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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

mrdimples said: I can't take his beauty. He is just so so gorgeous! He really has the looks, charisma and bearing to play any role especially a mature, heavyweight one. If you tell me he is a CEO or statesman or a modern day prince, I would totally believe. I can't think of any other others his age who can pull off this look and has chops for it. Either they have some acting chops but look too young or looks good but can't act.

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So proud of Joo Won. Regardless what others may think, I really, really liked Joo Won at L7SS. I am still re watching the series. Joo Won played GilRo very well. I mean, I even can't understand why there were a lot of bd reviews about L7SS. And I believe Joo Won deserves all the awards possible for that series. He did very well. By the way, I misa you all chingus!! Hope to be able to pop up more often in here. So happy n proud of uri Cutie. Hope tomorrow I could watch KBSA live. Ahh. Just now Cutie Tweeted something about MBC??

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오늘 mbc 연기대상에서 우수상 수상했습니다^^ 너무 감사해요~특히 일당백인 팬여러분 감사합니다!! 여러분이있어 늘 든든합니다^^그럼 내일 다른 시상식에서 뵈요^^ 굿밤♥

— 주원 (@Moonjunwon)

December 30, 2013
Can I post this? ;)
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id="content-main-heading" class="js-timeline-title"Cutie Tweets fe79ce6b9c0ce226d6cc3f26a7fe03e5_normal.주원 @Moonjunwon 3m

오늘 mbc 연기대상에서 우수상 수상했습니다^^ 너무 감사해요~특히 일당백인 팬여러분 감사합니다!! 여러분이있어 늘 든든합니다^^그럼 내일 다른 시상식에서 뵈요^^ 굿밤♥

google translate

Joo @ Moonjunwon 3m

Award of Excellence in Acting Awards mbc today ^ ^ so thank you thank you to fans - especially ildangbaek! You're always so reassuring ^ ^ ^ ^ See you tomorrow gutbam Other Awards

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Was this posted?

A Song 4 U


from asong4you twitter

accompanying tweet, I think its the schedule. So how to watch this? Or hear, is this a radio show?

What's Up, #AS4U lovers :)
어송포유(#AS4U) 15회 #주원 편, 오래 기다리셨죠!
모두 준비 되셨나요~? ^0^ 본방 일정을 꼭 참고하세요!
KBS 2TV : 2014년 1월 4일 토요일 밤 12시 25분 (토요일에서 일요일 넘어가는 자정)
KBS WORLD : 2014년 1월 3일 금요일 저녁 6시 10분
KBS Youtube : KBS 2TV 방송 이후 공개 예정

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