough that I can actually see her dancing eyes reflected in the mirror as she moves to stand behind me.


I finish with my bowtie, then reach both hands out behind my back. Nae Il, right on cue, slips the armholes of my tailcoat on over my wrists, helping the sleeves up my arms as I shrug the coat on in one fluid motion. As she brushes the shoulder seams smooth with both hands, I grab onto the front and give the coat a sharp tug so it falls perfectly into place.


This, then, is how Eomma finds us when, seeing that Nae Il had left the door ajar, she glides in with only a quick knock on the wall for advance notice.


“So this is the coat you were so desperate to call home about back in January.” She gives me a quick once-over, then flashes an appreciative grin. “Looks good.”


Nae Il beams, sidestepping to link arms with me. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” she giggles. “I’d thought Orabang couldn’t possibly look better than he did the day of the Rachmaninoff concert – turns out I was wrong.”


She makes to say more, but I stop her with a subtle nudge from my elbow. “Looks, however,” I add to Eomma, “don’t nearly matter as much as confidence.”


Eomma meets my level gaze with one of her own. “And are you?”


“Of course,” I answer smoothly. “We’ve practiced, we’ve prepared…what more is there to worry about?”


Nae Il takes the brief silence that follows as her cue to leave, promising to wait for me at the stage door. “After all,” she says, ducking past me on her way out, “it’s your birthday; it’s only right that you two have your mother-son moment.”


Sure enough, no sooner has the door closed behind Nae Il does Eomma make straight for one of the chairs lined up against the wall, beckoning for me to join her. By the time I’ve taken the seat beside her, she is already rummaging about in her large purse. She pulls out a small gift-wrapped parcel and holds it out to me with a smile. “Happy birthday, Yoo Jin-ah.”


From its shape and size, I know it to be yet another addition to my ever-growing collection of recordings; and considering that it’s from Eomma, I know it will be of one of my favourite composers or artists. “Komawo,” I say simply, tucking it away behind me to open later.


She accepts my thanks readily, but tuts a second later. “I shouldn’t have to come all the way here just to see you,” she points out wryly. “Would it have killed you to come by the shop at least once after the last time?”


I shrug. “You know I’ve been busy.”


“So busy you haven’t even been able to get your own coffee?” Without warning, she cups my chin with one hand, turning my face to examine me in profile. “Aigoo…just look at you: one week since I last saw you, and already, you’re losing weight.”


Flustered, I shake myself free. “Aniya,” I protest as once again she starts rummaging in her purse. “It’s not like that. You know how it is, Eomma: all the stuff that goes into a performance–”


I cut myself off, though, when I see the small beige tube in her hand.


“Ya.” Slowly, cautiously, I scoot back away from her as far as my chair would allow. “You – you can’t honestly be thinking–”


Wearing her most innocent-looking expression, she bats her eyes at me. “Wae?”


I make a face. “Shiro.”


“Well, you’re just going to have to get used to it,” she retorts.


My jaw drops. “I – I do not–”


“What’s so wrong with a bit of makeup, huh?” She shoots me a pointed look. “It’s not like you don’t use products to begin with.”


“That’s skincare; that’s different.”


She anticipates my next move with a knowledge born from years of experience, grabbing both of my wrists and pressing them down into my lap. “Just hold still,” she chides me, deftly dabbing some concealer under each eye before I could pull back. “You haven’t been eating or sleeping well lately – we can’t risk you going on stage looking like a panda bear.”


She moves quickly despite my continued protests, stroking briskly with her fingers to blend the concealer in with my skin; as she works, she mumbles softly to herself: ”Good thing you seem to get your colouring from me….Why, if you were as dark as, say, Lee Sun Jae, then….”


I roll my eyes. “What would Abeoji think if he saw us like this?”


This time, my defiance has struck a nerve. With a sharp breath, Eomma rears back away from me. “Well, your father’s not here right now. And good riddance.”


A twinge of guilt pierces me in the chest. My voice softens despite myself. “Eomma….”


“His own son’s birthday.” Her voice breaks, so she tries again. “His own son’s birthday, and a concert premiere to boot. Of all the possible days for him not to show up….”


It takes a moment for her to steady her trembling hand, but she soon collects herself and moves on to foundation, dabbing it onto my face with the accompanying sponge. Still, there is no hiding her resentful hatred of my father, just simmering beneath the surface.


I twist one hand free to rest it upon the one she has in my lap with a reassuring squeeze. “I thought you didn’t want Abeoji to come here tonight.”


“You’re right,” she retorts sharply. “I don’t. But you do.” Noting my surprise, she shoots me a look. “Don’t think I don’t know: you fear his criticism, but you still want him to see what you’ve become.” She curses him under her breath. “Never mind me; you’d think that he could realize that much, at least.”


“Well, if it’s any consolation, Eomma, he did send a note.”


“Yoo Jin-ah….”


“Besides, if Nae Il and I get our way, I’ll be seeing him soon enough.” When Eomma tilts her head quizzically at me, I move to explain. “I plan to host my own solo recital in Salzburg, at the same time as hers this spring. There’s no way Abeoji would miss out on that.”


Eomma pauses in the middle of putting away her makeup kit. “Now, now, Yoo Jin-ah: don’t you go living your life for someone else….”


“Gwenchana,” I reassure her. “This isn’t just about Abeoji; I want to do this, too. Because I can’t help thinking about something Nae Il said to me: that just like I have my dreams, Abeoji has his. And if it’s in my power to fulfill that dream – and I know now that I finally can – then why not?”


For a long moment, Eomma doesn’t say anything. But then, a warm smile growing on her face, she reaches over and claps me on the shoulder with her clean hand. “Geunde,”  she concedes at length, “you’re right about that.” She switches to cupping my cheek, but stops short of pinching it the way she would have done when I was little. “You and Nae Il, both – every single time I see you, you’ve grown up just that little bit more.


“And now,” she adds, standing up with one last affectionate pat, “it’s time. Go out there, Yoo Jin-ah, and show the world what you’ve got.”


We part ways just outside of the door: Eomma heading back out to the main body of the concert hall, and I – after checking one last time that I’ve locked up properly – heading for the stage door.


True to her word, Nae Il is already there, lighting up with a warm smile as soon as she sees me.


Returning the greeting, I gesture towards my face. “What do you think? Do you notice anything?”


She peers up at me, eyes squinting slightly to see me better. After a moment’s such scrutiny, she shakes her head. “Ani. Why? Was I supposed to?”


I, too, shake my head, but it is actually the sigh of relief that follows that clues Nae Il in.


“Gwenchanayo, Orabang; I understand.”




“Who do you think laced me in this time?” she quips, tossing her head to hint at the back of her dress. She raises a suggestive eyebrow; her voice drops down to a deep throaty purr. “You know I can’t do it all by myself.”


I shake my head again, this time in efforts to dispel the particularly vivid memory her words have just conjured up in my mind. As Nae Il, the minx, bites back a triumphant smile at my reaction, I hasten to change the subject. “I also told Eomma: about my recital.”


Sure enough, she takes the bait. “What’d she say?”


“She approves,” I answer tentatively, then shake my head. “But I’d do it anyway, even if she didn’t.”


Nae Il chuckles at that, but just as she might have said something more, an usher appears by our side.


“We’re on in two; are you ready?”


I bow slightly, answering for both of us. As the usher turns his face away, speaking into his walkie-talkie with hushed tones, I offer Nae Il my hand. “Shall we?”


She takes it with a smile, intertwining her fingers with mine so that she’s the one holding me, not the other way around. I feel a slight pressure: her palm pressing against mine as she gives it a reassuring squeeze.


We stay like this as the usher opens the stage door for us, as we cross the stage to take our bows to the audience and assume our places at the piano under the spotlight.


RaRo. That’s who we are, Seol Nae Il and I.


Together. Hand-in-hand. Just how it’s supposed to be.


Joo Won-oppa:

I hope that, like these characters, you spend all your birthdays like this: doing what you love most, with the people who love you most.

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All the best wishes for Joo Won on his birthday..Hope all the interesting and impressive dramas/movies/projects find him so that he can perform to his heart's content (and make us, his fans happy :D).

Happy Birthday! :heart:



Source: https://twitter.com/kpoptweettrend/status/1178475417021403136


From JW's IG Story..



Hope his wish gets fulfilled..

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On 9/29/2019 at 8:18 PM, kittyna said:

The birthday mural's ready!



I think it's cute that this is the annual thing that JW's fans do for his birthday - the art's always so heartwarming and wholesome in style, and it's clear they have so much fun with it. :) 


It's such a welcoming activity of JW Supporters.. I forgot where I saw it but this year they painted the mural around a school and some students participated in it.


JW also shared this photo in IG stories..Fans are saying they're his mate from altraboys.

Look at the baby face..who'd say that he's 32!!


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6 hours ago, flutterby06 said:

JW also shared this photo in IG stories..Fans are saying they're his mate from altraboys.

Look at the baby face..who'd say that he's 32!!


You're right - or, at least, that's what my attempt to sound out the Korean on the picture suggests.


Actually, come to think of it: if these are JW's friends from Altarboyz, then they all look really young - because wasn't JW the maknae by a long shot in the main cast then?


My eye's more on the second photo, though. First of all, because I love that outfit on him - I think it's the same from when he went to Born and Bred (that super-fancy Korean beef restaurant that's been blowing up online)





Just a quick aside: I also know this was the moment that, for a number of newer fans, they realized that JW smoked. I knew already years ago, but I do remember how surprised I was when I first found out, so...yeah. :unsure:


But anyway, the birthday celebration pic looks so nice! :love:


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1 hour ago, kittyna said:

Just a quick aside: I also know this was the moment that, for a number of newer fans, they realized that JW smoked. I knew already years ago, but I do remember how surprised I was when I first found out, so...yeah. :unsure:

I remember finding out on that Japanese show he did before Cantabile. And I had a hard time associating that the cute boy from 2D1N smoked.

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lol - Guess we're not the only ones who thought JW looked extremely baby-faced in his birthday photos. Check out what happened when a fan put those shots through How-old.net




So, apparently, it varies. A lot. But still, a 13 year old girl??? That's hilarious! :lol:


10 hours ago, airplanegirl said:

I remember finding out on that Japanese show he did before Cantabile. And I had a hard time associating that the cute boy from 2D1N smoked.


For me, it was...I don't remember exactly when, but I'd just started finding out how many Hallyu stars smoked and so I actually searched JW up on Google for that. I remember really hoping that the answer would be no, but my search turned up a candid shot (or maybe paparazzi - it was those weird taken-from-really-far-away-in-what-looks-like-a-private-moment pics) from when he was filming "Level 7 Civil Servant".


I was really stunned - and more than a bit upset - at first, but over time, I realized that my reaction said more about me as a person than it did about JW. Here's why. I grew up being taught that "good kids don't smoke, drink, do drugs, get tattoos, etc." - especially not Christian kids. And I knew that JW professed to be a Christian, and that's what upset me. It was like, in that moment, realizing that he smoked made me question not so much his health choices but his moral ones.


But then I got to thinking: instead of judging JW by my own cultural context, I should look at his. And that's how, after a bit more research, I discovered just how socially acceptable smoking was in many parts of the world, including South Korea - especially among men. In other words: so long as they're not breaking the law (e.g. smoking underage or in non-smoking areas, or smoking something illegal like marijuana), then it's generally considered okay to either choose to smoke or not to smoke (i.e. smoking doesn't make you look like a bad or rebellious person).


Some time after that, I started seeing more news about allegations of sexual assault popping up all over the Hallyu world, and that actually cemented my new perspective even further. Because in hindsight, when it comes to vices...I realized I would prefer that JW smoked than that he drank - because last time I checked, no-one's ever sexually assaulted someone else whilst under the influence of nicotine ;) 


However, there is one last caveat: while I can't say I mind that JW smokes, I do still wish he wouldn't. Because it's bad for his health in the long run, and it's also wasted potential. Think about it: if his voice is already so strong and awesome and melodic as-is, then how much better could it have been if he hadn't smoked? So there is still that to deal with.... :cold_sweat:



One last thing: I know I'd just mentioned marijuana as something illegal, which might sound weird coming from a Canadian, especially in this day and age. But let's just say that I never agreed with legalizing it. And besides, I meant illegal in Korea.


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Hi JW girls  :)


cr to DC


Wow JW’s birthday LnqJ7R4.gif     Hope he had a wonderful birthday.  Hope he will make a decision about his new drama soon. 

Found another JW 33rd Birthday Mural IG



First one from JW DC    From it I found the bride’s IG (wedding 9/29) and JW’s clip (#5)






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Hey there @booha 

Really thank you so much for keeping this thread alive! :heart:

Yeah, hopefully we will hear news about JW's drama soon.... Really can't wait!!

And who knows both of our biases JW and CJH will appear together in one drama in the future.... :wub::wub:


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11 hours ago, booha said:

Wow JW’s birthday LnqJ7R4.gif     Hope he had a wonderful birthday.  Hope he will make a decision about his new drama soon. 


9 hours ago, Tasia said:

Yeah, hopefully we will hear news about JW's drama soon.... Really can't wait!!


Same here. I was initially hoping that he'd jump back in right away, because I thought that would give him a head start compared to all the Hallyu stars that were still doing their enlistment back when he was discharged in February.


(Mostly because I still think JW is underrated and I wanted him to have that moment in the spotlight that his acting deserved.)


But well here we are, half a year later, and still nothing confirmed. It sounds like "Hotel Alice" (or whatever other version of the title you recognize) is our closest bet, but that's coming out early next year and I keep hoping that JW would do something unannounced this fall as a surprise.


9 hours ago, Tasia said:

And who knows both of our biases JW and CJH will appear together in one drama in the future.... :wub::wub:


I know for sure I'll be kicking myself when I get a response, but I'm gonna ask anyway: who are you referring to by CJH? I'm, like, 80% sure it's Choi Jin Hyuk, but I know I could be wrong..... :unsure:


As for who I'd want co-starring with JW...that's a good question :sweat_smile: It'd be really awesome if he ended up working alongside another big A-list celebrity his age, but I also know that'd be totally unrealistic (like: just how big of a budget would that production have to have to hire both of them?). So right now, more realistically, I'd say that I'd like JW to be paired with a younger up-and-coming actor - playing the hyung rather than the dongsaeng for a change.

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Hahahaha yes, @kittyna You're right.

I was referring to CJH as Choi Jin Hyuk...


Yeah well, but recently, there are a lot of A list actors/actresses are taking the same drama and it's awesome....

Anyway... I was just hoping for uri Joo Won to land on  a great drama again..


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23 hours ago, Tasia said:

Hey there @booha 

Really thank you so much for keeping this thread alive! :heart:

Yeah, hopefully we will hear news about JW's drama soon.... Really can't wait!!

And who knows both of our biases JW and CJH will appear together in one drama in the future.... :wub::wub:


 Wow it didn’t occur to me about JW and CJH in the same drama but your suggestion ignited my stale  imagination.     Something like Youngpal, with JW dapper & smooth & contemporary and CJH stubbornly rigid & old fashioned  hahaha    Never can tell how things could twirl around under the thumb of the fate goddess right?!  Let's pray :blush:


@Tasia  @kittyna

Sorry to say between JW and CJH, JW is higher up in acting chops.    No doubt CJH would feel honor to be in JW’s drama though CJH is a year older.  :)



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On 10/3/2019 at 9:02 PM, Tasia said:

Hahahaha yes, @kittyna You're right.

I was referring to CJH as Choi Jin Hyuk...


On 10/3/2019 at 10:42 PM, booha said:

Sorry to say between JW and CJH, JW is higher up in acting chops.    No doubt CJH would feel honor to be in JW’s drama though CJH is a year older.  :)


I knew CJH by name, but after looking him up...I honestly can't vouch for his acting or compare him with JW, since, just by coincidence, I actually haven't watched the dramas he's in where he's played a significant role. I did watch "Pasta", but can't seem to recall who his character was - like, I know he was one of the cooks, but can't really visualize which one in my head. 


Which means, if nothing else, that I'm probably one of the rare handful of Hallyu fans who hasn't watched "The Heirs" :P I dunno - I think I outgrew the teen/high school drama by the time I started watching K-dramas, so it just never caught my eye. I do have my sights set on "Tunnel", though, so chances are I'll get a better firsthand look at CJH's acting eventually.


On 10/3/2019 at 10:42 PM, booha said:

 Wow it didn’t occur to me about JW and CJH in the same drama but your suggestion ignited my stale  imagination.     Something like Youngpal, with JW dapper & smooth & contemporary and CJH stubbornly rigid & old fashioned  hahaha    Never can tell how things could twirl around under the thumb of the fate goddess right?!  Let's pray :blush:


Okay, if JW ends up taking on a role similar to Kim Tae Hyun in "Yong Pal", then I'm all for it. I both really liked what the role allowed for him to do in terms of acting, and what he ultimately did with the character to flesh him out.


So right now, I am optimistic about "Hotel Alice" if he takes it. At first, the premise sounded really weird and out-there, but recent updates that came along with the rumours about who'd be cast for the female lead have added enough that I can honestly see JW playing the part now.

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Just thought I'd share this: Grazia released the behind-the-scenes footage from JW's recent photoshoot.



And we also have the B-cut photos from his stuff for Brentwood:




Also, I want to give a quick writing-related update for those who are interested. I'd said before that I had ideas for an "Ojakgyo Brothers" story, and I am glad to say that it's coming along. It's not finished yet, but I think I can get away with releasing a short Preview - just so you guys can see in advance what it's gonna be about ;)



“Boys! Come out here – your father has something to tell you!”


“Ne, Eomma!” I yell back through the closed door. Quickly, I use my ruler to mark my place in my book. “We’re coming!”


I turn off the light on the desk and get ready to go outside. But even when I’m done tidying up my stuff, Hyung still has not moved. He’s still lying on his back on the top bunk, reading his comic book.


I groan and roll my eyes. “Hyung, come on – we’ve got to go.”


“Just a minute, Tae Beom,” he says. “I’m almost finished this page.”


Fuming – yes, that’s a good word: “fuming” – I snatch up my eraser from my desk and throw it right at him. It misses and flies right past him, but it still manages to make a loud smack as it hits the wall.


“Ya!” Hyung sits up and glares down at me. “What was that for?!”


I know it makes me look babyish, but I stamp my foot anyway. “Come on, Hyung!” I whine. “We gotta go!”


“Alright, alright,” he mutters, finally starting to climb down. “I’m coming.”


“And what would Halmeoni say,” I snap back at him, “if she found out you were reading your comics in bed – again? You’ve already got glasses, and you want to mess up your eyesight even more?” I make circles with my fingers and hold them up to my face. “Four-eyes!”


“Ya, Hwang Tae Beom!”


Hyung tries to smack me, but I’m faster than him. We run out into the main room of the apartment, almost crashing right into Tae Pil. Normally, he’d get mad at me – and then I’d get mad at him, and then either Hyung or one of the grown-ups will have to break us up. But today, he just pouts at me his shoulder before pointing over at the other side of the room.


“Appa” – he’s still too little to start saying “Abeoji” yet – “who’s that?”


Hyung shushes him with a pinch, but he doesn’t scold him like he usually does.


Because all three of us are too busy staring at the kid Abeoji’s holding. He looks to be about Tae Pil’s size, but it’s hard to tell since he’s got his arms wrapped around Abeoji’s neck like a koala bear. He’s also got his head down, so I can’t see his face, either.


“Boys,” Abeoji says, “you all remember your cousin, Tae Hui, right?”


Hyung and I both nod, but Tae Pil shakes his head. Of course he wouldn’t remember – the last time we saw our aunt and cousin was at our uncle’s funeral, and Tae Pil had been just a baby.


“Well, here’s the thing.” Slowly, Abeoji crouches down on the floor. “Something’s come up, so he’s going to be staying with us.”


As Hyung makes a confused face and starts asking Abeoji more questions, Tae Pil runs closer. I follow behind him until we are both right up close.


“Annyeong!” Tae Pil chirps, waving his hand back and forth.


Finally, Tae Hui looks up. He blinks slowly at us, rubbing his eyes with his hand, before staring blankly at us.


Had he been sleeping?


“Annyeong!” Tae Pil says again. “I’m your cousin, Hwang Tae Pil.” He holds out one hand. “You wanna play?”


But Tae Hui doesn’t say anything. He just stares down at Tae Pil’s hand for a second before burying his face in Abeoji’s shoulder again.


Tae Pil is confused. He steps closer, waving his hand. If Tae Hui were looking up at us, Tae Pil’s hand would be right in his face. But nothing happens.


“Appa…” Tae Pil looks lost. “What’s wrong with him? Can’t he talk?”


“Ya!” I hiss at him. “You can’t just ask someone that – that’s rude!”


“Gwenchana, Tae Pil-ah,” Hyung says, coming over to join us. “He’s probably just shy. Isn’t that right, Abeoji?”


Abeoji looks at all of us out of the corner of his eye. “Geu rae.” He gives Tae Hui a little bounce. “Be patient, Maknae,” he says to Tae Pil. “He’ll warm up to you three soon enough.” He whispers something in Tae Hui’s ear. I can’t hear what it is, but it makes Tae Hui look back up and give us a shy wave.


“Aigoo! Is that our Tae Hui?!”


Halmeoni’s voice from the kitchen is so loud, it makes Tae Hui jump, his eyes growing super-wide. He turns around to look just as she comes out, clapping her hands at him.


“Look at you – you’ve gotten so big already!” Halmeoni bustles over to us. “Hwang Sa-jang,” she says to Abeoji, “I would have come out sooner, but there’s so much to be done now that our Tae Hui is here.” By now, she’s bending down in front of us, holding her arms out. “Tae Hui-yah – you still remember your dear old Halmeoni, don’t you?” She claps her hands gently. “Come and let me take a good look at you.”


Hyung and I exchange looks. If Tae Hui’s already so shy with kids like us, how’s he gonna react to her? But then, after staring at her for so long that I’m starting to think he really is scared, he unwraps his arms from around Abeoji’s neck and holds them out to her.




It’s been so long, but Tae Hui’s voice is just as cute as I remember it: quiet, almost as high as a girl’s. And his smile is the same as before, too: small – just big enough to show his two front teeth – but sweet, maybe because he’s got dimples.


Like a bunny rabbit’s, the grown-ups used to say.


Halmeoni scoops him up right away, staggering just a little as she stands back up. “Omo, omo, omo…” she murmurs to him, “you’re so heavy now.” She gives him a little bounce, so he’s sitting more comfortably in her arms. “Soon you’ll be too big for your Halmeoni to carry you anymore – and then, when you’re even bigger still, I bet you’ll be just as tall and strong as your Abeoji was.”


Tae Pil nudges me with his elbow. “Why’s he not scared?” he whispers


“Because,” Hyung answers when I glance at him, “before our Uncle’s accident, Halmeoni used to babysit him. So Tae Hui knows Halmeoni better than he does all the rest of us.”


“Oh….” Tae Pil nods, pointing one finger at his chin like he’s so smart.


“Maknae-yah,” Halmeoni says as she puts Tae Hui back down on the floor, “why don’t you show Tae Hui your room? He likes cars – just like you.”


Tae Pil grins. “Ne, Halmeoni!” he chirps back, giving her a salute. Then, going over to Tae Hui, he grabs onto his hand. “Come on! You wanna race cars with me?”


Tae Hui looks back at Halmeoni, but when she gestures for him to go ahead, he smiles and nods at Tae Pil. And then they’re both off, running into Tae Pil’s room, even as Abeoji calls out to remind them both that Tae Hui’s a year older, so “Be nice, Maknae!”


That leaves Hyung and me, and all the grown-ups.


Yeah...it can probably use some tweaking :P In my defence, I've never tried writing in a child's voice before, so that's been the most challenging aspect of this so far. Still, here's hoping the whole thing will be finished soon :) 

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(uncle google trans :))

Speaking of Japanese is interesting ♪ (´ε `) is cute (か わ い い) ♥ ️
✔️ Fan Club Website Renewal Message NEW!
Japanese translation)
Official Japanese fan club from October 1, 2019
The homepage has been renewed!
Please come to play a lot ~ ♡




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"Kim Tak Gu" bakery - I think this is the actual one they filmed in, and it's been all fitted out to be themed to the drama since :P 




And you know you've been in this fandom too long when you can actually tell which shots each of these came from :P 




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On 10/5/2019 at 9:42 PM, kittyna said:

Which means, if nothing else, that I'm probably one of the rare handful of Hallyu fans who hasn't watched "The Heirs" :P I dunno - I think I outgrew the teen/high school drama by the time I started watching K-dramas, so it just never caught my eye. I do have my sights set on "Tunnel", though, so chances are I'll get a better firsthand look at CJH's acting eventually.


I haven't watched Heirs..I don't plan watching it either. I heard too many things goes on in drama and sometimes they're absurd. There's also another reason to avoid it. But it's not a good one so i'll skip mentioning it. :P


Choi Jin Hyuk is a very good actor. His acting took time to flourish but he's really good. As you're eyeing Tunnle, I do suggest you to watch this one when you've time. I can't praise Tunnle enough for nicely executing time travel and crime theme with well performed cast. The blend of everything in that drama was perfect. This drama gave critical acclaim to CJH's potential as an actor. He caught my eyes in 2014 when I watched his drama Pride and Prejudice, a legal drama, that's a very good one too. I recommend that one too. I never saw many well thought reviews of Pride & Prejudice, But I personally liked it so very much.


@booha and @Tasia, I do think it's tough to cast two top actors in one drama. But well there can always be cameo roles or special roles. So I think acting together can happen. 

Oh also..I tend to forget about movies. I'm more of a drama person. Two or more top actors can be casted easily in movies.


It seems like JW is almost decided on "Hotel Alice" or "Alice" because they're still associating him in news of that drama. 

They're talking about Kim Hee Sun as female lead.. I know she's good..But I wish JW could do dramas with other good actresses around his age. This sentiment of mine is nothing against Kim Hee Sun, just my wish to see JW now with actresses with similar age group. And if the production is thinking of casting Kim Hee Sun, the drama might be of noona romance. If it's not a noona romance story, the age gap will be glaring in my opinion. But I would like to be optimistic. It's his comeback project. Hopefully everything will turn out good, whatever it is.


Speaking of Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun, they received influence award from a Chinese award show together in 2015..

So is it in their destiny to work together..?  :lol:



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  • partyon changed the title to Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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