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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

Ahhh..it's 3.30am and i cant sleep! the adrenaline is still going through me! while.the world welcomes the new year with fireworks, i welcomed the new year by frantically refreshing this thread and having heart and stomach problems infront of my computer screen! lol.

i must say its better because throught out.that time i was smiling ear to ear. i was happy! Definitely been.infected.with the.JooWon.happy virus!

JooWon seems elated..and we should be too! it's a shame that he didnt get to rewrite the history.books today but he will! :)

alrite...2nd.attempt to sleep now! gniteee all!!


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Despite of my sadness, I would love to say HAPPY NEW YEAR CHINGUS!!!!

I am sincerely happy to make new friends with you all who share same love to joowon. although we are virtual friends, hope one day we a can meet up and mass support joowon.

I hereby wish you all happiness health and love

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I am really proud that I am Joo Won fan. He is really an angel.I watched his speech again for top excellence award. He..he really didn't talk much about how much difficulties he faces.Something I am happy yet a bit sad. I wish he is a little bit selfish.Tell the world how hard he has tried to overcome this. No offence.Ji Sung talked so long but our baby time for speech was short. Yet he talked about all the harsh reality of autistic people and asked for better system for them. How kind hearted he is?Also for the children hospitals.He definitely is a humane actor.

Last year too,nobody thanked a staff of bridal mask who died in accident or even remember him. Or even remember that person. Only Joo Won mentioned and thanked him.Joo Won really treat people with heart and care for them.He deserved all the love from world.

With this,Night!

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now that i've calmed down a bit, i have to say i really LOVE the stage settings tonight! i love how the winners have to walk from the back, so their 'walk-of-glory' is so beautiful to watch. and Joowon wins a lot tonight, so we see him walk that path a lot of times. a walk to remember... :x :x :x :x
goodnight, ladies~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! glad we managed to reach 2000 pages before the year ends. let's do this again next year~ LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! 2013 has been great on Joowon and us, fans. i'm so glad to have met a lot of you here. one of the best decisions of my life is to join this thread. more spazzing tomorrow~ we got a busy schedule ahead! lots of videos to watch and interviews/articles to read.

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Dont be upset my gals.

2010: Cutie was nominated for Best New Actor Award
2011: Cutie received Best New Actor Award
2012: Cutie received Male Excellence Award
2013: Cutie received Top Excellence Award

I remember Cutie said this in an interview ( that @manyearsago translated days ago)

" If it is possible, I hold the trust and make progress. ,....,  now I treasure the process more than its result"

Let's hope for Daesang in 2014, my gals  :)

It's 7 minutes remaining here before we welcome new year - 2014.

Wishes of peace and joy from our family to yours



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random stuff: 
-faith and D posted a congratulatory message to Joo Won and said "see you in Singapore". So just the date then for the fanmeet? 
-I love his tweet. He is so happy to have improved each year. and to receive awards each year starting from newcomer to top excellence. I am hoping for an awesome KBS project next year too! But of course, I wish he'd be able to rest for even just a bit first after the musical.

-oh and the PD Choice is more appropriately called Actor of the Year (from soompi thread for KBS Drama Awards)
-just a recap: 
Top Excellence, Actor – Ji Sung (Secret) and Joo Won (Good Doctor)Netizen Award, Actor  – Joo Won (Good Doctor)Actor of the Year, Awarded by PDs from 3 Broadcasters – Joo Won (Good Doctor)Best Couple - Jo Jung-suk and IU (TBLSS), Oh Ji-ho and Kim Hye-soo (The Queen of Office), Joo Won and Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor), Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum (Secret), Lee Bum-soo and Yoona (Prime Minister and I)

ahhhhhhhh. Happy 2014!!!! a few more posts and we're on to our 2014th page!!!!

I love you guys and most especially you Joo Won oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

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happy new year all cuties 
sorry nowadays focus on another idol so come here less often as his update esp vids vvv hard to find as he doesnt haVE fan base like cutie international even baidu also not  much so i need to dig jap webs myself even see his variety show live as there is no vids can be found online 
but i m having fun in digging out his vids so now i rly thank those who dig out cutie s infos and vids as i now know how hard it s to dig out idols updates
thanks all
n no matter how often i come here cutie s still my angel to mk me smileand he s still no. 1 actor in my heart this no one can replace

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oh, i just remembered! fans were chanting "milky skin Moon Joowon!" again tonight before Joowon's Top Excellence speech. and he chanted along with them! LMAO! =)) =)) =)) then give the most adorable laugh EVER!!!! then his tearful speech~ aigoo~ alternating from one emotion to another.
i want to sleep, but i cant as i'm so happy for him~ :D :D :D

EDIT: oh, wait no... fans chanted something, but he said "no, i'm not *the chant*" he's so humble, seriously.. :x :x

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Some articles from allkpop:

Joo Won wins 'PD Award' (2013 KBS Drama Awards)

Joo Won has been given the 'PD Award' at the '2013 KBS Drama Awards'!

SEE ALSO: Joo Won presents the cast and crew of musical 'Ghost' with team outfits

PDs voted Joo Won as the best actor for his work on the drama 'Good Doctor'. Receiving the award, he said, "'Good Doctor' warmed my heart, and I saw the viewers' hearts warm up as well. It made me think of how dramas can leave strong impressions. I'm so happy these days... I'll do my best to work hard with a humble heart, so I give even more love for the next 60 years."

Congratulations, Joo Won! His performance on 'Good Doctor' was amazing. Don't you think?

IU-Jo Jung Suk, YoonA-Lee Bum Soo & more win 'Best Couple' (2013 KBS Drama Awards)

It looks like there were too many good onscreen couples to pass up on as five pairs have been awarded 'Best Couple' at the '2013 KBS Drama Awards'!

IU and Jo Jung Suk of 'You're the Best Lee Soon Shin', Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum of 'Secrets', Oh Ji Ho and Kim Hye Soo of 'Queen of the Office', Joo Won and Moon Chae Won of 'Good Doctor', and Lee Bum Soo and YoonA of 'Prime Minister and I' took the title of 'Best Couple' for their onscreen relationships.

Congratulations to all! Which pair was your favorite drama couple?

Joo Won and Hwang Jung Eum win 'Netizen Award' + 'Best Actor' (2013 KBS Drama Awards)

Joo Won and Hwang Jung Eum have earned the favor of viewers and the critics ! The actors won the 'Netizen Award' as well as the 'Best Actor'/'Best Actress' ('High Excellence') awards along with Ji Sung at the '2013 KBS Drama Awards'.

SEE ALSO: Joo Won wins 'PD Award' (2013 KBS Drama Awards)

Joo Won took the award for 'Good Doctor', while Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung won for their acting in 'Secrets'. Others who made the nominee list for 'Netizen Award' include SISTAR's Dasom, Kim Ok Bin, Kim Hye Soo, Moon Chae Won, Park Se Young, Son Ye Jin, Song Ji Hyo, IU, Yoo In Na, YoonA, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Da Hae, Lee Da Hee, Lee So Yeon, Jung Yoo Mi, and Han Chae Young

Congrats to them! Who would you have chosen?

Winners from the 2013 KBS Drama Awards

The 2013 KBS Drama Awards took place earlier today to look back on the successful year of dramas and give recognition to those who earned it through their hard work and talent.

The big winner of the night was actress Kim Hye Soo from 'The Queen of Office.'  She said in her acceptance speech, "While looking at the preliminary script for the first episode of 'The Queen of Office,' I thought this might be reckless of me, but I garnered the courage for this production.  It was a refreshing and special production, so I thank those who gave me the opportunity to be in it.

Through this project, I more strongly felt the vibe that our type of work is collaborative.  I would like to thank all the actors and staff members.  There are a lot of people I need to thank, but I will try to deeply thank everyone personally.  Although it was through the drama, I felt very lucky that I got the chance to look back at my surroundings.  Even in the future, I hope there will be a lot of dramas that could air out the things around us."

Check out the full list of winners below!

Daesang: Kim Hye Soo

Best Actor: Joo Won, Ji Sung

Best Actress: Hwang Jung Eum 

Netizens' Award: Joo WonHwang Jung Eum

Excellence Actor (Mini-Series): Oh Ji Ho

Excellence Actress (Mini-Series): YoonA

Excellence Actor (Medium Length): Joo Sang Wook

Excellence Actress (Medium Length): Moon Chae Won

Excellence Actor (Long Series): Jo Jung Suk, Jo Sung Ha 

Excellence Actress (Long Series): Lee Mi Sook, Lee Tae Ran

Excellence Actor (Daily Drama): Kim Suk Hoon

Excellence Actress (Daily Drama): Lee So Yeon

Best Couple Award: Joo Won & Moon Chae Won, Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum, IU & Jo Jung Suk, Kim Hye Soo & Oh Ji HooLee Bum Soo & Yoona 

PD Award (chosen by all PDs): Joo Won

Best Supporting Actor: Bae Soo Bin

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Da Hee

Popularity Award: Ji Sung, Moon Chae Won

Best New Actress: IUKyung Soo Jin

New Actor: Jung Woo, Han Joo Wan

Child Actor: Yun Joon Suk

Best Child Actress: Kim Yoo Bin

Special Short Drama Actor: Yoo Oh Sung, Choi Daniel

Special Short Drama Actress: Han Ye Ri, BoA

Best Scriptwriter: Moon Young Nam

cr: allkpop

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Guest kinkipeifun

Omg CONGRATULATIONS CUTIE!!!!! Im so happy now !!! When i saw the update as cutie WIN 4awards, im so surprise! Cutie deserve all the awards, you really did well and its prove it!! Today is my birthday too and the is really a GREAT birthday present i ever had :) We love you JOOWON :x HAPPY NEW YEAR to all cuties too !

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