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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

After Korean Drama Awards, I read somewhere that 80% of the netizens' comments was on how Kim Soo Hyun deserved the award, 10% were hurling insults on Yong Pal writer and Kim Tae Hee for winning and 5

Joo Won’s 11th October event at New World Department Store

Part 2

This is another translation of the 11th October event at New World Department Store

The event was attended by 100 female fans. And besides the Video Letters section covered in yesterday’s post, they also had Joo Won acting skits and being asked and asking more questions.

Scenario 1 – The Man Who Unconditionally Stands By Me.

Skit Scene: Joo Won and his girlfriend are sitting in a car, GF is driving but she gets into an accident due to her carelessness. The 3rd party acted by MC (MC Ahjussi) started shouting: “Ahjumma, how do you drive!?”Joo Won grabbed the Ahjussi’s arm and said: “Let’s come to the side and talk.” As he said that, he was shielding his girlfriend who was standing beside him, all the time.

When the skit ended, Ahjussi MC said: “When he grabbed my arm just now, he was really strong! He has a face like a child, loves to aegyo but behind these, he is a real man, he is really a suave, cool guy.” The MC went on to say that when he sees Joo Won face on; he felt that he is kind and adorable but when he looks at him from the side, he felt he was all Man. Joo Won said he also likes this type of scenario where he can protect his woman. He even continued, saying his mother told him: “In front of others, even if the woman whom you love has done wrong, you have to stand by her side unconditionally. Afterwards, then you can clarify with her and correct the mistake. But in front of others, you must definitely stand by her side.”

Scenario 2 – “Towards your girlfriend, would you behave in an aeygo manner?”

Skit scene: On a cold autumn day, because the boyfriend is late, the girlfriend (acted by the lady MC) had waited for him for more than one hour. In order to dissipate her anger, Joo Won behaves in an aegyo manner towards his girlfriend. Joo Won kept holding his girlfriend’s hands, rocking side to side, his mouth mumbling the reason why he was late. He said it was because he had prepared a surprise for her, that’s why he arrived late. It was a big surprise that he himself prepared and she would definitely be very happy to see it. Then he back hugged his girlfriend, making the audience's hearts beat rapidly.

One young university student from the audience got a chance to go on stage with Joo Won. The MC asked: “Do you have a boyfriend?” The female u student answered: “I do not have a boyfriend now.” She said that she had never received any surprise from a boyfriend before. She hoped that Joo Won can fulfill her wish by giving her a back hug. So Joo Won promptly gave her a back hug! Making all the members of the audience be it married or single women go “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Question 1 – Ideal Type?

It was the same as covered in reports- a girl who loves to respect elders and have good manners. Joo Won said that in the past when he accompanied his mother to the market, he saw a girl who was very rude to her elder. Perhaps because he was thinking of that incident, he suddenly became very serious and said “If that elder is you mother, would you have treated her like that?!” When he was young, Joo Won’s mother’s words to him were not “You must study well.” but rather “You must respect the elders” So Joo Won has been influenced by his mother.

Question 2 – When Will You Marry?

Joo Won said in the past, he wanted to get married earlier. But now the things that he has to do are really too many. When things became more stable, when he has the money and house, he will consider marriage. He said he would like to propose to his girlfriend on stage. After his performance has finished, he would like to light up the entire stage with twinkling lights, like the stars in the sky, it would be very beautiful, and then he would sing a confession song. When the MC requested for him to sing there and then, Joo Won sang a piece from a musical (the one that he always sings?). But he forgot some lyrics as he sang, his face turned very red and he got terribly embarrassed. But still he completed the song beautifully.

Joo Won’s First Question – What is it with women that he is curious about?

“Hmmm…” After a long while, Joo Won suddenly asked “Ah! Why are women like this? Why do they always speak and feel differently? Joo Won continued “Let’s say I go to a fast food restaurant with my girlfriend and my girlfriend would like to eat a beef burger but it’s all sold out. So I asked my girlfriend “There is no more beef burger, would you like a chicken burger?” Girlfriend said “I do not like chicken burgers, have one yourself!” So I just bought one chicken burger for myself. I said to her “Let’s eat together!” She would suddenly become very mad, why is it so?” In the end, he got a round of scolding by the MCs. Sunbae MC explained: “When your girlfriend said there is no beef burger, eat something else, she is already angry. No matter what, you have to quickly find another fast food restaurant and eat the beef burger with her. You have to show your GF your determination “I will find all ways to give you the beef burger” Afterwards; Joo Won started to get confused.

Joo Won’s 2nd Question – Why Do Women love ‘Push & Pull” So Much?

“Why don’t women say to their loved ones: I miss you, I love you? Instead, they hide their feelings?” Joo Won asked. Then the MC painstakingly explained: “That is because before a woman is certain of her man’s love for her, she will try to avoid getting hurt. This is the reason she does it.” Once the man is clear about his feelings, the woman will not hold back anything but give everything to the man. Because later if they were to part, the one who suffers first the pain and hurt is the woman. So in order to protect themselves, women will “push & pull” when it comes to love." As the Ahjussi MC was saying these, Joo Won was blinking his big eyes, as if he was listening to a teacher giving a lesson. He nodded as he listened.

Misc 1: Joo Won's Avatar on Kakaotalk is a photo of him with his 1N2D hyungs.

Misc 2: MC telling Joo Won not to show too much filial piety(towards his own parents?) in front of his girlfriend. But he must be very good to the girl's parents. (LOL!)

Chinese translation: 由米35

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: DC fan @생탁


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mrdimples, you're AWESOME. I am new in Soompi but Thank you for all the translations that you have been relentlessly posting for all Joowonies' fan. I hope you will be rewarded oneday with a one-to-one meetup with JOOWON. You can then write about your reactions BUT then maybe NOT. Coz you would be speechless and fainted!!!!!!! He..He...

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Looking at all those girls... His fanbase surely widened. He got recognized mostly by ajummas before... But now he's pretty popular among young girls too :-)


Thank you for the translation... He's going to have a difficult task, because he wants to phrase both his parents and girlfriend :-) I wonder how many girls he's dated, cause he seems kinda inexperienced =)) =))

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BTW have you guys read dramabeans recap of the last week's episode of 1N2D? :D HILARIOUS!!!
When he was cooking rice he recommended rice water as a beauty tip. Then he shook his head and told himself  “No, you’ve gotta show a more manly side now.” LMAO :)) Why is he sooo adorable? :D

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Can someone help to upload to YT? 
This video of him sing Nothing Better at the 11th Oct event but the previous one was rehearsal, this one is the actual performance. And after hitting those high notes, he had another part where he went even higher. I may be wrong but I have seen other covers doing that final high pitch part except the original of course. Btw, I could see the lady MC clapping and cheering like a total fangirl, LOL!
The audience was very tame, waving light sticks and all until he sang the "Nothing Better" part and everyone scream or tried not to. It was Orgasmic!

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